Apple Watch for Nurses | 10 Useful Features

The Apple Watch is a favorite among healthcare nursing students and medical professionals. Its beautiful design offers incredible convenience, functionality, and features.

The Apple Watches technology and display give it a considerable advantage compared to traditional watches. It provides all the features nurses need to do their jobs and much more!

Regarding features, the Apple Watch can receive important notifications/messages on the wrists. As a result, nurses aren’t distracted by having to check their phones. It also benefits nursing students who cannot use cell phones in class.

In short, it improves work performance and scheduling tasks and allows nurses to remain connected with others. I could spend hours on why the Apple Watch is the best watch for nurses. Instead, I’ll list its most beneficial features.

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Editors Choice
Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

  • 41 or 45 mm sizes
  • GPS, sO2, and ECG (optional cellular)
  • Fitness/Health apps
  • Aluminum case
  • Always on display
Titanium Edition
Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

  • 49 mm screen
  • GPS, Cellular sO2, & ECG
  • Fitness/Health apps
  • Titanium case
  • Always on display
Budget Pick

Apple Watch SE

  • 40 or 44 mm sizes
  • GPS (optional cellular)
  • Fitness /Health apps
  • Aluminum case
  • Retina display

1. App Notifications

Notifications are one of the most beloved Apple Watch features for busy nurses.

Essentially, notifications provide valuable information that allows nurses to decide whether to take action on an urgent task.

Overall, the variety of notifications displayed on the watch’s face is pretty diverse.

Apple Watch Notifications Include:

  • Reminders
  • Timers
  • Weather alerts
  • Activity tracking
  • App-specific notifications

And a host of other helpful messages.

You can focus more on work and patient care by receiving information on your wrist.

Moreover, not having to reach for your phone when you receive an alert is highly beneficial. 

Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about missed alerts, notifications, reminders, and other important information.

Apple watch series 8 stainless steel

Apple Watch Stainless Steel

The stainless steel Apple Watch comes in numerous colors, including gold, silver, and graphite, with multiple watch band choices, including sport, nylon, and stainless steel.

Regarding features, the Apple Watch has an always-on display, GPS, cellular, EKG, blood oxygen sensor, and an app store with multiple nurse-focused applications.

2. Text Messaging

As mentioned, receiving text messages from the wrist is one of the most popular Apple Watch features.

Because the Apple watch allows nurses to receive messages hands-free, nurses can always know what’s happening.

It’s imperative among those who have critical situations that require up-to-date information.

It’s also useful during emergencies and where work or college restrictions prohibit cellphone use.

Not only are nurses able to receive messages, but they can also respond to messages from their wrists.

Nurses can respond via typing, pre-typed responses, emojis, or voice.

As a result, nurses can stay in contact with healthcare workers to communicate with coworkers and family about important events.

Although receiving and responding to messages is enough to sell most healthcare professionals, it offers much more.

Apple Watch provides numerous benefits that I’ll discuss throughout this article.

Apple Watch Series 8 Gold

The Apple Watch series 8 gold comes in a beautiful gold finish and includes a gorgeous starlight sport band. Yet, it looks great with other alternatives.

Regarding features, the Apple Watch has an always-on display, GPS, cellular, EKG, blood oxygen sensor, and an app store with multiple nurse-focused applications.

Apple watch gold series 8

3. App Store

As with the iPhone, Apple Watch has its app store. As a result, it can provide lots of functionality and customization beyond Apple Watches’ basic features.

Numerous applications can improve communication, task management, note-taking, password management, and healthcare work.

Here are some invaluable apps used by nurses and medical healthcare professionals alike.

Apple Watch applications list:

  • Patient communication apps
  • Medical news updates and education
  • Medication and medical reminders
    Medical alerts
  • Calendar event reminders
  • Vital values
  • Electronic health records
  • Medical timers
  • Gestational age, dosage, and numbered calculators
  • Note-taking
  • Password management

Those with experience in coding and app development can create their applications for work or personal purposes.

In short, if you have basic knowledge of creating apps, you can create your own to extend Apple Watch’s functionality.

4. Reminders and Calendar

If you rely on reminders and calendars, Apple Watch can connect to your iPhone so you can read your data across devices.

Moreover, you can import/sync your data to keep track of activities and tasks directly from your wrist.

Reminders and calendar events pop up on display and create a sound letting you know when an event begins.

Nurses can customize reminders and calendar events by setting specific alarms and reminders.

It’s instrumental if you plan things or have multiple tasks you must remember.

Finally, Apple Watch comes with its reminders and calendar apps, allowing you to create events directly from the watch.

As a result, you can add/delete and monitor events directly from your wrist, even without your phone.

Afterward, you can sync it to your other devices when they are in range and connected to the internet.

5. Health Monitoring and Activity Tracking

Apple Watch offers various health monitoring and activity tracking features for those who lead active lives.

Consequently, nurses can stay up-to-date on their health, track vital data, and make corrections to improve their lifestyles.

Apple Watch Health Features Include

  • Fall detection
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • ECG monitoring for detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib)
  • Noise detection for assessing the surrounding sound levels

Besides standard health monitoring, Apple Watch can help those who enjoy exercise and physical activities.

Numerous built-in and third-party applications support fitness and exercise tracking.

Apple Watch Fitness Features Include

  • Activity rings
  • Exercise app
  • Exercise trends
  • Workout history
  • Activity sharing
  • Fitness awards

As you can see, Apple Watch provides lots of value for fitness enthusiasts.

Even hardcore fitness buffs can enjoy insights and gain a sense of achievement in their quest to stay in shape.

Lastly, Apple Watch pushes heath features even further with new apps daily.

For example, Apple has included a Breathe app, improved health (historical health data), and health records over time.

These apps provide helpful tools and detailed health tracking to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

6. Audiobooks, Music, and Podcasts

Along with the previous features, Apple Watch offers apps dedicated to those who enjoy audiobooks, music, and podcast.

These apps are great for nurses who love music or want to stay up-to-date on their favorite audiobooks and shows.

You can control audio from the watch and listen to it through wireless headphones.

The audiobooks, music, and podcast apps make it much easier to control audio without using your phone.

NURSES can even download them directly so they can listen without a phone.

In other words, you can leave your phone in a locker, at your desk, or home while working or exercising.

7. Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, and Alarms

The clock, timer, stopwatch, and alarm apps offer healthcare specialists different ways to keep track of meaningful activities.

With it, nurses can set alarms for tasks they must complete at a specific time.

It’s great for nurses with multiple activities to perform daily or within a period.

For instance, when handing out medication or performing scheduled patient checks.

The clock feature is also helpful for nurses who need a second hand for various medical tasks.

Regarding your personal life, these apps help you exercise, stay reminded, or manage home events.

For example, they can set alarms for laundry and cooking to track their progress and completion.

Additionally, fitness users will enjoy using the stopwatch or timer feature to monitor and track their performance.

Over time athletes can see how they’re doing, where they need to improve, and their performance compared to previous times.

Although people easily forget features, they can be handy for remaining conscious of time-sensitive tasks.

8. Weather Data

Although the weather app is relatively straightforward, many nurses love knowing the weather conditions.

Consequently, it allows nurses to prepare their outfits before leaving the house.

In short, nurses can dress appropriately for the day by knowing the weather.

It’s beneficial in environments where the weather changes during certain months.

Extreme hot/cold weather can make outside traversal difficult without the proper clothing and gear.

9. Display customization

Apple Watch has numerous watch faces that offer tons of customization to display your desired data.

It’s also useful for nurses who like their watch face to look a certain way.

The watch face customization offers a quick way to keep valuable information glanceable on the wrist.

Nurses can choose from an analog or digital clock or set up their watch face to provide personalized data.

It includes data about health, personal photos, chronology, infographics, application data, and much more.

Moreover, users can choose display colors, the clock interface, brightness, and other elements for a truly customizable experience.

Apple Watch Faces List

  • Activity Analog
  • Activity Digital
  • Artist
  • Astronomy
  • Breathe
  • California
  • Chronograph
  • Chronograph Pro
  • Color
  • Count up
  • Explorer
  • Fire and Water
  • GMT
  • Gradient
  • Infograph
  • Infograph Modular
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Liquid Metal
  • Memoji
  • Meridian
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minne Mouse
  • Modular
  • Modular Compact
  • Motion
  • Numerals (3X)
  • Photos
  • Pride Analog
  • Pride Digital
  • Simple
  • Siri
  • Solar
  • Solar Digital
  • Stripes
  • Timelapse
  • Toy Story
  • Typograph
  • Utility
  • Vapor
  • X-Large

And numerous other designs available for specific models. Not to mention new watch faces emerge over time.

With so many Apple Watch faces available, the ability to customize your watch’s look is beneficial.

Moreover, many watch faces can use app-specific complications to provide only your desired information.

And with a quick tap, you can gain more valuable information related to the app.

10. GPS and Cellular Functionality

Apple Watch offers GPS and cellular capabilities to help users separate their watch from their phone.

It allows nurses to stay connected to their favorite people, locations, activities, and apps while away from their iPhones.

Regarding GPS, nurses can go for runs, get directions, and track their location without their iPhones.

As a result, it allows for a convenient experience, especially for those who don’t want to carry their phone everywhere.

Apple Watches’ cellar connectivity also makes receiving calls and messages easy, so you’re notified when someone reaches out.

By accessing data from your watch, you can get weather updates, read emails, and listen to music/podcasts on the go.

Finally, Apple Watch allows nurses to pay for goods and services anywhere apple pay is supported.

It can be used without a credit card or cash, making it an excellent way to pay for things quickly.

Other Features to Consider

Although Apple Watch has features that aren’t as popular as previously mentioned, they are instrumental.

These features aren’t interactive but play a massive role in performance and longevity.

These features include water resistance, battery life, and the Apple Watches warranty.

Together they provide nurses with a beautiful long-term experience that can last years.

Other Apple Watch Features

  • Water resistance
  • Battery life
  • Warranty

With each advancement, improves this smartwatches ability to provide extended battery life and greater water-resistant continually improves.

Therefore, you can expect expanded performance on a generational basis.

If you purchase an Apple Watch, consider the above features to ensure you choose the most suitable watch.

The Look of Modern Fashion

From a visual standpoint, Apple Watch is a beautiful and customizable device.

It allows nurses to create fashionable styles that match any outfit, from medical scrubs and nursing shoes to casual and formal wear.

For instance, they can swap the watch display and watchband for various occasions and settings.

As a result, nurses can always look elegant without standing.

When purchasing an Apple Watch, nurses can choose various materials to accommodate their style.

For instance, this device is available in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic textiles.

Each of these finishes is useful from a fashionable and functional perspective.

For nurses who want a budget-friendly watch, aluminum offers durable, lightweight construction that’s easy on the eyes.

However, for nurses who prefer a high-end, luxurious look, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic provide a beautiful, fashionable appearance.

Apple offers a broad selection of colors and materials to accommodate any activity and mood regarding watch bands.

Apple has you covered, whether it’s a sports band for demanding activities or a high-end leather band for formal events.

Beyond technology and features, Apple Watch is a beautiful timepiece that nurses can wear for any occasion.

How to Shop for The Best Apple Watch for Nurses

When choosing the most suitable apple watch for nurses, there are several things to consider.

Each factor can impact the smartwatches performance, aesthetics, and durability.

Therefore it’s essential to understand what to look for to make an informed decision and ensure the best apple watch for nurses.

The following section covers the various series, display size, case material, case finish, band type, and wrist size.

Watch Series

In some ways, the Apple Watch series defines the current and previous generations.

However, it can also cover other models, such as the Apple Watch SE.

The newer the series, the newer the smartwatch and the technology it offers.

Apple often sells several different series, with older models offering much more value at a lower price.

Later series are great for nurses who want to save money and don’t need the latest technology.

The current series has the highest performance and latest features for those wanting the newest technology.

Before purchasing an Apple Watch, consider its series and ensure it offers the technology and performance you need for daily work.

Display Size

Over time the Apple Watches display size has changed. It started with two dimensions, which include 38mm and 42mm.

However, newer models offer display sizes that include 40mm and 44mm.

And as technology advances, the display size may change and adapt to users’ tastes.

Depending on your preference, you can choose the 40mm or 44mm size.

The larger size offers a bigger display for easier reading and finger-touch gestures.

Conversely, the smaller display is more compact, making it suitable for those with small wrists.

It’s also lighter overall, especially when choosing a more substantial case material.

In summary, choose a display size based on your wrist size, activity level, and visual preference.

Most nurses will be ideally happier with the larger size. However, there are circumstances where a smaller display may be preferable.

Case Material

Apple Watches case material comprises one of several textiles.

As a result, each material benefits those with specific needs and tastes.

For instance, the aluminum finish is exceptionally lightweight and great for those who exercise.

It’s also less expensive than other models making it a great entry-level device.

Comparatively, the stainless steel material offers a premium aesthetic with a heavier composition that looks elegant and timeless.

High-end materials may provide long-lasting benefits with more robust textiles that withstand greater force and more extended wear and tear.

Apple Watch Case Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • Gold

Over time Apple may introduce, reuse, or discontinue certain watch materials.

Therefore, you can expect the watch to continually update with new/traditional cases designed to accommodate different needs.

Depending on the case material you choose, can significantly impact the watch’s price.

As a result, you’ll want to consider your use case and budget before buying an Apple Watch.

Case Finish

The case finish is the watch’s color and polish.

Apple Watch offers various case finishes with a stunning aesthetic to accommodate specific clothing and situations.

Neutral colors work great for those with diverse wardrobes, while bolder colors go well with specific outfits.

Moreover, nurses can customize it with a particular watch brand for a custom look and unique aesthetic appearance.

Apple Watch Colors Include

  • Space Gray Aluminum
  • Silver Aluminum
  • Blue Aluminum
  • Gold Aluminum / Rose Gold Aluminum
  • Gold Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • (PRODUCT) RED Aluminum

As with case materials, the Apple Watches case finish may change over time, and specific finishes may become available/unavailable.

Before selecting a smartwatch, carefully consider the finish you want.

Compare the finish to your scrub uniforms to ensure it works well with your work and personal clothing.

Also, consider how it will look with specific watch bands to ensure a consistent and complementary aesthetic appearance.

Band Type

The band type refers to the watch’s band material/style.

Overall, there are several styles nurses can choose from that change the band’s appearance, materials, and color.

Whether you’re looking for a purely aesthetic or functional appearance, there’s a watch band.

The sports band is probably the best option among nursing professionals. It offers easy-to-clean materials, durable construction, and a snug fit.

Best of all, it’s fade-resistant and very water-friendly, so it’s ideal for those who perform a lot of hand washing.

It also is relatively lightweight, especially compared to the stainless steel band.

Nurses can purchase several bands and interchange them to match the occasion.

Apple Watch Band Types Include

  • Solo Loop
  • Braided Solo Loop
  • Sport Band
  • Sport Loop
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Stainless Steel

Aside from these bands, Apple offers several other models from established brands.

For instance, Nike and Hermes offer Apple Watch bands that provide versatility and beautiful aesthetics.

Additionally, third-party sellers offer various band colors, designs, and types to accommodate most individuals and personal preferences.

By interchanging watch bands and watch faces/colors, nurses can create a unique style that suits their needs.

Are There Drawbacks for Nurses Using an Apple Watch?

For most nurses, the Apple Watch provides invaluable tools and information at a glance.

With that said, it’s important to point out that wearable technology does have limitations.

For instance, nurses that don’t want to charge their watch regularly may prefer a standard watch.

Additionally, smartwatches have a higher cost and can cost several hundred dollars. However, this is quite normal in the smartwatch industry.

The benefit is that it provides versatility, functionality, and significantly more valuable features than its cost.

Furthermore, various designs and series can accommodate most price ranges.

Lastly, wearable technology can have water resistance limitations. However, newer models of the Apple Watch accommodate swimming.

As a result, nurses can feel comfortable washing their hands, working in damp environments, and being exposed to outdoor weather.

Apple Watch FAQ

This section briefly answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Apple Watch.

  • Are nurses allowed to wear Apple Watches?
  • Is an Apple Watch worth it for nurses?
  • Which Apple Watch is best for nurses?
  • Can an Apple Watch be used as a medical alert?
  • Does the apple watch have a secondhand?

Are Nurses Allowed to Wear Apple Watches?

Nursing students and professionals can usually wear their Apple Watches to work or school.

It can be helpful in settings where nurses must stay in contact but can’t use their phones.

With that said, there are circumstances where a healthcare facility or college may restrict the use of wearable technology.

If you aren’t sure whether your job allows wearable technology, consult human resources for more information.

Is an Apple Watch Worth it for Nurses?

As previously mentioned, the Apple Watch is highly beneficial for healthcare.

Nurses use it to track tasks, set timers, monitor health, stay connected with family/college, and utilize apps.

There’s a minimal downside to using an Apple Watch as a nurse other than charging it regularly.

If you’ve skipped to this section, read the previous features area to understand everything this smartwatch can do.

Which Apple Watch is Best for Nurses?

In short, the current series sports models with silicone bands is probably the best Apple Watch for nurses.

Its reasonable price, lightweight construction, water-resistant design, and hypoallergenic materials are great for various settings.

Moreover, the materials are easy to clean and can be frequently washed without damaging the watch. 

As a result, nurses can wash their hands regularly without concern.

Lastly, the easy-to-clean silicone band is user-friendly and won’t snag fabrics or other materials while working.

Ultimately, the best Apple Watch for nurses provides the features they need with a work-friendly case and band.

Can Apple Watch be used as a Medical Alert?

First and foremost, Apple Watch is not a certified medical device and should not be used to diagnose medical conditions.

That said, it offers numerous health features that can provide an early warning sign of various health conditions.

It provides technology for measuring heart rate, blood oxygen (newer models), fall detection, ECG, and more!

Moreover, it is notified when it detects an irregular rhythm, unusually high or low heart rate, or falls.

In the case of fall detection, it can even notify your contacts and place an emergency call.

A Medical ID allows first responders and healthcare professionals to access medical records/information without a passcode.

In summary, although Apple Watch is not a substitute for medical assistance, it can be beneficial.

Consult a medical specialist immediately if you have any medical issues or concerns.

Does the Apple Watch Have a Second Hand?

Yes, the Apple Watch offers several watches faces with a second hand.

It’s handy for nurses who require an analog watch for vital assessments and other healthcare-related tasks.

Numerous watch faces include numberless display faces, digital fonts, chronograph dials, and military time.

Ultimately, nurses can choose between the various and set several watch faces to accommodate different needs.

They can easily swap the watch face within seconds to provide the most valuable data for a given situation.

Moreover, nurses can add complications that expand the watch faces functionality for even more data.