8 Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Specialists

When it comes to reliable footwear for nurses, there is nothing quite like New Balance. These shoes are designed to offer exceptional comfort, support, and protection, which is precisely what healthcare providers need during long shifts on their feet.

New Balance is renowned for its fantastic footwear that accommodates casual and active lifestyles, making it a popular choice among nurses. Moreover, New Balance shoes are practical and fashionable, making them a perfect match for most medical attire.

If you’re a healthcare provider looking for comfortable footwear, then look no further than New Balance shoes.

This article highlights various New Balance shoes that are perfect for healthcare providers of all levels and specialties, so you’ll find the perfect pair for your needs.

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1. New Balance 608 Cross Trainer Shoe

New Balance 608 V5 Cross Trainer Shoe

The New Balance 608 Cross Trainer Shoe is an exceptional iteration of one of the company’s most beloved athletic footwear. This classic tennis shoe features a durable and functional leather upper that provides ultimate protection against spills and falling objects.

With three aesthetically pleasing colors to choose from, including the classic all-black option, the New Balance 806 tennis shoe is perfect for healthcare workers in bustling settings. Not only is this shoe stylish, but it also ensures outstanding long-term use with its practical pull tab and sturdy lace-up design.

The interior of this shoe is just as impressive as the exterior. The PU foam insert cushions the foot with each step, providing unparalleled comfort throughout the day. The phantom liner interior also helps keep feet comfortable and cool, even during extended wear.

Beneath the insole rests a lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole with an internal shank for unparalleled stability and endurance. This feature makes the New Balance 806 V5 Tennis Shoe one of the most reliable shoes for nurses requiring all-day support.

Finally, the rubber outsole features a textured and grippy button for traction control on various surfaces, ensuring excellent stability and security.

New Balance Cross Trainer Shoe Features:

  • A classic tennis shoe with a durable leather upper
  • Cushioned PU foam insert and a phantom liner for comfort
  • Lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole with an internal shank for stability and endurance
  • Rubber outsole with a textured and grippy pattern for traction control
  • Available in three colors, including all black, white with blue accents, and white with pink accents

2. New Balance 411 Training Shoe

New Balance 411 Training Shoe

The New Balance 411 Training Shoe is a top pick for healthcare workers who prefer comfortable yet stylish sneakers for their daily walks. This exceptional sneaker features a leather and fabric upper combination with intricate stitch detailing and logo embossing, elevating its overall design.

Moreover, the topmost shoe section features a breathable tongue and mesh lining around the ankle with perforated channels, ensuring that feet remain cool and dry throughout the day.

In terms of color options, the New Balance training shoe offers three colors, including solid black and white variations that are perfect for nurses and college students who prefer a more classic look. The shoe’s lightweight materials and versatile midsole with excellent shock absorption further enhance its performance, making it a reliable and practical choice for healthcare workers.

The shoe’s interior incorporates a smooth lining and an ultra-soft comfort insole, offering protection and comfort for the feet. Lastly, the durable rubber outsole features a diamond pattern with grooves and a walking strike path, providing stability and balance while walking.

All in all, the New Balance 411 Training Shoe is an excellent choice for nurses attending college or working in casual healthcare settings. Its breathable upper, an array of stylish colors, and a comfortable interior combine to provide a luxurious all-day walking experience.

New Balance 411 Training Shoe Features:

  • A leather and fabric upper with stitch detailing and logo embossing provide an elegant appearance
  • Breathable tongue and mesh lining with perforated channels keep feet cool and dry
  • Lightweight materials and a shock absorbent midsole improve performance
  • Smooth lining with ultra-soft comfort insole protects the foot’s bottom
  • Durable rubber outsole with diamond pattern and grooves for stability while walking
  • Available in three colors, including solid black and white variations

3. New Balance FuelCore Nergize Sneaker

New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

The New Balance FuelCore Nergize Sneaker is an illustrious addition to athletic cross-trainer sneakers with a sleek design, unparalleled versatility, and a lightweight structure. This sneaker is crafted from synthetic and mesh materials, offering exceptional responsiveness and mobility.

The fabric composition ensures that the shoe is not only lightweight but also breathable and comfortable, making it perfect for all-day wear. Additionally, Its responsive REVlite midsole adjusts to various gestures, allowing active users to move around easily and freely.

The shoe’s interior utilizes an NB memory sole comfort insert and supportive bootie, which ensures optimal cushioning and security for your feet. And the multi-pattern rubber outsole offers outstanding stability and directional control.

Regarding design, the New Balance Nergize sneaker offers a wide array of options with nineteen colors. From black-and-white versions to striking multitone and bright/neutral alternatives, this sneaker is sure to meet your specific color requirements.

This athletic cross-trainer sneaker is ideal for nurses who place a premium on lightweight, responsive, breathable footwear. It is perfect for healthcare workers in casual settings, low-risk environments, and non-emergency care.

New Balance FuelCore Sneaker Features:

  • Synthetic and mesh upper provides excellent mobility and responsiveness
  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable design for all-day wear
  • Responsive REVlite midsole allows for unfettered movement
  • NB memory sole comfort insert and supportive bootie cushion and secure feet
  • Multi-pattern rubber outsole for stability and directional control
  • It comes in nineteen, including multi-tone, bright and neutral options

4. New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe

The New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe is a top-notch choice for nurses constantly moving at work, whether for athletic or casual wear. The shoe’s unique design incorporates breathable mesh fabrics, a multi-color upper, and a ribbed back, providing both style and functionality.

Notably, the footwear’s form quickly adjusts to movement, ensuring a comfortable fit that minimizes fatigue throughout the day.

Given its intended use for running, the shoe’s midsole features a lightweight, fresh foam cushion for each step, providing unparalleled comfort with every stride. Additionally, the shoe’s interior is plush and comfortable, ensuring outstanding all-day performance.

New Balance has also put a heavy emphasis on durability with the NDurance outsole, which provides long-term resistance in vital areas. As a result, the shoe maintains its shape and support longer, even with frequent contact with hard surfaces.

Finally, the back of the shoe utilizes a high-performance heel to give users excellent pivot control and stability when it’s most needed. With several dozen colors, the New Balance Fresh Foam running shoe is the perfect fit for active nurses who demand style and functionality in their footwear.

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe Features:

  • Breathable mesh fabrics, a multi-color upper, and a ribbed back provide comfort and style
  • The lightweight, fresh foam cushion midsole offers superior shock absorption
  • Plush and comfortable interior delivers outstanding all-day performance
  • The NDurance outsole provides superb slip-resistance and long-term durability
  • A high-performance heel gives users excellent pivot control and stability

5. New Balance 1080 Running Shoe

New Balance 1080 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1080 Running Shoe is a top-quality footwear option with a sleek and modern design, tailor-made for individuals with an active lifestyle. Made with synthetic and mesh fabrics, this shoe features a unique Hypoknit design that ensures breathability and lightness, all while providing exceptional durability.

These sneakers incorporate a stretchy and supportive construction designed to offer total autonomy, movement control, and a comfortable and secure fit.

The shoe’s interior is plush and breathable, using an ortholite sock liner for added comfort. As a result, nurses who wear these shoes feel calm and relaxed while performing their daily tasks.

One of the standout features of the New Balance 1080 Running Shoe is its ultra-heel architecture, which secures the foot back and holds it firmly in place. This feature ensures that the feet don’t slide around, preventing instability and providing extra support.

Finally, the shoe utilizes a durable blown rubber outsole with a multi-pattern traction system, ensuring that feet stay planted when moving. The New Balance 1080 Running Shoe comes in a variety of nine colors, making them an excellent choice for nurses who enjoy stylish, breathable, and lightweight footwear.

New Balance 1080 Running Shoe Features:

  • The sneaker comprises synthetic and mesh fabrics with a Hypoknit design for breathability, lightness, and durability
  • Construction is stretchy and supportive for total autonomy and movement control
  • The interior is breathable and plush with an ortholite sock liner for comfort
  • Ultra-heel architecture secures the foot back and holds it securely
  • Durable blown rubber outsole with a multi-pattern traction system keeps feet secure
  • It comes in 9 colors to accommodate various medical clothing

6. New Balance 496 Walking Shoe

New Balance 496 Walking Shoe

The New Balance 496 Walking Shoe is an excellent option if you are a medical professional or nurse seeking comfort and stability in your footwear. This sneaker features a durable and supportive leather and mesh composition, ensuring you can rely on it for all your walking needs without compromising movement.

Its low-top construction is perfect for ankle mobility and freedom so that you can walk comfortably all day.

The inside of the shoe is cushioned and padded, providing a snug fit that will keep your feet in place. Moreover, the NB Soft Comfort insert reduces impact shock, ensuring that your feet are protected from hard surfaces. Beneath the insert lies a Cush+ midsole that offers exceptional comfort throughout the day.

This midsole is designed to maintain its high comfort level without sacrificing support and durability, making it ideal for nurses who work in settings with unforgiving flooring.

The New Balance 496 Walking Shoe is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It boasts a beautiful design for streetwear, work, and casual living. With seven streetwear-inspired colors, you will find a pair that matches your wardrobe and style.

Finally, the shoe’s outsole features walking strike path technology, ensuring that it maintains stability and provides a proper heel-to-toe transition.

As a nurse who walks around work frequently, you will appreciate the support and stability that these shoes provide. Overall, the New Balance 496 Walking Shoe is an excellent choice for nurses seeking comfort and durability in their footwear.

New Balance 496 Walking Shoe Features:

  • A leather and mesh composition ensures optimal durability and support
  • Low-top construction allows for ankle mobility and freedom of movement
  • A cushioned and padded interior provides a comfortable fit
  • NB Soft Comfort insert reduces impact shock and provides additional protection
  • A Cush+ midsole offers all-day comfort without sacrificing long-term performance
  • The outsole features walking strike path technology for proper heel-to-toe transitions

7. New Balance 520 Running Shoe

New Balance 520 Running Shoe

The New Balance 520 Running Shoe is an exceptional footwear choice for nurses seeking a versatile, lightweight construction that can adapt to various workplace and outdoor settings.

Crafted from 100% synthetic fabric, this sneaker features a breathable mesh upper that ensures feet remain cool, comfortable, and well-protected, whether running outside or performing activities indoors.

The shoe’s base incorporates a lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole, which provides exceptional shock absorption, guarding feet against unyielding surfaces. Moreover, the NB Comfort insert adds a layer of protection and comfort across the foot’s bottom, ensuring a comfortable fit all day.

Beneath the midsole lies a durable rubber outsole with deep treads for excellent adaptability and handling. The tread structure assists in affording a versatile grip, allowing for easy maneuverability on various surfaces. Furthermore, the outsole’s design allows water to disperse underneath the foundation, reducing undesired hydroplaning and ensuring a safe and steady step.

Design-wise, this classic New Balance sneaker offers a timeless aesthetic with nine stylish colors and a low-profile structure. It’s perfect for nurses who enjoy footwear that accommodates most medical clothing in casual and active settings.

With its superior features, the New Balance 520 Running Shoe is a reliable and comfortable option for healthcare professionals seeking a high-quality sneaker that can withstand a variety of environments.

New Balance 520 Running Shoe Features:

  • 100% synthetic fabric with a breathable mesh upper for comfort and protection
  • Injection-molded EVA foam midsole for shock absorption
  • NB Comfort insert for extra protection and comfort
  • Rubber outsole with deep treads for adaptability and handling
  • Classic design with nine stylish colors and a low-profile structure

8. New Balance Modern Sneaker

New Balance Modern Sneaker

The New Balance Modern Sneaker is a remarkable piece of footwear with a unique blend of cotton and polyester materials. This composition gives the shoe unparalleled flexibility and lightness that will impress even the most discerning of nurses. The shoe’s slip-on design and pull tab make it incredibly convenient to wear, allowing nurses to slip them on quickly whenever needed.

One of the most impressive things about the New Balance Modern Sneaker is how well it adapts to different movements. The upper is made from a flexible fabric structure that allows it to move and bend in a truly remarkable way. This makes it perfect for nurses needing to move quickly and efficiently throughout the day.

Despite its lightweight design, the New Balance Modern Sneaker is incredibly durable and long-lasting. The REVlite midsole provides lightweight cushioning without compromising on design or performance, meaning that it can withstand even the most demanding of nursing environments.

The interior of the shoe is just as impressive as the exterior. It features a soft lining and an NB memory insert that provides added comfort and support. This insert also acts as a second barrier against shock from hard impacts, making it ideal for nurses who are on their feet for long periods.

The memory cushion insole and REVlite midsole make the New Balance Modern Sneaker perfect for both indoor and outdoor ventures. Moreover, the ribbed bottom provides excellent traction and compliance throughout the full range of motion, making it a versatile shoe that can be worn in various situations.

With its breathable upper and dozens of colors, the New Balance Modern Sneaker is among the most suitable shoes for nurses who love slip-on footwear.

New Balance Modern Sneaker Features:

  • Cotton and polyester composition with a breathable upper for a comfortable and lightweight fit
  • Pull tab and slip-on form for easy on and off shoe transitions
  • REVlite midsole for lightweight cushioning without compromising design and performance
  • Soft lining with NB memory insert for added comfort and support
  • Memory cushion insole and REVlite midsole ideal for indoor and outdoor ventures
  • Ribbed bottom for traction and compliance throughout the full range of motion

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right New Balance Shoes for Nursing

As a nurse, it is crucial to have suitable footwear that can provide comfort, safety, and security in the hospital environment. Choosing the right pair of New Balance shoes can make a significant difference in your well-being and overall performance.

Therefore, before making any purchase, it is crucial to identify the essential characteristics that make up a high-quality nurse-friendly shoe.

When selecting nurse-focused footwear, consider the factors of comfort, support, protection, slip resistance, durability, and design. These features play an indispensable role in the overall performance and lifespan of your New Balance shoes. Moreover, it is essential to consider your work environment and daily work hazards to determine the most appropriate design.

For instance, nurses working in low-volume and low-risk offices may opt for a casual work shoe. Due to the low-risk setting, they may have increased freedom in choosing a shoe style and its features. Conversely, medical professionals in hospitals or emergency care may require more protective footwear.

Increased hazards, wet floors, and germs create risks that demand shoes designed to accommodate these environments. In such cases, nurses may have to follow stricter clothing guidelines to ensure facility compliance.

To distinguish the most suitable New Balance shoes, it is advisable to consult with human resources and other healthcare specialists within the same department or even review policies and guidelines for your workplace. These resources can provide valuable information on which shoes to purchase and the benefits of various designs.

It is essential to note that policies can vary significantly from one location to another, depending on the setting and clothing guidelines.

Assuming you understand the guidelines, the next step is to choose a work shoe that is comfortable, supportive, and durable. Consider the five essential characteristics of fit, cushioning, arch support, slip resistance, and durability to help you select a reliable nurse-friendly New Balance shoe.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you choose a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable, safe, and secure throughout your workday.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying New Balance Shoes:

  1. Shoe comfort
  2. Supportive architecture
  3. Overall protection
  4. Shoe Durability
  5. Footwear design

It’s important to consider various factors that impact the performance of your nursing shoes and foot health. To ensure you choose the best New Balance shoes for nursing, let’s review these essential determinants in detail.


Regarding healthcare-friendly footwear, it cannot be overstated how important comfort is for your physical and mental well-being. Opting for a pair of comfortable New Balance shoes can drastically reduce or even eliminate physical discomfort, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work and the patients under your care.

Investing in comfortable footwear can also significantly decrease mental stress and fatigue, making those long work hours less painful and more enjoyable from a mental health perspective.

On the other hand, wearing uncomfortable shoes can create opportunities for mistakes to occur due to increased stress. This can negatively affect your mood and physical health in the long run.

To improve your odds of selecting comfortable footwear, it’s essential to have your feet properly measured ahead of time. This will give you a clear understanding of your foot’s arch and width, enabling you to make an informed buying decision.

Consulting a foot specialist or visiting a specialty shoe store to get your feet measured correctly is the best course of action. If you’re dealing with a physical ailment, seeking the advice of a foot specialist is highly recommended, as they can provide helpful information and recommend inserts or specialized footwear that can aid in your recovery.

Finally, purchasing high-quality compression socks to complement your healthcare shoes is worth considering. While not necessary, compression clothing can improve blood flow, reduce stress, and ultimately create a more pleasant work experience.

When paired with comfortable, cushioned footwear, nurses and other healthcare professionals can feel much more productive and at ease while working.

Overall, prioritizing comfort in your footwear choice can significantly influence your health and job performance.


Maintaining good form as you walk around is essential, and proper shoe support is vital to achieving this. Investing in high-quality, supportive shoes and orthopedic footwear can prevent strain across your feet, ankles, knees, or back. It will also reduce foot and joint fatigue, improve your posture, and align your feet, allowing you to move around with ease.

When searching for New Balance shoes, looking for adequate support in the heel, arch, and ankles is crucial. Additionally, looking for a durable midsole that provides sufficient protection and shock absorption against hard surfaces would be best.

The shoe’s midsole should be durable yet flexible enough to ensure walking around for extended periods feels comfortable.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Does the shoe’s midsole offer good shock absorption?
  • Is the shoe designed for your foot type?
  • Does it provide adequate support across the heel, arch, and ankles?


When purchasing New Balance shoes for nursing, it’s essential to consider their protection level. A well-made nurse-friendly shoe will provide ample protection against slips, drops, and spills, all common daily hazards medical professionals face.

Additionally, many healthcare facilities have strict dress codes in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and employees alike.

When shopping for nurse-appropriate footwear, select one with a sturdy outsole grip that will help prevent slips and falls on wet or slick surfaces. The shoe’s midsole should also be thick enough to offer adequate shock absorption, protecting your feet from impact when walking on hard surfaces.

Finally, choosing shoes that provide full-foot coverage is essential for shielding your feet from falling objects and liquids, which can be particularly dangerous in a healthcare setting.


Regarding nurse-appropriate footwear, it’s essential to assess its durability. This includes factors such as the quality of their construction, their materials, their ability to resist stains, and their environmental safeguards. For the most suitable nursing shoes, it’s crucial to compare their durability and features to find the ones best suited for the job.

Please pay close attention to the materials used in the shoe’s upper construction, as well as its midsole performance and outsole tread. These factors can significantly impact the shoe’s overall performance and endurance. It’s also essential to replace worn-out, torn, or overused shoes, as these issues can compromise the shoe’s integrity and lead to health problems down the line.


One crucial aspect to consider when selecting your New Balance shoes is their design. While aesthetics may seem superficial, it is important to choose a work shoe that complements your wardrobe. The shoe design should not only be visually appealing but also work-friendly and complementary to your clothing.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to mention that specific shoe designs can significantly affect their performance and durability. For instance, tennis, cross-training, clogs, and casual shoes each feature unique designs that cater to specific functions. As a result, a tennis shoe may perform differently from a medical clog.

Thus, it is crucial to consider the overall impact of the design when shopping for nurse-appropriate shoes.

After selecting shoes that meet your health-focused criteria, you must consider your medical clothing and determine which design will blend well with your gear. The ideal shoe design should feature solid colors that pair well with various scrub uniforms. However, you can add creativity by incorporating accent colors that match most of your wardrobe.

Lastly, if you are okay with purchasing several shoes, you can be flexible with your design choices to accommodate multiple outfits.