10 Incredible Reasons to Become a Nurse Blogger

There are numerous reasons to become a nurse blogger.

For starters, blogging is a rewarding and fulfilling venture.

It provides opportunities to grow, meet new people, and earn a living.

Blogging also allows nurse entrepreneurs to build a business using their valuable knowledge and expertise.

So, whether you want to earn money, make connections, become a better thinker, or develop your writing, blogging is beneficial.

With that said, here are ten practical reasons to become a nurse blogger.

1. Blogging Provides Numerous Career Opportunities

The first reason to become a nurse blogger is that it provides opportunities for career growth.

It’s because high-quality blogging demonstrates your expertise in nursing and complex medical topics.

Countless successful people use websites to develop their portfolio and presence, applicable when applying for jobs.

Therefore, it’s helpful during interviews that ask about your experience, background, and accomplishments.

It’s also a great way to land gigs as a nurse writer or make additional money from home as a nurse.

Some freelance writers earn six figures a year working for various medical publications, blogs, and educational resources.

However, it requires time, effort, and building connections to establish yourself as a high-end writer.

2. It Allows Nurses to Become Entrepreneurs

Blogging is an excellent way for nurses to start a business if you’ve ever been interested in making money online.

It allows you to share ideas, create, promote and sell products/services and connect with other individuals.

Numerous nurses blog full-time and earn a living from the success of their websites.

Some nurses even managed to earn six figures turning their side hustles into profitable businesses.

Ben Huber of Dollarsprout is a prominent example of a former nurse who turned their blog into a seven-figure business.

You don’t need to write about nursing or the medical field as a blogger to be successful.

However, it is beneficial for nurses who pursue a nurse-focused business because they already have the knowledge and verifiable expertise others find valuable.

Pick a pursuit you’re interested in or passionate about and develop your online business over time.

There are numerous ways to make money with your blog.

For instance, you can design and sell products, offer advertising space, create educational programs, and build membership sites.

Here are several business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs who want to start a company or online business.

3. It Lets You Share Your Story

Inspiring other nurses is essential for helping them maintain a healthy and positive mindset.

It’s also valuable for strengthening the nursing community as a whole.

Motivating students and new nurses to keep going when things become difficult are incredibly rewarding.

Consequently, blogging allows you to share your story with other like-minded individuals.

It also lets them know they’re not alone in their journey.

Many new nursing students and first-time nurses are in the same shoes you were in when you first started.

Therefore, sharing your stories and how you overcame challenges provides significant value to less experienced nurses.

4. Blogging Helps You Build Relationships

Blogging is a great way to establish rapport and engage with others.

Over time this can lead to valuable relationships and connections that further your career, improve your mindset, and grow your social circle.

Many nurses know how meaningful good relationships are within the healthcare community.

Great relationships not only open new doors but also keep you motivated in times of stress and difficulty.

Having a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh and joke with is essential for good mental health and personal well-being.

5. You Can Build a Community

Blogging is a valuable tool for nurses who want to build and grow a community of like-minded individuals.

Having a blog anyone can visit is beneficial whether you want to start an online community or create get-togethers for offline meetups.

There are numerous ways to create a nursing community.

For instance, Allnurses.com is a considerable nursing forum where nurses get together, share information and stories and find motivation.

This website gets millions of visitors every month who contribute to the website and help other nurses learn and grow.

Alternatively, you can use your website to organize offline get-togethers, post group discussions, and share images, videos, and information from offline gatherings.

Nurse entrepreneurs also have numerous opportunities to build membership sites that charge a small fee.

In turn, these websites offer precious information, personalization, and connections with expert nurses to help members grow and develop their careers.

6. Blogging Allows You to Educate & Motivate Others

Education is an essential component of healthcare for new and existing nurses.

At all stages of nursing, there’s a continual need to learn the latest technology, medical practices, procedures, and innovations.

Nurses must also take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses throughout their careers.

As a result, educational blogs provide nursing students and professionals with valuable information to stay updated on the latest medical practices and advance their careers.

It also provides opportunities to make money by developing, promoting, and selling helpful information and educational tools.

That said, blogging is exceptionally beneficial for growing websites through search engines for those who already own a business.

The more content your blog has, the better your traffic opportunities when someone searches for information you’ve written.

So, whether you want to create a business or solely provide an education resource, blogging is an excellent way to accomplish your goals. 

7. Blogging Develops Expertise & Critical Thinking

Writing is incredible for developing analytical skills, critical thinking, and research techniques for those who make the most of blogging.

It’s beneficial for those creating education-focused blogs/websites to help students and professionals improve their daily lives.

You’ll develop more effective and efficient blogging skills by researching essential topics, developing a content structure, and analyzing the content.

As a result, you become a better writer and learner, which helps you master your craft.

Developing blogging expertise also translates into other areas of your profession.

For instance, analytical and critical thinking is beneficial when pursuing higher education or taking continuing education courses.

Improving your research skills also means you’ll absorb important information more quickly and effectively.

Those who blog regularly have numerous opportunities to remain current on relevant medical terminology, technology, and medical practices.

Finally, blogging is excellent for obtaining work as a nurse blogger or medical writer, whether you want to earn extra money or change careers.

8. You Become a Better Writer

Becoming a better writer is extremely valuable for nurses and other medical professionals.

Firstly, it helps you establish your voice and get your points across more persuasively.

It translates into better communication, whether at work, spending time with friends, or discussing views on important topics.

Secondly, effective writing is helpful for medical professions that require excellent analytical and writing skills.

There are numerous careers nurses can pursue that involve a lot of research, analysis, and writing.

The following list summarizes several medical careers that involve lots of writing.

Medical/Education Centered Writing Professions:

  • Blogging/web-based magazines
  • Education/tutoring
  • Exam preparation
  • Freelance writing
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Research focused medical jobs
  • Social media writing
  • Transcription work
  • Technical/medical writing

Finally, effective writing is helpful for those interested in entrepreneurship.

Good writing is essential whether you want to persuade visitors to buy products/services or read and share your content.

It’s also valuable for hiring good writers as you’ll better understand various topics and expectations for great content. 

9. You Become More Creative

Creativity is valuable for filling precious time with beneficial activities, productive thinking, and memorable/exciting pursuits.

Anyone who enjoys developing things, pursuing passionate projects, and creating new memories benefits from being more creative.

Blogging/writing helps you become more creative by forcing you to think and learn in new ways.

For instance, taking inspiring photography and writing encouraging quotes/captions keeps readers/views entertained and motivated if you’re a fashion blogger.

Alternatively, researching exciting topics, developing a creative writing style, and teaching complex material in innovative ways hooks in readers and helps them learn more effectively if you’re an education-focused blogger.

The creative skills you develop as a blogger translate into other areas because it forces you to look at things from various perspectives.

Ultimately, the more time you spend being creative, the more original ideas and imaginative thoughts you’ll have.

New insights and observations spring up as you pursue your projects and passions.

I’ve seen this countless times when writing on exciting topics.

New questions, thoughts, and insights spring up as I research, learn and think about the material I’m studying and writing.

10. It’s a Healthy Outlet

Of course, it’s vital to ensure you are professional and maintain patient privacy when blogging.

That said, blogging is a helpful and healthy outlet to think through the things that matter most to you.

For some, it’s a form of journaling ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

For others, it’s a creative endeavor to share concepts/information, build a business, or constantly find ways to think outside of the box.

Whatever pursuit you’re interested in, blogging is a fantastic way to aid you on your journey and develop your mind and spirit.