6 Nurses Making Seven Figures Doing What They Love

Inspired registered nurses can earn seven figures using ingenuity and inventiveness.

Consequently, being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways for nurses to make seven figures yearly.

This article covers multiple nurses who’ve created thriving companies that generate millions of dollars.

These talented individuals use their expertise to develop products, services, and resources to improve other people’s lives.

As a result, they’re perfect examples of what’s achievable in business and healthcare with enough creativity and effort.

6 Nurses Earning Seven-Figures:

  1. Jennifer Grooms
  2. Megan Haines
  3. Ben Huber
  4. Catie Harris
  5. Fatima Francesa
  6. Brian Short

1. Jennifer Grooms

For over a decade, Jennifer Grooms has helped countless patients as a trauma and emergency department nurse.

As a visual learner who struggled with test taking in school, she decided to learn graphic design.

Over time it enabled her to develop an easy-to-understand resource for students and medical professionals.

This resource became her planner, which features beautiful visual descriptions and uncomplicated medical terms.

Using her expertise and passion,  Jennifer Grooms created a visually stunning resource that enables others to learn more effectively and better manage their time.

Over the years, Jennifer Grooms developed multiple products to help professionals and nursing students succeed.

The most notable product is the Rekmed planners, which provide beautifully illustrated imagery.

That said, there’s a range of other valuable creations, including workbooks, digital products, and medical tools/accessories.

How Rekmed Makes Money:

  • Student and nurse planners
  • Workbooks
  • Digital downloads
  • Stethoscope cases
  • Pens
  • Carabiner shears
  • Paper clips
  • Stickers

And numerous other products beloved by nursing students and medical professionals.

Jennifer Grooms inspires nurses who want to branch out and use their creativity and passion to solve everyday problems.

She plans to create scholarships and a youth mentorship program to support financially disadvantaged youth to succeed.

Articles about Jennifer Grooms:

2. Megan Haines

Megan Haines is a previous full-time bedside nurse who transitioned into founding a 7-figure e-commerce business.

Using Facebook to determine her customer’s wants, Megan Haines marketed numerous products to grow her business.

Selling products through Shopify is particularly beneficial as it enables entrepreneurs to set up online stores.

Shopify provides excellent designs that look great and makes it easy to set up payments that transfer within a few days.

Since making millions using print-on-demand and drop shipping, Megan Haines set up a Youtube channel to help inspired entrepreneurs.

She also set up a business community/consulting service through Launch Pass.

It allows her to provide support, resources, and a community for aspiring business owners to learn and develop their skills.

How Megan Haines Makes Money:

  • Print on demand
  • Drop shipping
  • Youtube
  • Consulting services

Megan Haines demonstrates what’s possible for those interested in starting their own e-commerce business.

Whether selling print-on-demand products, drop shipping, or managing a different Shopify store, she has years of experience and knowledge.

YouTube Channel:

3. Ben Huber

Ben Huber is a co-founder who runs a successful seven-figure blog known as DollarSprout.

Nevertheless, he started his career as a university graduate with a BSN degree and tons of college debt.

Over the years, Ben went from working as a clinical administrator to turning his blog into a full-time business.

Dollar Sprout is very different from nursing and healthcare.

This website helps people maximize their incomes by finding jobs and creating side hustles and online businesses.

The blog also provides multiple ways to earn and develop passive income for long-term profits and success.

Dollar Sprout makes money through affiliate products, company partnerships, advertisements, and Apps/extensions.

Affiliate products/partnerships work by recommending products/services from other companies and earning a commission.

A good affiliate relationship/partnership is an excellent way for bloggers/vloggers to earn money without developing products.

Enabling blog advertisements through premium ad networks like Mediavine is also a great way to make money passively.

However, it requires websites to have a steady flow of traffic and meet specific criteria to qualify.

Finally, Dollar Sprout utilizes a rewards app/extension to help users earn money on everyday online purchases.

How Dollar Sprout Makes Money:

  • Affiliate products
  • Company partnerships
  • Advertisements
  • Apps/extensions

Ben Huber is an excellent example of what’s possible for entrepreneurial nurses with a passion outside of their careers.

It’s possible to turn personal knowledge into a lucrative business, whether providing education/resources within the nursing niche or pursuing a different passion/interest.

Ben Huber Articles:

4. Catie Harris

Catie Harris, Ph.D., MBA, RN, provides entrepreneurial education and mentorship to nurses and healthcare workers.

Over the years, she’s helped many nurses monetize their knowledge and skills to lead more successful lives.

Catie Harris provides courses to teach nurses how to succeed outside the hospital bedside.

It includes IV hydration, Med Spa, chronic care leadership, concierge nursing, and content writing.

Her website (NursePrenuers) also offers numerous services, including IMPACT coaching, website design, and marketing.

Finally, she provides education through a podcast, blog, Youtube channel, and various online media sites.

Catie Harris makes money by providing online and in-person courses, services, and coaching.

It enables her to grow her business and help aspiring nurse entrepreneurs change their lives meaningfully.

How Catie Harris Makes Money:

  • Advertisements
  • Courses
  • Coaching services
  • Website design services
  • Marketing services

Catie Harris is a model of how nurse entrepreneurs can utilize their existing nursing skills to build thriving businesses.

Those who’ve spent years in nursing have unique skillsets and knowledge that can translate into a successful business.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can use your knowledge to build financially lucrative and valuable resources, services, products, and courses.

Learn About Catie Harris:

5. Fatima Francesa

Fatima Francesa MSN, APRN, FNP-C is an author, consultant, educator, entrepreneur, med spa owner, and YouTuber.

From working as a registered nurse and FNP, Fatima Francesa utilized her expertise to expand into other markets.

She owns a Med Spa that provides various services, including IV infusions, shots, VI peels, and NAD + IV therapy.

She also has a popular youtube channel that helps aspiring entrepreneurs pivot from nursing to business ownership.

Fatima’s channel provides business updates, relationship/femininity talk, self-care and wellness, and other crucial topics.

It enables her to connect with her audience, provide education and provide a sense of connectedness.

Finally, she has a self-published book and offers numerous services, from coaching and consulting to in-person classes.

Fatima earns income through advertisements, med spa services, consulting/coaching, book sales, and in-person classes.

How Fatima Francesa Makes Money:

  • Youtube
  • Med Spa services
  • Coaching/consulting
  • Books
  • In-person classes

From teaching IV hydration classes in South Africa to owning a successful Med Spa and Youtube channel Fatima Francesa has managed to help many inspired women pursue their dreams.

She illustrates how anyone can succeed in entrepreneurship and life with the right mindset, hard work, and ingenuity.

Learn About Fatima Francesa:

6. Brian Short

Brain Short founded Allnurses.com, an online resource, forum, and community supporting working nurses and students.

As a nursing student, he started his entrepreneurial journey, creating a website to understand nursing more effectively.

Eventually, it expanded to include hundreds of topics with a forum section students could use to communicate and learn.

Today, this website has millions of users sharing stories, supporting one another, and creating written resources.

It also provides a magazine and examines vital topics like USA News, world news, nursing news, case studies, and Covid.

The exact annual income earned from Allnurses is known.

However, it’s estimated to earn seven figures yearly through advertisements, promotions, and sponsorships.

In addition, Allnurses.com has a platinum membership offering numerous benefits for those who want to support the site.

How Allnurses Makes Money:
  • Advertising/Sponsorships
  • Platinum membership program
  • Premium job postings

Sadly, Brian Short and his family have passed away.  I mention this entrepreneur to exemplify what’s possible when someone creates a passionate online community. Allnurses.com continues to help inspire and improve nurses throughout their careers and personal lives.

Can Non-Entrepreneurial Nurses Make Seven Figures?

Acquiring seven figures as a registered nurse is possible for those who do not want to become entrepreneurs.

However, accumulating wealth this way takes multiple years of saving money, minimizing expenses, and investing wisely.

No nursing specializations pay seven figures annually.

Still, numerous nurses earn 100k-300k or more yearly in high-paying fields and by taking special assignments.

They also work overtime and holidays to maximize earnings.

Nurses working these schedules earn time and a half or double time, which adds up fast, allowing them to make six figures.

Some registered nurses return to school to become CRNAs, one of the highest-paid specialists in nursing.

Certified registered nurse assistants can earn more than $200,000k annually for their expertise.

Numerous nursing specialists also operate as travel nurses taking temporary assignments at high-paying hospitals.

Regardless, registered nurses who want to become millionaires without a business must take a slower path.

It includes working overtime, choosing a high-paying specialty, saving money, minimizing expenses, and investing wisely.

The Incremental Method to Seven Figures:

  1. Work in a high-paying domain
  2. Invest money wisely
  3. Save for retirement
  4. Minimize necessary debt/expenses
  5. Start a side hustle


Many registered nurses can become millionaires regardless of their specialization.

However, the time required to earn seven figures varies depending on whether they become entrepreneurs or invest long-term.

Nurses who pursue the entrepreneurial route can create and sell products, services, and courses.

They can also earn money through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an excellent way to earn substantial money faster than slow investing.

However, it requires developing multiple skills, good product/market fit, and finding practical solutions to problems.

Those who prefer to take the slower route can pursue high-paying specializations, invest money wisely, and minimize debt.

They can also use worthwhile retirement plans to minimize their tax burden and earn contributions.

Regardless, there are multiple ways for nurses to become millionaires over time with hard work, discipline, and ingenuity.