6 Ways To Make Money From Home as a Nurse

Whether you’re interested in a full-time online nursing job, a side gig, or an online business, there are numerous ways to make money from home as a nurse.

As a result, you have incredible opportunities to select a career that’s best for you.

Moreover, you can work as an entrepreneur, freelancer contractor, or employee.

Each career offers unique challenges but can be a gratifying profession for the right person.

With that said, it can be difficult determining which career to pursue or even where to begin.

This article presents creative and fun ways for nurses to make money from home to simplify the process.

These professions range from starting a website and selling products to providing tutor and consultant services.

There are opportunities for freelance writers, telecommuting nurses, and sales and marketing professionals.

If you have the ambition, knowledge, and spirit, you can undoubtedly make money from home as a nurse.

6 Ways to Make Money From Home as a Nurse

  1. Build a profitable blog/website
  2. Apply to work from home jobs for nurses
  3. Create, market, and sell products
  4. Create an online course
  5. Become a freelance healthcare writer
  6. Become a tutor or consultant

The above section summarizes the opportunities nurses have to make money from home.

You can pursue these jobs part-time, full-time, or on the side.

However, you’ll make the most progress by dedicating yourself to a profession and developing your expertise and skills.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into these professions in more detail so you can determine which job is right for you.

1. Create a Profitable Blog/Website

Creating a blog/website or starting a side-hustle is a great way to earn money from home as a nurse.

It’s trendy among nursing students and professionals.

It’s because owning a blog provides freedom and flexibility to create and build a business that reflects your interests.

For example, if you love fashion, you can create a blog centered around clothing, make-up, and beauty tutorials.

You can then sell beauty products and clothing as an affiliate or offer advertising/promotional space to make money.

Alternatively, a nurse blogger can create a website focused on education and completing the nursing program.

You sell ebooks and courses that help readers resolve their problems as your audience grows.

You make money, and your readers are grateful for the solution.

Finally, as a food blogger, you can post recipes on your blog and sell cookware and cookbooks to your audience.

As you can see, there are various paths you can take as a blogger, depending on your passion.

You don’t need to stick to nursing to be successful.

However, you can use your nursing background and expertise to build a profitable blog.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Bloggers/website owners earn money and build profitable websites are numerous ways.

For example, you can create and sell products/services, market affiliate products, and offer advertising and promotional space.

To illustrate, a nurse blogger can sell educational courses, scrub clothing, stethoscopes, work shoes, and college gear.

Furthermore, you can become an affiliate marketer allowing you to sell other companies products and services.

It’s beneficial for bloggers that want to offer products but don’t have products to sell.

Another method bloggers use to make money is to support advertising and paid sponsorships on the blog.

Companies will pay to sponsor themselves on your blog if you create a website that gets many visitors.

Even more, you earn money without overhead costs because you are offering another company’s products/advertisements.

You don’t have to worry about customer service, emails, managing transactions, or anything else.

You can make an excellent profit by solving other people’s problems.

Focus on building an audience through content and marketing, sell products/services that solve your readers’ problems, and make money.

Running a profitable blog takes time, effort, and knowledge.

Therefore, developing your online writing, marketing, and business skills is crucial if you want to succeed.

How Websites/Blogs Make Money

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads (advertising)
  • Consulting work
  • Membership sites
  • eBooks
  • Promoting products and services
  • Building a portfolio for job opportunities
  • Designing and selling t-shirts and clothing

How you develop and grow your website is entirely up to you.

I recommend reading other successful niche blogs focusing on topics you want to build your blog around.

Additionally, consider investing in a few online courses for building a profitable blog.

Make sure it’s from someone you know, like, and trust.

Finally, watch some youtube videos on building a profitable blog.

Although some videos don’t provide the best information, there are also amazing ones with incredible insights.

The right video can transform your thoughts about blogging, business, and making money.

2. Apply to Work From Home Jobs for Nurses

Numerous work-from-home professions for nurses want a stable career with set hours and pay.

These careers allow nurses to work as entrepreneurs or become part of a professional healthcare team.

Moreover, they provide a fantastic diversity of specialties to accommodate various interests.

It allows nurses to remain passionate about their work while learning a good income.

For example, nurses can work in telecommuting, sales and marketing, medical coding, and consulting.

Each profession offers unique healthcare roles for those with specific skills.

As a result, you can quickly adapt to the job and develop your skills further.

That said, professions such as sales and marketing grant the possibility of earning high incomes through selling products and services.

It’s especially beneficial for nurses who love hustling and generating a high monthly income.

However, it does require a hustle mentality, a rejection-proof mindset, and dedication.

Medical coding and transcription work allow nurses to focus on regulated and systematic tasks.

They focus on specific routines to complete their work without the hustle of other professions.

Finally, call center nurses and telecommuting jobs offer friendly, communication-focused work.

It’s ideal for those that enjoy communicating with patients and providing healthcare advice.

Popular Work From Home Nurse Jobs

  • Call center nurse
  • Medical coder
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Sales and marketing (medical products)
  • Telecommuting nurse practitioner
  • Telephone nurse case manager
  • Telephone triage nurse

Although numerous occupations nurses can pursue online, the preceding list contains popular professions for nurses who want to make money from home.

That said, a quick job search will provide many careers for experienced nurses who want to work from home.

3. Create, Market, and Sell Products

Designing, marketing, and selling products is another excellent way to make money from home as a nurse.

For those that enjoy creativity and design, this is the perfect profession.

Numerous professionals make a full-time living designing products for students and professional nurses.

It includes designing clothing, creating eBooks, nursing gear, and reference material, and developing applications, among other things.

Moreover, nurses can sell black labels and print-on-demand products and customize them to fit their audience.

It allows nurses to create designs and quickly ship products without expensive equipment and storage.

To illustrate, print-on-demand companies sell blank clothing, backpacks, notebooks, and other gear.

As a designer, you create fun images, illustrations, and statements to print on specific clothing or other items.

You can do this by uploading your designs to your online store that features the apparel or gear you sell.

Once someone buys your shirt or product, the print-on-demand company will print the design on a shirt and ship it directly to the customer.

It means you don’t have to worry about storing products at your house, printing designs on them, or shipping items to your customers.

It’s all done by the print-on-demand company for a reasonable fee.

Popular Nurse Items and Essentials

  • Shirts and clothing
  • Software and apps
  • Flashcards
  • eBooks
  • Reference guides/medical notes
  • Custom notebook journals
  • Stethoscope covers
  • Designer scrub caps/bonnets
  • I.D. Badges

Use platforms like Etsy and Pinterest to get an idea of the products you can create and sell online.

These sites offer many unique products and design ideas for entrepreneurs who want to buy, create, and sell products.

Best of all, they offer vast libraries of products, so it should be easy to find something that inspires you.

It’s an ideal way to make money from home as a nurse for those with a creative spirit, excellent marketing skills, and online expertise.

4. Create an Online Course

Creating an online course is an excellent way for educated nurses to teach students about challenging topics.

It can include courses on nursing, getting hired, personal health, cooking, or anything you’re passionate about in your life.

You can create courses for anything you want that is popular, marketable, and solves a program.

There are various ways to create and sell courses online. Firstly, you can start a blog/website and sell courses directly to your audience.

Furthermore, you can create a membership site that you update regularly and charge a monthly subscription to make recurring income. 

Although this method requires additional setup work and marketing, you can create a high income and completely control your website.

Alternatively, you can create courses and market them through an online learning and teaching marketplace.

Numerous online course platforms for entrepreneurial nurses want to provide education-focused courses.

These platforms offer a dedicated resource for learners that want to become knowledgeable in particular subjects.

They’re well known, have established audiences, provide support teams, and manage the website’s financials.

As a result, you can focus on creating and marketing the best courses while letting the website handle other complex and time-consuming tasks.

Finally, app platforms such as podcasting offer subscription services for those who want to learn more about a particular topic.

Also, app owners and podcasters can generate income through sponsorship deals, product marketing, and advertising.

It provides alternative methods for earning money compared to selling courses.

Popular Course Platforms

  • Udemy
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Skillshare
  • Podia (formerly Coach)

The previously mentioned platforms provide ways for nurses to make money by creating courses.

It’s beneficial if you want to focus on course creating and don’t want to start your website.

5. Freelance Healthcare Writing and Proofreading

You can become a healthcare writer and proofreader if you have excellent research and writing skills.

Essentially, freelance healthcare writers use their knowledge to create content for websites, news platforms, journals, and other content-based sources.

They can also work as a resume writers/proofreader to help other nurses get hired. 

Healthcare writers earn income from their information, expertise, and authority.

Freelance healthcare writers earn six figures a year at the high end.

You achieve this by developing experience, writing skills, and establishing authority.

The sooner you develop your writing skills and portfolio, the better you’ll be able to negotiate your income.

There are numerous ways freelance writers can make money.

Firstly, they can earn money on a per-word/article basis.

In this case, freelance writers get paid more for longer content.

Alternatively, they can make money on a per-visit basis.

Popular articles that generate many readers will earn them more money.

There are numerous other options for making money as a freelance healthcare writer.

Alternatively, nurses can make money as proofreaders.

It’s great for those who enjoy fact-checking and improving content rather than writing.

However, those good at creating content and proofreading are likely to earn more than just offering proofreading services.

Popular Places to Write/Proofread

  • Healthcare/Medical blogs
  • Educational courses/services
  • Healthcare company websites
  • News platforms
  • Medical Journals
  • Ghostwriting services

Websites such as Upwork, Problogger Job Board, Textbroker, and LinkedIn allow you to post freelance writing jobs.

Importantly, you must pick a service that has a good reputation, exposure, and freelance contract agreement.

It’s vital to ensure you maintain a good reputation and are paid fairly for your work.

Alternatively, you can look for jobs directly on popular healthcare blogs and job sites hiring talented writers.

In either case, nurses and healthcare writers must hustle, produce great content, and market themselves wisely to earn a significant income.

However, once you’ve established a reputation and clientele, you can generate a fantastic salary from the comfort of your home.

6. Become an Online Tutor or Consultant

Finally, online tutoring and consulting services are popular ways to make money from home as a nurse.

You can make a decent living by working through an organization or contracting as a self-employed tutor/consultant.

Highly skilled tutors and consultants can earn over $100,000 annually through excellent planning, dedication, and entrepreneurial hustle.

That said, there is a distinct difference between nurse tutors and nurse consultants.

For example, nurse tutors focus primarily on helping students pass their classes and exams.

As a result, these professionals often work with younger audiences attending college/university and nursing programs.

On the other hand, nurse consultants work with different professionals in operational, clinical, and legal settings.

These healthcare professionals focus on improving the healthcare system and public sectors.

They also assist lawyers, judges, and law enforcement with healthcare/medical-related issues regarding cases.

Both healthcare professions are great for those with expertise, excellent time management skills, and great communication.

However, it requires thoughtful marketing, growing clientele, and establishing yourself as an authority.

Tutoring/consulting Jobs For Nurses

  • Online college tutor
  • Clinical nurse consultant
  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Operations nurse consultant
  • Telecommute/virtual nurse

There are also numerous telecommuting, case management, and recruiting jobs for nurse practitioners and registered nurses that want to work remotely.

Essentially, these businesses allow healthcare professionals to provide expertise to patients, clientele, and other individuals needing medical services.

These jobs are great for those who want stable work rather than the entrepreneurial route.

In Summary

Making money from home as a nurse provides alternative ways to make a living and better manage your personal life.

With hard work, the right profession, and a solid plan, there are numerous opportunities for nurses to earn six-figure salaries and even retire as millionaire nurses.

With that said, not all jobs provide a high-income ceiling.

Therefore, it’s essential to determine which career provides the most fulfilling and financially worthwhile experience.

Moreover, selecting a carer that fits your schedule and personality is necessary if you want to remain dedicated to working from home.

Although it provides incredible flexibility, it isn’t a glamorous or ideal career for everyone.

It takes having a proper mindset and personality to work from home as a nurse.

There can be significant periods of silence, a need to be creative, and the requirement of remaining self-motivated and focused.

Besides that, profit mainly depends on your education, profession, negotiating skills, and creativity.

As a result, continuing your entrepreneurial education and learning how to run a successful business is key to making a  profitable and highly satisfying living.