15 Reasons iPad Pro is Perfect for Nursing/Medical School

There are numerous reasons iPad pro is perfect for medical school and nursing students.

For instance, it’s excellent for writing papers, recording lectures, studying college materials, and completing research projects.

It also allows nurses and medical students to stay in touch with classmates and loved ones.

Few tech devices offer as much versatility and functionality as the iPad Pro.

Therefore, many students prefer the iPad Pro over traditional laptops.

The iPad Pro offers a broad range of uses to help students work on small projects to large collaborative tasks.

Over the years, the iPad Pro has grown significantly regarding its ability.

It now rivals even the most high-end laptops while outperforming traditional computers using professional applications.

The iPad Pro takes advantage of a robust app ecosystem, high-performance chipset, touch display, magic keyboard,  and Apple Pencil.

I’ve minimized the list to fifteen of the best iPad Pro features for medical school and nursing students.

However, the Pad Pro is capable of much longer than explained in this article. 

Here are my top 15 reasons why the iPad Pro is a great laptop replacement for nursing and medical school students.

1. Touch Screen Interface

The iPad Pro wouldn’t be an iPad if it weren’t for its fantastic touch screen interface.

It provides students with an additional layer of accuracy and control.

The touch screen interface makes it easy to quickly and directly interact with various elements on the iPads screen.

As a result, students can write, draw, pan and zoom, manipulate 3D objects and perform various actions with their hands.

Advanced iPad Pro screens also allow high accuracy and precision with an Apple Pencil.

Accordingly, it enhances the experience and allows users to perform precise and detailed drawings, sketches, illustrations, and artwork.

When paired with other technology, you unlock even more capabilities, such as the magic keyboard and apple pencil.

The iPad seamlessly switches between touch screen, mouse and keyboard, and Apple Pencil support.

That way, students interact with their work in the manner that best suits their needs and situation.

You can start your project by typing notes using your magic keyboard, then sketch or doodle examples onto your work with an Apple Pencil.

Moreover, you can pan, pinch, and zoom on the fly using your fingers.

This versatility alone makes the iPad Pro an extraordinarily flexible and functional device for college students.

It allows you to work on projects and school tasks with multiple ways to get things done in a very efficient and effective manner.

That said, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the other unique iPad pro features.

The following features make it an outstanding device for students who want versatility, functionality, and various computer capabilities.

2. Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil support

Note: This part elaborates on the functionality of the magic keyboard, and Apple Pencil mentioned in the previous section.

If you’d like to move on to other features, skip over to the third feature on this list.

Although the iPad Pro is a fantastic touch screen device for manipulating applications with the touch of a finger.

It’s also a world-class device for typing and drawing with support from the magic keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Essentially, the magic keyboard turns this tablet device into a full-fledged laptop replacement and artistry tool (for most users).

 The traditional touch support and finger gestures offer a fantastic way to interact with on-screen elements for those browsing the web, using 3D applications, playing games, or working with touch-first applications.

Ultimately, the magic keyboard and mouse support turn the iPad Pro into a high-performance laptop replacement.

It allows for a much better workflow in the typing experience, offering similar functionality to a traditional laptop.

Plus, it makes writing, copying, cutting, and pasting a breeze.

Using the iPad Pro in keyboard mode, you also get track-pad and mouse support for better movement.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil allows for exact control and manipulation for those who want to draw, doodle, and edit visual content,

As a result, it’s similar to a standard number two pencil but with many enhancements from using a digital tablet.

Overall, the iPad Pro provides significant versatility and functionality with applications that cater to each user’s style.

It also allows developers to create applications that do things traditional laptops can’t do or struggle to do effectively.

3. LTE Connectivity

An iPad Pro with LTE connectivity is excellent for those who need a device permanently connected to the internet.

LTE connectivity allows the iPad to connect to the internet anywhere you get a wireless signal.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about requiring a router or local hotspot nearby.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about tethering your iPad to your phone to use the internet, which can be slow and cumbersome.

It makes it significantly easier to get online data and documents in iCloud.

You can also search the web, download apps you need, listen to music, watch videos, make FaceTime calls, and collaborate on projects.

As a result, you can do just about anything you need to do online (minus using some extensions).

Best of all, most companies offering LTE service allow iPad users to only pay for the days, months, or data they need.

That way, you don’t have to be locked into a multi-year contract to use LTE.

LTE connected is a convenient feature when internet service is limited or when you’re away from a home router or mobile hotspot.

 4. App Store

 The App Store is probably the biggest reason students love the iPad Pro.

The app store has a massive library of professional and entertainment-based applications.

These applications allow students to do everything from manipulating anatomical 3D models of humans and coding sophisticated programs to performing professional video editing sessions and doing illustrative drawings.

The old slogan there’s an app for that remains true today.

When combining the iPad Pro’s high performance with robust first and third-party hardware solutions, developers are becoming more invested in porting over high-end computer applications.

In some cases, apps perform even better on the iPad Pro due to its versatility, multiple input methods, and high-end touch display.

And with constant software and hardware enhancements, the iPad Pro is closing the gap on what a laptop can do that the iPad can’t.

Moreover, the iPad Pro expands the gap on what an iPad can do that a traditional computer cannot.

5. Note-Taking

Note-taking apps are among the most used iPad Pro applications for nursing, medical, and general college students.

They allow students to take notes for classroom lectures and do school projects/reports.

Students can also write, draw, upload documents, and add links, images, video, and audio to notes to maximize learning.

Notably, note-taking apps continually improve to make it easier to edit, fix errors, add shapes and doodles on the fly.

These apps understand confusing handwriting and fix it so handwritten notes come out clear and concise, even when your writing isn’t.

Finally, notes can be titled, organized, searched, uploaded to iCloud, and synced between devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad).

You can even passcode lock them and collaborate with others you given note access.

However, Apple notes protect you by providing access on a note-by-note basis.

6. Collaboration

Numerous applications allow users to quickly and easily collaborate on projects together.

With these apps, group members can write, copy, paste, cut, modify, edit, draw and add links, images, and videos to projects in real-time.

Furthermore, members can use FaceTime to conveniently work on projects without sharing a room or being on the same continent.

Numerous iPad Pro apps do a great job of helping students collaborate on projects.

However, several third-party applications and online services offer collaboration tools as well.

It includes google docs, slack, and Microsoft teams for those on different platforms or preferring alternative collaboration tools.

Collaboration is excellent for students working on group projects and professionals who need to stay on task with other team members.

With the iPad collaboration feature, users can lock individual files from view.

In this case, files require a password that can be seen and edited only by individuals invited into the group.

Lastly, files can be uploaded, saved, and synced across devices quickly and efficiently with most collaboration tools.

That way, your projects remain up to date, secure, and easily accessible.

7. High-Quality Camera and Audio Recording

The iPad’s cameras and audio recording microphone are great features you shouldn’t undervalue.

The iPad Pro has a front-facing camera that’s extremely useful for video conferencing with students.

It allows you to collaborate on projects using FaceTime easily.

You can also connect with friends and family, take selfies (yes, I went there), and perform other related tasks.

The rear camera can record lectures, scan and upload documents, notes, journal entries, and artwork, record, and edit videos.

It can even take the occasional portrait, landscape, or interesting photo when you don’t have your phone available.

The ability to scan, save and upload photos, book pages, papers, and documents is beneficial.

It lets you take a digital version and sign it, add notes, doodle, and annotate scanned photos, papers, and documents for studying and educating purposes.

Finally, you can send saved notes to others via email, text, or AirDrop to provide clarity and pinpoint specific things during discussion.

The iPad has a high-quality mic for recording and saving audio to the Memos app for those not interested in recording video.

It also provides a non-intrusive way to record lectures and group discussions while saving valuable storage in a non-video format.

You’ll quickly realize how essential these features are If you use the camera or microphone for school projects or collaborations.

8. Markup, Annotation, and Screenshots

As previously mentioned, the iPad allows users to quickly and easily markup/annotate photos and documents.

It’s great for clarifying and highlighting specific content within photos and documents you’ve scanned and saved.

It also allows students to point out things they like or need improvement, correction, alteration, or removal.

You can doodle, circle, underline, draw arrows, and write notes on documents and photos to clarify.

In addition, students can take screenshots of web pages and save them as PDFs to read offline or annotate later.

Users can screenshot almost anything on their screen (minus some apps that restrict screenshots) and annotate on it.

As a markup tool, annotation is an excellent way to share ideas and information virtually.

Moreover, most individuals easily understand annotations, making them helpful in simplifying information.

9. iPad OS Files System

Along with iPad OS 14 comes the iPad’s updated file system, making file management a lot easier and more efficient.

As a result, it brings the iPad Pro closer to traditional laptops while remaining a highly distinct and versatile device.

It’s effortless to use, whether using the touch display or navigating the file system using a keyboard and mouse.

Moreover, it allows students to quickly and easily access documents, photos, and other data.

Learning how to use the file system in a short amount of time is relatively easy.

It feels natural for the user and improves how students save, access, manipulate, and move their work.

While there are always more improvements, its updated design and functionality make it a great addition to the iPad OS.

Finally, iPad Pro takes advantage of its larger screen, allowing faster interactions, improved app functionality, and better visibility.

10. High-Performance Processor

What makes the iPad Pro a Pro device is its exceptional performance.

The iPad Pro performs substantially better than many high-end laptops on the market today.

It features a high-end performance chipset that operates at incredible speeds with optimal performance when running applications.

Moreover, the chipset provides substantial performance gains when editing 4K (and higher quality) video.

The iPad Pro delivers impressive visual graphics for games due to its lightweight, compact design and custom chipset.

It’s because the chipset can take advantage of the iPad’s hardware and software better than non-Apple chipsets.

The iPad Pro comprises sturdy metal materials in a thin and lightweight frame with high-end glass and a fan-less design.

It also incorporates a nearly edge-to-edge display that provides visual real estate while minimizing unnecessary bulk.

Finally, excellent speakers create a rich and dynamic experience for videos,  audio, playing games, and editing intensive projects.

Overall the design and performance of the iPad Pro are top-notch.

As a result, many pros swear by its marvelous features and functionality.

And with new professional apps coming to the App Store weekly, the iPad is coming closer to outperforming most laptops.

11. iPad Pro Accessories

Besides the iPad Pro’s official accessories, numerous third-party accessories extend the iPad’s functionality.

For instance, various tablet stands and holders enhance the iPad’s viewing angles.

Accordingly, it makes it easier for artists to create beautiful drawings and illustrations while keeping their wrists comfortable.

There are also external hard drives that offer additional storage.

It comes in handy when working on high-quality video and audio or storing extra copies of your data.

You can even use the external hard drive to share data with other devices.

Multi hub adapters offer numerous ways to connect accessories to the iPad Pro.

Importantly, hubs offer more connections than the single USB-C port that comes with the tablet.

Users can attach a USB-A port, HDMI cable, SD card, microSD, headphone jack, and more with a USB hub!

Wireless headsets or speakers are perfect for binge-watchers, music lovers, video/audio editors, and gamers.

It provides the best audio experience possible and makes everything more enjoyable.

Finally, users can connect gaming controllers to the iPad to easily play their favorite games.

And to top it all off, there are tons of beautiful and functional iPad sleeves, cases, and laptop/tablet backpacks on the market.

They provide a nice blend of style, versatility, and protection.

Some even include extra storage pockets, a roll-out table mat design, water resistance, and shockproof protection.

Some iPad Pro Accessories Include:

  • Tablet stands and holders
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Apple’s magic keyboard
  • Apple Pencil and pencil cases
  • 3rd party styluses
  • External hard drives
  • Portable batteries
  • iPad hand grips
  • Multi hub adapters
  • Wireless headphones
  • Wireless speakers
  • Screen protectors
  • Wireless gaming controllers
  • Airport and wireless printers
  • Rugged, protective, and functional designer iPad cases and sleeves

12. Sidecar

Sidecar requires a Mac to work (at time of writing).

However, it’s worth mentioning that sidecar allows users to extend the screen functionality.

It works by providing Mac users with an additional display using the iPad Pro.

As a result, Mac users have an easier time editing, researching essential topics, and managing applications.

Users can use two screens rather than split multiple windows on a single device.

Therefore, it provides more visual real estate and a cleaner work experience for your projects and study.

If you own a Mac, the addition of sidecar support is a nice touch and makes college life and work a little easier.

13. Mobility

Having good mobility is essential for getting to class on time.

College textbooks, laptops, accessories, and various essentials weigh your college backpack down.

As a result, it’s harder to comfortably and conveniently move between classrooms.

Besides that, heavy backpacks are not suitable for your back or posture.

Therefore, you must do everything possible to ensure a pleasant carrying experience.

Fortunately, the iPad is a mobile device that allows you to carry what you need.

If you only need the iPad to take notes and doodles, bring the Apple Pencil and leave the keyboard at home.

If you need to write a report for a college project, take magic keyboard and mouse support to make writing tasks more manageable.

For those who record and edit a lot of 4K videos and photos, an external hard drive is highly versatile.

By quickly attaching accessories you need and leaving unnecessary ones home, you have a much more pleasant college experience.

Finally, the iPad can download many textbooks digitally (when available), allowing you to free up more backpack space for other college essentials.

When combined with a convenient iPad carrying case, you reduce your overall load and improve your back health.

All you need is an iPad Pro, magic keyboard, Apple Pencil, and maybe a notebook or two to make daily on-campus commutes a breeze.

14. Digital Textbooks

Although I previously mentioned downloading textbooks digitally, it’s worth elaborating further.

That way, you understand the convenience and functionality of digital textbooks compared to hardcover.

Digital textbooks offer several excellent advantages over physical copies.

Benefits Digital Textbooks Provide:

  1. Reduce the number of heavy physical textbooks you carry around campus
  2. Quickly access essential pages and notes using touch controls
  3. Book note, highlight, circle, doodle, and draw in your digital textbook without ruining it
  4. Adjust text size and font to suit your reading experience
  5. Use night time or dark mode for more effortless reading at night or when in direct sunlight
  6. Take advantage of enhanced digital features such as book links, videos, audio & interactive elements
  7. Get instant access to textbooks (physical versions) that are sold out or  require shipping
  8. Provide a more environmentally friendly impact on the world

As you can see, digital textbooks provide many advantages without causing wear and tear or hassles that come with paper books.

Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly, immediately available, and cost-effective in some cases.

Finally, check your school or local library to see if they offer free digital rentals of books to save cash.

15. iCloud support

One of the iPad’s most overlooked and valuable features is its iCloud support.

iCloud support allows users to start work on one device and pick up where they left off on another device.

Therefore, it will become an essential tool for students to get work done efficiently and effectively.

For example, you could start writing an essay on your laptop while at home.

Then you can make some edits on your iPhone while commuting on the train or traveling.

Finally, you can add images, drawings and make final touches to your report from your iPad Pro when you get to school.

This seamless support means you’ll always take your projects with you on whatever iCloud-supported device you have.

Moreover, you can complete your work on the screen that best suits your needs during that time.

Besides synchronizing work, iCloud securely stores your documents, images, videos, and data to free up vital iPad space.

In addition, iCloud support is an excellent feature you shouldn’t overlook when doing your college work.

It allows you to remain flexible and connected to your projects, so you’ll always have them at your fingertips.

Can The iPad Pro Replace a Laptop for College Students?

The iPad Pro offers everything most students require to get work done in various ways.

For instance, it offers an excellent selection of professional applications that accommodate most college curriculum.

It also has multiple input methods to allow students to write, edit and manipulate content.

Audio and video recording features allow students to record college lectures and group sessions.

It also makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with friends, family, and other college students.

Finally, the iPad Pro has a vast assortment of third-party accessories to add more functionality to the device.

When it comes to collaborations, iCloud supports storing data so you can continue projects on different devices.

Accornoglyl, the iPad Pro is a great alternative unless you need a particular application that isn’t available on the iPad.

That said, there’s very little reason an iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop.

In some cases, it can even provide more flexibility, functionality, and performance than a traditional laptop.

Even if the iPad Pro doesn’t have the specific program/application need, many excellent alternatives are available on the app store.

In addition, the iPad is constantly improved, with new professional applications every month.

The applications that take advantage of the iPad OS and iOS operating systems far outpace traditional computers.

For instance, students only find numerous touch-first apps on the app store.

Therefore, the iPad Pro is a must-have for many college students, except for high-end video editing computers and coding programs.

Finally, check with the developer if you’re unsure whether the apps you use are available on the app store.

Many colleges adapt their computer applications to work fluidly on the iPad making the transition fast and seamless.

The iPad Pro makes your connected life even better when combined with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac computer.