How Much Do Ultrasound Technicians Make | Salary Facts

According to, the average salary for ultrasound technicians in the United States is roughly $80,897.

However, the lower 10% of earners make about $57,490, while the top 10% earn approximately $102,395.

The money ultrasound technicians make annually varies depending on various factors.

It includes the state the ultrasound technician works in, their education, work experience, specialization, and other aspects.

Below is an explanation of multiple salary aspects to better understand how much money ultrasound technicians make.

Ultrasound Technicians’ Salary Factors

  • State of Employment | location
  • Education and Training
  • Specialization
  • Work Experience

State of Employment

An ultrasound technician’s salary varies dramatically, sending on the state and work location.

Ultrasound technicians in high-paying states can make over $30,000 more than those in low-paying states.

According to, ultrasound technicians in North Dakota earn approximately $99,632 annually.

Comparatively, those in Alabama make about $56,903 yearly.

The city/town an ultrasound technician works in also influences their salary due to demand and patient flow.

Accordingly, those operating in large metropolitan cities earn more than those in rural areas.

Education and Training

Ultrasound technicians spend years training, earning degrees, and obtaining certifications.

As a result, their income is directly influenced by how much education and training they acquire.

Ultrasound technicians can pursue several education levels.

It includes a one-year certification, two-year associate’s degree, and four-year bachelor’s degree.

With that said, nurses and other healthcare professionals usually acquire ultrasound certification.

It’s faster to achieve this certification but only provides opportunities to perform limited assessments and health checks.

Each education level provides further career advancement opportunities, responsibilities, and higher pay.

In addition, obtaining new certifications allows ultrasound technicians to expand their capabilities and earn more money.


Ultrasound technicians work in various disciplines to accommodate distinct patient needs and healthcare markets.

Consequently, the discipline an ultrasound technician purses greatly influence their pay.

Some work as diagnostic cardiovascular, neuro, or musculoskeletal sonographers.

Others operate as general, pediatric, obstetric, or gynecologic sonographers.

As a result, these specialists must choose their education and discipline carefully to make the most money.

Work Experience

As with most careers, an employee’s years of work experience affect their salary.

Ultrasound technicians who’ve been in the field longer typically earn more than those with less experience.

As a result, they must develop expertise and maintain employment to build work experience.

It enables them to earn more from their employer or command more pay when applying to new jobs.

Other Financial Factors to Consider

The abovementioned factors are the most common influencers on an ultrasound technician’s annual salary.

Nevertheless, numerous other factors impact how much money they take home.

It includes their negotiated hiring salary, overtime work, taxes, and cost of living.

Some technicians negotiate a higher salary due to their education, experience, or local demand.

However, they may still take home less money than those with a lower salary due to taxes and cost of living expenses.

The following section covers these aspects to understand better how much money ultrasound technicians make.

Negotiated Salary

Ultrasound technicians that negotiate a higher salary make more money than those who don’t.

Salary negotiation is a skill that earns some people 10k or more per year.

With that said, ultrasound technicians must have the skills and talents to demand a higher salary.

It’s also vital to have other options if an employee is unwilling to pay well for skilled ultrasound technicians.

It’s often less expensive for healthcare facilities to pay existing talent more money than hiring and training new employees.

Experience ultrasound technicians can request a reasonable pay raise they otherwise wouldn’t receive by remaining quiet.


Working overtime is one of the most common ways people earn extra money.

Overtime is fantastic for those with the freedom and aptitude to work extra hours.

However, it isn’t available in all locations, domains, or among all employers.

Thus, it’s difficult to determine how much ultrasound technicians make with overtime since it varies by location.

Most places pay time and a half for overtime hours, so it’s a great way to make extra money if available.

Cost of Living and Taxes

One of the most significant factors that negatively impact an ultrasound technician’s salary is taxes and the cost of living.

There are numerous things these specialists can do to make more money.

However, expenses like a high cost of living and various local/state taxes can negate earning a higher salary.

For instance, state, sales, and property taxes significantly reduce what a person can save.

Residing in a high-cost area like an expensive city or neighborhood also negatively affects income.

As a result, ultrasound technicians must determine living costs and local taxes to determine whether higher pay is worth it.

Taking a lower salary in areas with fewer expenses may be less expensive because you save more money overall.

Common Taxes

  • Sales Tax
  • State Tax
  • Property Tax

Can Ultrasound Technicians Make Six Figures?

Yes, numerous ultrasound technicians make over $100,000 annually.

However, they must meet specific requirements to earn a six-figure salary.

It includes picking a high-paying domain, obtaining certifications, acquiring education, and working in high-paying areas.

As previously mentioned, in some states, ultrasound technicians earn exceptional incomes.

It includes North Dakota, Connecticut, Oregon, New York, California, and others.

Specialties like neuro sonography or pediatric cardiac sonography also pay ultrasound technicians exceptionally well. 

According to, neuro (brain) sonographers earn over six figures annually.

How to Make Six Figures as an Ultrasound Tech

  • Pick a high-paying specialty
  • Work in a high-paying state
  • Accumulate over time
  • Negotiate a higher salary

Career Outlook

According to, medical sonographers and cardiovascular technicians have a fantastic career outlook.

Over the next decade, the number of jobs available to sonographers will increase by 14%.

In addition, those who develop their training and expertise have numerous opportunities to earn six-figure incomes.

Healthcare is relatively recession-proof compared to many other professions.

People will always require high-quality healthcare regardless of the economy.

As a result, this occupation is relatively safe and stable.

With that said, becoming an ultrasound technician can be difficult.

There are limited seats available at many educational institutes, making it challenging for students to gain acceptance.

Students must also train hard and diligently to pass their classes and obtain degrees.

But for those who work hard and become ultrasound technicians, it’s a bright future with many possibilities.