6 Best Maternity Scrubs for Healthcare Workers

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time, but it can also be physically demanding. That’s where maternity scrub pants come in, providing expectant mothers with the support and comfort they need to focus on their work while ensuring their baby remains cozy and safe.

These pants are designed to maintain support and warmth for the tummy throughout the day, which is essential for moms on the go. The best maternity scrubs balance comfort, mobility, and support – allowing mothers to move and work freely while feeling secure. Additionally, they come with convenient pockets to store gear, enabling hands-free movement.

Our list of carefully selected maternity scrubs accommodates various body types and pregnancy stages, making it easier for nurses to find the right fit and stay comfortable and focused on their essential tasks.

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1. WonderWink Women’s Maternity Scrub Pant

These WonderWink Maternity Scrub Pants incorporate comfortable polyester and cotton fabrics, making them durable, stretchable, and easy to wash in a machine. In addition, these scrubs feature a flare leg style that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, along with side seam vents that provide mobility and airflow.

The elastic waist panel is also made of 360-degree elastic fabric, ensuring a stretchy and comfortable fit. The elastic waist area is dyed to match the pant leg’s color, giving a seamless appearance.

These scrub pants have a spacious two-slot cargo pocket to keep your belongings safe and secure while you work. In addition, the pocket interior is designed with organizational slots for storing writing supplies, cellphones, trauma shears, and other accessories, allowing you to stay organized and hands-free. Lastly, these pants have a utility loop for attaching a name badge or ID.

WonderWink’s maternity scrub pants are available in a variety of colors, including classic black, navy, pewter, pink, and many more, to match your scrub tops and warm-up jackets. In addition, they come in various sizes, ranging from X-small petite to 3X-large, making them suitable for most healthcare professionals.

WonderWink Maternity Scrub Features:

  • Polyester/cotton blend for durability, stretchability, and machine washability
  • Flare leg design with side seam vents for mobility and airflow
  • 360-degree elastic fabric in the waist panel for a stretchy fit
  • Roomy two-slot cargo pant pocket with interior organization slots for items
  • Available in 19 colors and various sizes from X-small petite to 3X-large

2. PACBREEZE Women’s Maternity Pant

These PACBREEZE Women’s Maternity Pant are a perfect choice for any modern mother who wants to feel comfortable and stylish during her pregnancy. These scrub pants are thoughtfully designed with a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex fabrics to offer maximum comfort and flexibility.

In addition, the elastic closure and excellent elasticity in the tummy area provide a perfect fit for better movement and ease of wear.

From a design perspective, these maternity pants are simple yet elegant, with tapered ankles, a luxurious appearance, and convenient side pockets that keep medical essentials easily accessible. They go well with most clothing and maintain a consistent, uniform style with over a dozen color options, two style variations, and easy-to-clean fabrics.

Whether you need a specific size or not, PACBREEZE Women’s Maternity Pants cater to all sizes from Small to 2X-Large, making them suitable for most hard-working professionals. If you’re a fan of PACBREEZE clothing line, these maternity pants are a must-have. Besides, the brand offers other great clothing options for expectant mothers.

PACBREEZE Maternity Pant Features:

  • Made of rayon, polyester, and spandex for comfort and flexibility
  • Elastic closure and excellent elasticity in the tummy area for better movement and comfort
  • Simple design with tapered ankles and convenient side pockets for medical essentials
  • Available in over a dozen colors with easy-to-clean fabrics
  • Offer numerous size options from Small to 2X-Large

3. Med Couture Women’s Maternity Scrub Pants

Med Couture Women's Maternity Scrub Pants

These Med Couture Women’s Maternity Scrub Pants feature a chic, sophisticated, single-tone design that exudes a sense of style and professionalism. The inclusion of a knit waist panel ensures a snug and cozy fit that’s perfect for expecting mothers. In addition, the scrubs are crafted from a blend of polyester and spandex, which provides unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

The material is also infused with a 4-way energy stretch that enhances flexibility and mobility, making it the perfect choice for healthcare providers who need to be on the move.

In addition to the comfortable fabric blend, these maternity scrubs also feature a host of design elements that take comfort to the next level. The bootcut style of the pants allows for greater ankle mobility, while the side vents promote airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.

The presence of a single back pocket and a left cargo pocket ensures that you have ample storage space for small essentials and accessories.
These maternity scrubs come in a range of sizes, catering to a variety of body types. Whether you’re an X-Small Petite or a 3X-Large, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit. The scrubs are also available in a range of colors, including navy, royal blue, pewter, and black, ensuring that you can choose a shade that perfectly matches your preferences and style.

Med Couture Maternity Scrub Features:

  • Polyester/spandex blend for excellent comfort
  • 4-way energy stretch for optimal mobility
  • Knit waist panel for a secure, cozy fit
  • Bootcut bottom for greater ankle mobility
  • Available in various sizes from X-Small Petite to 3X-Large

4. Cherokee Professionals Maternity Scrub Pant

Cherokee Workwear Professionals Maternity Straight Leg Scrub Pant

These Cherokee Professionals Maternity Scrub Pants are exceptional, boasting various design features that make them both unique and highly functional. For instance, the pants are outfitted with an adjustable rise, moderate flare, and a soft-stretchy tummy panel that ensures a perfect fit for expectant mothers.

Moreover, the pants comprise a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex fabrics that provide unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

One of the most impressive design features of these pants is the tummy panel, which expands along with your growing belly to accommodate your changing waistline throughout your pregnancy. This means that you won’t need to purchase new pants every few months, saving you money while ensuring that you remain comfortable and stylish throughout your pregnancy.

In addition to these features, the pants come with two storage options perfect for housing essential gear and medical tools. The double cargo pocket is easily accessible from the side, while the spacious back pocket provides ample room for critical items. And with Cherokee’s wide range of scrub tops, you’ll have plenty of space to store all of your equipment.

Cherokee offers a wide range of sizes for expectant mothers, from extra small to 3X large, ensuring that every woman can find the perfect fit for her needs. And with nearly a dozen colors to choose from, including classic options like black, white, blue, brown, and grey, as well as more vibrant hues for those with a flair for fashion, these pants are sure to become a staple of your maternity wardrobe.

Cherokee Professionals Maternity Scrub Features:

  • Contains polyester, cotton, and spandex fabrics for a relaxed, stretchy, and cozy feeling
  • Tummy panel expands with your belly to accommodate your waistline throughout pregnancy
  • Adjustable rise, moderate flare, and soft-stretchy tummy panel for an optimal fit
  • Two storage options for essential housing gear and medical tools
  • Available in several sizes, from extra small to 3X large

5. FIGS Zamora Jogger Maternity Scrub Pants

The FIGS Zamora Jogger Maternity Scrub Pants are an essential addition to their latest maternity collection, featuring a wide range of trendy maternity tops and bottoms. Made with a combination of high-quality polyester, rayon, and spandex fabrics, these maternity scrubs offer a perfect blend of comfort and fit.

The FIONx fabric used in these pants provides a durable and flexible four-way stretch, while the ribbed ankle cuffs ensure optimum ease of movement throughout your shift. In addition, the soft knit waistband closure and stretchy tummy panel adjust to your growing belly, ensuring maximum comfort and support during your pregnancy cycle.

These maternity pants are designed with exquisite detailing to enhance their aesthetic appeal. In addition, the FIGS logo detail adds an extra touch of style, making them a perfect choice for healthcare professionals who want to look and feel their best. The FIGS Zamora Jogger Maternity Pants are available in petite, regular, and tall styles, with three distinct colors to choose from – black, navy, and burgundy.

This allows you to effortlessly match your scrub pants to your favorite top. Besides that, nurses and healthcare professionals can select from measurements ranging from XX-small to XX-large to find the perfect fit for their body type. With these maternity scrubs, you can stay comfortable and fashionable throughout your pregnancy, without compromising on functionality or style.

FIGS Zamora Jogger Maternity Scrub Features:

  • Made with polyester, rayon and spandex fabrics for an excellent fit and feel
  • Utilizes FIONx fabric for durable four-way stretch and ribbed ankle cuffs for all day comfort
  • Soft knit waistband closure and stretchy tummy panel adapts to growing belly throughout pregnancy cycle
  • Comes in petite, regular and tall styles with three assorted colors: black, navy, and burgundy
  • Measurements vary from XX-small to XX-large for healthcare professionals to find their perfect fit

6. Cherokee Women’s Flexible Maternity Knit Waist Pull-On Pant

Cherokee Women's Petite Maternity Knit Waist Pull-On Pant

The Cherokee Flexible Maternity Knit Waist Pull-On Pants are the perfect choice for nurses and healthcare providers who appreciate a more snug and comfortable fit. These maternity scrubs are made of a blend of polyester and cotton, providing an unmatched soft and comfortable feel.

Not only that, but they also feature a similar design to Cherokee’s other maternity scrubs, including a moderate flare with side vents, an adjustable rise tummy panel, and roomy double cargo pockets.

What sets these pants apart is their unique design features. For example, the pull-on pants have a single back pocket, and the cargo pocket has a different style compared to the alternative design. Additionally, the modified tummy panel and back provide a precise and comfortable fit. Finally, the material blend creates a distinct shape compared to the maternity elastic waist scrubs pant design.

These maternity pants come in 12 different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and style preferences. They are also available in sizes ranging from X-Small Petite to 3X-Large, ensuring a perfect fit for every body type. If you require pants designed for a petite figure, these functional maternity scrubs are an excellent choice.

Cherokee Flexible Maternity Scrub Features:

  • Polyester and cotton blend for a soft, comfortable fit
  • It includes a moderate flare and side vents to improve movement
  • Modified tummy panel and back provide a precise fit and feel
  • Single back pocket and a cargo style pocket for storage
  • Available in 12 distinct colors and sizes ranging from X-Small Petite to 3X-Large

Note: I’ve searched Amazon for maternity scrub pants from Carhartt, and other brands. However, I have been unable to find suitable maternity scrubs at the time of writing.

How to Select Maternity Scrubs that Fit and Flatter

When it comes to the comfort and suitability of pregnant healthcare workers, selecting high-quality maternity scrubs is of utmost importance. There are several key features to consider when choosing reliable maternity scrubs, such as the size and fit of the scrubs, the material composition, and the elasticity.

Additionally, it’s important to evaluate the overall design of the scrubs to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. This informative article delves into the various features that must be taken into consideration when determining the best maternity scrubs for your profession.

To provide a brief overview, the article highlights the features that have the greatest impact on the usefulness and comfort of maternity scrub pants.

Maternity Scrub Features to Consider:

  • Size and fit/shape
  • Material composition
  • Elasticity

Size and fit

Selecting the proper maternity scrub pants is crucial during pregnancy, as it ensures comfort and a perfect fit for different body shapes and sizes. The first factor to consider is the size, shape, and design of the scrubs. This includes the waist and different designs that cater to petite, average, plus-size, and tall bodies.

When shopping for maternity scrubs, it’s important to look for a design that complements your body type, especially as you transition into the second or third trimester. Failure to choose the appropriate maternity scrubs may lead to outgrowing your pants or discomfort. Fortunately, I can provide you with further guidance on how to determine the best fit for your body type.


The choice of fabric for maternity scrub pants significantly impacts several factors, such as comfort, stretchability, moisture-wicking, and cleanliness. In addition, the fabric composition can affect your body temperature, as different materials have varying abilities to retain heat.

While there is no one perfect fabric or material blend, it is crucial to consider the design and composition of the maternity scrub pants. Most scrub brands provide detailed information on their materials, which commonly include cotton, polyester, rayon, spandex, or nylon. This information helps you make an informed decision about which scrub pants are best suited to your needs and preferences.

By considering the fabric composition, you can also determine whether the scrub pants are easy to clean and whether they offer the required comfort and stretchability.

Common Scrub Clothing Materials 

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Spandex
  • Nylon

It is essential to note that each type of fabric has its distinct advantages that cater to different requirements. For instance, cotton is renowned for its softness and lightweight qualities, making it an excellent choice for all-day comfort. Alternatively, polyester fabrics are highly resistant to wrinkles and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Frequently, these fabrics are combined to create a perfect balance of comfort, durability, fit, and ease of cleaning. If you’re interested in learning more about the unique benefits of various fabrics, we recommend checking out “28 types of fabrics and their uses,” an informative article that provides an in-depth guide to the different fabrics available.


Maternity scrub pants elasticity is essential during pregnancy as your belly will grow throughout the various trimesters. Therefore, you must pick suitable scrubs that provide adequate elasticity to remain comfortable and valuable. Jogger scrub pants provide an excellent stretch for those who want an alternative design in early pregnancy.

Not all maternity scrub pants stretch the same way. Some maternity scrub pants offer a four-way stretch that provides elasticity in all directions. However, other designs provide elasticity primarily to the front and sides. This results in scrub clothing feeling different as you advance into your pregnancy.

Fortunately, most high-quality maternity scrub pants provide a good stretch in all directions. Also, some maternity pants feature expandable tummy areas with a tighter, supportive fit around the pant legs. In contrast, others provide a more moderate but balanced elasticity throughout their design. As a result, you must keep the maternity scrub pants’ elasticity in mind when shopping to ensure a proper fit.

Before plunking down your money, determine how the maternity scrub pants stretch so it appropriately accommodates your needs. After all, not all clothing is designed the same, and some are intended to fit specific body types and requirements.

Tips For Selecting The Best Fit When Shopping Online

Ordering maternity clothing online can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding what size to purchase and which style or fit is best for your figure. Not all clothing offered online is true to fit, and some designs may run smaller or larger than expected. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

To make the best determination when selecting maternity scrub pants, we recommend reading verified reviews, examining the fit-as-expected section, and studying company sizing guides. By following these tips, you’ll have the best opportunity to select the most suitable maternity scrubs for work.

Read Verified Reviews

If you are looking to ensure that your clothing fits you properly, a helpful strategy is to read reviews from other customers who have already used the product. These reviews can provide you with valuable information because they come from individuals who have first-hand experience using maternity scrubs.

It’s worth noting that clothing items sometimes receive lower ratings because they don’t fit as expected. Take, for example, maternity scrubs. Even if they look great and are made from high-quality fabrics, they will only work if they fit your body appropriately. That’s why, when you are shopping for maternity scrub pants, it’s important to pay attention to how reviewers feel about the overall fit of the pants.

This includes how they fit around the tummy, waist, and legs. You’ll also want to determine whether the pants run true to size or if they tend to be smaller or bigger than expected. By taking these factors into account, you can adjust your expectations and purchase a different size if necessary to ensure that your maternity scrubs fit you comfortably and properly.

Study The Fit As Expected Guide

To ensure you get the correct clothing size when shopping online, consider reviewing the “fit-as-expected” guide provided by the online store. The guide takes user feedback into account to rate whether clothing measures true to size or smaller/larger than expected. As you read the guide, pay attention to how closely the clothing fits true to size.

If the clothing is slightly larger or smaller than expected, you can order one size larger/smaller to accommodate the difference. However, if the clothing runs much larger/smaller than described on the sizing chart, it’s best to avoid ordering it to prevent sizing issues and frustration. These guides are especially helpful for individuals who have difficulty finding clothes that fit as advertised.

Different brands and countries use different methods for measuring their clothing, so even if two brands list the same fit, the clothing may fit differently when worn by the same person. Websites like Amazon offer these guides as an additional resource for determining the correct clothing fit.

Check The Companies Sizing Guide

To avoid disappointment, it’s important to carefully read the clothing guidelines and size recommendations of the brand or company you’re purchasing from. Every company has their own unique way of measuring clothing, which can result in different fits even when the sizes are the same.

It can be frustrating to find that the regular fit you’re comfortable with from one brand is too tight or loose from another. Keep in mind that even the fabric mix can impact the fit of maternity scrub pants, and this can vary depending on the size. So, always take the time to do your research and make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Watch Review Videos

If you’re having trouble finding the right maternity scrubs, it’s a good idea to check out review videos or style guides from experienced pregnant nurses. These knowledgeable medical professionals can provide invaluable advice to help you choose the right scrubs that will look great on you.

It’s especially helpful to see how the scrub pants fit on someone with a similar body shape and size, so you can get a better idea of how they’ll look and feel on you. Online video reviews provide comprehensive feedback that’s hard to get from other sources, and you can see the clothing from multiple angles to make an informed decision.

This is particularly important if you’re still trying to decide which pair of pants to choose.

Tips For Choosing The Best Pants Fit Online:

  • Read verified customer reviews to see how closely the maternity clothing fits compared to the size selection screen
  • Analyze the fit as expected section to determine if the maternity scrubs are true to fit
  • Check the company sizing guide for their recommendations and measurements
  • Watch review videos to obtain in-depth feedback and hear personal experiences regarding maternity clothing

Following these guidelines gives you a better idea of how well a piece of clothing will fit you.

You’ll also adjust your expectations to purchase appropriately sized clothing based on facts, reviews, and personal experience.

When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Scrubs?

Determining the appropriate time to start wearing maternity clothing can be a puzzling task, as every person’s body undergoes different changes during pregnancy. However, based on personal experiences, many women find it appropriate to begin wearing maternity clothing between 8 to 16 weeks, with 12 weeks being the average. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that the onset of maternity clothing largely depends on how comfortably your current attire fits your belly and the specific changes your body undergoes during pregnancy.
For instance, if you lost weight before or in the early stages of pregnancy, your regular clothing might continue to fit you well. Consequently, you may be able to wear regular scrub pants for a little while longer than usual. Conversely, if you’ve recently gained weight or your belly is expanding rapidly, it may be time to consider maternity clothing.
Since everyone’s bodies undergo changes at different rates, it’s essential to listen to your body and make a decision accordingly. However, certain telltale signs may indicate that it’s time to switch to maternity clothing.

How to Determine When To Wear Maternity Scrubs:

  • Your normal clothing no longer feels comfortable around your waist, or you keep adjusting your belt size
  • You constantly feel bloated daily, and your current pants irritate you
  • You’ve switched from zippered jeans to elastic/sweat pants (outside of work) because they fit better and are more comfortable
  • Your belly bump is beginning to make buttoned shirts harder to wear

If you’re experiencing these changes, investing in at least one pair of maternity scrubs may be time. It will allow you to determine how they feel without spending much money. If you enjoy them and they’re comfortable, you’ll know it’s time to buy maternity scrub pants for work. You spend much time caring for others and should care for yourself with comfortable clothing.

What Maternity Clothes Should I Buy?

There are several numerous clothing options to provide support throughout and after your pregnancy. Some maternity clothing includes bras, scrub tops/pants, panties, sleepwear, and bounceback (post-pregnancy) recovery clothing. These clothing pieces improve comfort, reduce swelling, maintain your physique, and provide support throughout the day.

With that said, nurses wear distinct clothing to accommodate specific needs. For example, maternity/pregnancy bras provide amazing support and improve movement comfort. However, bounceback (post-pregnancy) clothing provides comfort and relief after birth. This helps mothers return to their previous size before pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes to Consider Buying:

  • Maternity/pregnancy bras
  • Maternity top/pants
  • Panties
  • Sleepwear
  • Bounceback (post-pregnancy) clothing

This maternity clothing buying guide is a great resource for those interested in clothing. It provides essential tips and advice on what to look for and where to purchase maternity clothing.

Why Do Pregnant Women Prefer Maternity Scrubs?

The simplest answer is that maternity clothing provides an optimal fit and comfort for pregnant women. These scrubs comprise soft fabrics and elastic materials that stretch and accommodate a growing belly. Also, maternity pants offer specific features not available in regular clothing.

To illustrate, the following list demonstrates features offered by maternity scrub pants.

Maternity Scrub Features:

  • High elasticity
  • A soft and stretchy tummy panel for support
  • Special accommodations for petite, large, and tall bodies
  • Custom pocket placement
  • Pregnancy size optimizations

Beyond that, most nurses can find fashionable maternity scrubs that look good and feel great. This is because numerous designs on the market accommodate different needs. While I can’t vouch for everyone, it’s hard to find a downside to wearing maternity scrubs.

Are Maternity Scrubs Necessary?

As mentioned previously, everyone’s body and situation are unique. As a result, there are no wrong or right answers regarding whether an individual should wear maternity scrubs. It mainly depends on your body type/shape and your specific needs.

Many nurses, doctors, practitioners, and healthcare specialists enjoy maternity scrubs because it offers amazing benefits. It includes improving the user’s comfort, support, and fit. However, not everyone prefers to wear maternity scrubs, which is ok. If you don’t notice a difference in comfort/mobility and there isn’t a medical reason to wear maternity scrubs (ask your doctor), the choice is up to you.

However, try them if you benefit from the features offered by maternity scrubs. You can decide whether to go all-in or wear your current attire by trying maternity scrubs. Finally, read the designer scrub tops for women guide to find fashionable designs.