HESI A2 Test Prep: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Book

How to Choose a HESI A2 Study Exam Book

Knowing how to choose a HESI A2 study exam book is vital to develop a good study routine and preparing for the test.

When selecting a HESI A2 study guide, it is essential to consider several factors to get the most out of your study sessions.

The first thing to consider is whether or not the book sufficiently covers each essential exam topic.

That way, you will be well prepared for the test questions and answers you’ll have to pass successfully.

These Topics Include:

Additionally, it would be best to choose a review study guide written in a way that matches your learning style.

Depending on the study guide, you choose some books that may be formatted differently or explain complex tasks in unique ways that will be easier or more difficult for you to understand.

Regardless of the book you choose, it should provide tips and strategies for simplifying and memorizing complex subject material.

Overall a good HESI prep book should be comprehensive. It will cover all subject materials expected for the exam. It will also offer high-quality practice tests, a simplistic rationale and answer system, and easy-to-understand material. In addition, some books offer free resources to expand your knowledge and comprehension beyond what the book provides.

Save Time by Knowing What to Study

Most of this article has gone over helping you decide which HESI A2 books are best for helping you pass the exam.

However, it is also important to mention that not all programs/schools will require students to test every potential subject mentioned in the book or this article.

You’ll want to start your study review in advance to give you the best chance of adequately preparing for the exam, but you’ll also want to identify the school’s requirements for the exam you are taking.

For example, suppose a school doesn’t require you to take anatomy and physiology, biology, and chemistry on the test. Then, you can save yourself a lot of study time by removing those from your schedule.

A deep understanding of various topics is essential for becoming a great healthcare provider.

However, you don’t want to study topics that won’t be on the test. It can add unnecessary confusion, complexity, and time to your schedule rather than help you focus on the test material.

In most cases, students can find out which topics will be on the test by going to the nursing/school’s website and searching for the exam requirements.

Alternatively, students can consult their guidance counselor and teacher to get more information on which topics are essential to study and which ones aren’t going to be a part of the exam.

Also, take the included pre-test (commonly offered in the study guides) early on to identify the topics/concepts you are struggling with to tailor your study sessions towards developing a better understanding and compression of those vital topics.

If you struggle with math, then make sure that you focus on improving your math skills.

Likewise, suppose reading comprehension or anatomy and physiology is something you need to improve. Again, the pre-test will help you identify a potential weak point to customize your test preparation.

Finally, consider buying a well-written cliff notes book to provide simplified review material that can help you quickly understand and recall basic concepts, rationales, and medical terminology.

You can also combine your current study guide and cliff notes with free tools, HESI A2 flashcards, HESI A2 reference & study guides, and online resources such as those offered by websites like Quizlet.com and Evolve.Elsevier.com to develop a good study practice.

I hope this article has helped you move closer to passing your exam and entering the nursing program.

Why a Good HESI A2 Study Guide is Essential

HESI A2 prep books are a great way to help students study for the upcoming HESI exam.

It’s also essential for those who apply to schools that only allow the HESI exam once a year.

Students who take the exam and fail may have to wait an entire year to retake the exam.

Therefore you will want every resource available to help you pass the exam on your first try.

These study guides provide a well-rounded understanding of the various topics covered in the exam.

In addition, they provide hints, tips, advice, strategies, study materials, and practice exams to help students prepare for the test.

Depending on the book’s format and author, the study guide may offer a variety of strategies for tackling complex concepts and use a well-designed question-and-answer format to help students identify their weaknesses.

That way, they can improve their knowledge of lesser-known topics and feel more confident during the test.

As mentioned, these books may offer unique practice exams and study systems to lay a successful foundation for the student.

However, some books may also include video tutorials, audio recordings, and online resources to provide even more educational resources and allow them to study whenever and wherever they want.

Besides, having a good tutor owning a valuable HESI Admission Assessment prep book can significantly improve a student’s preparation for the upcoming exam by increasing their confidence and competency in the subjects they are required to pass.

What is the HESI A2 Exam?

The HESI A2 Admission Assessment Exam also referred to as the Evolve Reach Admissions Assessment, is a commonly used test that helps colleges and nursing schools screen potential applicants for acceptance into the nursing program.

This test is designed to provide nursing schools with a detailed understanding of the student’s competencies in various areas of education to assess whether they are ready to enter into the nursing program.

The exam is comprised of a variety of subjects, which may include (depending on the program/school):

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Additional sections may include:

  • Personality assessment
  • Learning style

Each of these topics is designed to provide both students and schools with a good overall understanding of the student’s strengths and/or weaknesses to get a feel for whether or not the student would perform well with more advanced classes during the program.

It may also be used to create a screening system for programs with a limited seating capacity where those with the highest scores have the best chances of getting accepted by the school.

Depending on the nursing program, you are trying to apply for, each program and/or school will have its own score and requirements.

Therefore it is important to understand the requirements for a particular school to determine the score required to pass the entrance exam and potentially gain acceptance into the nursing program.

Furthermore, some schools may break down the scoring requirements into sections where they score students on both individual subjects and the overall composite score.

This may include getting a minimum score of 80% or higher in math, grammar, A&P, etc., and/or having a composite (combined) score of 85% or higher.

The scoring system can vary from one program to another, so you should consider it before applying for a particular program. Some entrance exams will be more difficult to pass than others.