15 Journal Accessories Every Student Needs

Many journal accessories and supplies are available for those who enjoy writing and drawing.

These essentials change the journal’s appearance and add functionality, personality, and organization to average notebooks.

This article provides numerous journal accessories and supplies to give your journal personality and functionality.

Most items mentioned here are entirely optional. However, they enhance your journaling experience and make work more personal, easy to manage, and distinctive.

Here’s an overview of accessories and supplies to improve your journaling experience and breathe new life into an old notebook.

1. Writing/Drawing Tools

high-quality pen or pencil is an essential item for journal notebooks.

Owning a journal notebook is useless if you don’t have good writing tools.

The most suitable pens/pencils for writing vary depending on your wants and requirements.

Moreover, these essentials vary extensively in style, construction, and performance.

With that said, there are numerous inexpensive writing essentials for journaling.

Most individuals can find a dozen pens/pencils for a couple of dollars.

Nevertheless, some writing experts and enthusiasts strive to find the perfect tools for writing or drawing.

As a result, the best writing/drawing tools can cost hundreds of dollars.

However, it’s worth it for those who need the right tools for the job.

A good writing tool significantly impacts the quality of your work.

Therefore, it’s essential to determine your needs to pick the right writing tools for your writing demands.

2. Pen holders/pen clips

Pen holders/clips allow you to quickly and comfortably attach a hook to your journal notebook

That way, you always have a pen when you need to write or doodle.

A well-designed pen holder/clip provides you with a secure pen grip.

It makes it easier to carry pens/pencils without requiring a carrying pouch or other accessories.

It also ensures you don’t lose your pen when it’s not in use.

A pen holder/clip design and material range from low-cost plastics to high-quality metals, depending on your preference.

They’re also regularly inexpensive to purchase. However, the cost increases if you want a high-quality version with premium metals.

3. Notebook/Planner stickers

Notebook stickers allow you to add decals, overlays, and stickers to your book cover or internal pages.

While this isn’t functional, it provides a way to personalize your journal to your liking.

Therefore, consider adding notebook stickers to give it a personal touch if your journal notebook is too bland for your taste.

Besides that, notebook stickers allow you to identify different books when you own several of the same design.

As a result, you can better determine a particular book based on the stickers you’ve placed on its cover.

It benefits students who take multiple classes with journals that don’t have proper descriptions.

4. Notebook Underlay

While this is a relatively less known product, a journal/sheet underlay is a tool that creates a flat writing surface.

It allows for easier writing and drawing outdoors or in an environment where access to a flat surface is unavailable.

Journal/sheet underlays are a substitute for a table or writing surface.

They ensure the paper doesn’t bend, fold, or become distorted by pressure from a pen or pencil.

As a result, you have a much smoother experience.

These tools can also provide a better writing/drawing experience by offering a smooth surface.

It helps the pen/pencil flow more smoothly and accurately than on a rough surface, especially when writing on thin paper.

Journal/sheet underlays are primarily thin, flat tools.

As a result, you can either create one or purchase one for a pretty low cost.

Any book-sized piece of plastic or metal that is flat, lightweight, and sturdy can act as a journal/sheet underlay of sorts.

5. Desk Bookshelf/Archival Box

A journal stand/archival box is pretty self-explanatory.

These tools allow you to quickly and securely organize your journal notebooks in an upright position.

Depending on the journal stand/archival box, some will allow you to quickly adjust the stand/box’s size to accommodate additional books as your collection grows.

You can choose from many designs and materials when it comes to these stands/boxes for those who want a more personalized or professional look.

For an environmental or elegant appearance, Journal stands/archival boxes comprise plastic, wood, metal, or other textiles.

As with journal/sheet underlays, if you’re crafty enough, you can create your own to organize your journal notebooks and display them.

6. Booklight

A book light is an attachable light that allows you to read and write in dark environments.

These tools attach to your book, focus an area of light on your reading/writing surface, and reduce distractions.

Although book lights aren’t as popular as other items on our list, they are still great if you have a partner or roommate who needs to rest and would appreciate a lower light environment while trying to get some reading and work done.

Even when alone, some individuals enjoy using a book light as a focus tool that helps reduce environmental distractions.

In addition, some lights use a more night-time-sensitive light that doesn’t interfere much with your sleep cycle.

7. Book cover overlays

Book cover overlays are custom book covers that you can place on top of your journal notebook’s original surface.

Like regular book covers, journal notebook covers provide a more attractive appearance to your favorite book.

It also helps protect the book from external factors such as liquids damaging sensitive content.

These covers are great for those who want to give their journal notebook a visual makeover with different patterns, styles, colors, and images without purchasing a new or more expensive journal notebook.

It’s also great for those who enjoy the type of paper/writing experience offered by a particular book and would like to continue using it but want to add a bit more style to its overall appearance.


Bookmarks are probably one of the most well-known items for those who are writers and readers.

Bookmakers allow users to mark specific pages so users can return to the content later.

These little tools can be handy for keeping track of information, and they come in a wide variety of styles and colors for those who enjoy specific types of art and design.

9. Journal charms

As the name implies, journal charms are small charms you can add to your journal notebook to give it a little bling.

These accessories are decorative and attach to the book via an extension piece/clip, elastic band, rope, or chain.

Additionally, elastic bands and chains keep a book closed when not used, so pages remain protected, private, and bound.

10. Sectional/book bands

Sectional rubber/elastic bands connect multiple journals or section off specific content categories within a particular journal.

Depending on the size and elasticity, the content and books bound together vary, with larger bands holding more pages.

While not as decorative as other charms and accessories, sectional bands can come in an assortment of colors, with some offering etched words for a more personal appearance.

11. Notebook Pocket Insert

File folders/inserts are simply inserts that can fit inside a journal notebook to act as a pocket or organizer.

They are generally thin, allowing them to fit inside the notebook without adding much bulk.

Some journal notebooks may also offer specially designed folders/inserts explicitly made for the journal notebook purchased to allow for more customization and personalization.

12. Book Tabs

Like bookmarks, book tabs/clips are thin materials (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) you can clip onto a page or set of pages.

It enables you to bookmark a specific page or group several pages together.

Tabs take things a step further by allowing for color coding and a tab naming system for organizing content so that it is easier to locate.

It can be beneficial with large books or books that contain a lot of content on each page.

They’re also great for planners as it allows for another method of organizing and planning, and the planners have already implemented organizational structure.

13. Journal locks/lockets

Locks/locks allow journal notebooks to be secured and locked up, allowing additional security and protection layers.

Depending on the journal notebook you buy/own, the lock/locket mechanism may either be incorporated into the notebook’s design or added via a third-party accessory.

These locks/lockets can be attached using a chain, adhesive, or another adherence mechanism that makes opening the journal difficult without a passcode or key.

A locket may comprise a lock and key or number combination system requiring a specific operation form to unlock.

Journal locks/lockets are more of a personal choice.

However, the security they offer can vary dramatically depending on the book.

These books may be excellent for people who keep their content protected and want an extra layer of privacy.

14. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are, well, stick notes.

These are often written on and attached to various surfaces, including tables, desks, walls, notes, and books.

They allow people to keep notes, add reminders, and organize information to be easier to remember and access in the future.

Color-coded sticky notes can also serve as a way to organize different thoughts, ideas, and topics.

It’s convenient for highly organized people who want to keep track of everything that’s going on.

As mentioned, you don’t need to use sticky notes with a notebook.

However, they can be a great addition when you want to add notes on specific pages without specifically writing over and messing up content that currently exists on a page.

15. College/Work Backpack

College backpacks, everyday carry bags, and work bags help make commuting/traveling a more convenient experience.

These essentials allow you to easily carry your journal notebooks, laptop, and other necessities.

Backpacks are great for hauling around many things while keeping users’ hands free for other activities and duties.

As with other accessories on this list, a backpack/bag is highly individual.

However, if you have to carry multiple books and other essentials, a functional everyday carry backpack can make your commute a much more enjoyable and efficient experience.