25 Fantastic Gifts for Nursing Students

This collection of fantastic gifts for nursing students accommodates those with different budgets, college needs, and situations.

Moreover, each gift is helpful, entertaining, or memorable to ensure your favorite students are ready for college.

Picking exceptional gifts doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating.

On the contrary, it’s relatively easy once you know what college students need.

Hopefully, these suggestions provide the perfect solution for the college student in your life!

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1. Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is one of the most valuable gifts for nursing students attending college. This stethoscope comprises stainless steel materials for exceptional sound quality and durability.

In addition, it features a two-sided chestpiece with an adult and pediatric side. The chestpiece is tunable with a simple pressure change to adjust the frequency range to assess different sounds. As a result, nurses can quickly identify and monitor various medical conditions.

Littmann’s Classic III stethoscope has a five-year warranty to ensure long-term performance and durability. Overall, it’s an ideal present for nurses attending school and working in non-critical care settings.

2. WhiteCoat Medical Clipboard

WhiteCoat Medical Clipboard

WhiteCoat Medical Clipboard is a high-quality product allowing nurses to manage sensitive documents quickly and efficiently. It comprises a full-sized design and features a robust, lightweight aluminum construction to ensure long-term durability.

However, nurses can fold the clipboard in half to fit comfortably in suitable scrub pockets. The design is also HIPAA compliant to ensure sensitive patient records remain private and protected.

Finally, the clipboard includes helpful reference material to help nurses remember essential medical terms, procedures, and calculations.

3. FIGS Scrubs

FIGS Scrubs

FIGS Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top is one of the most popular gifts for nursing students who love fashion. This scrub top comprises polyester, rayon, and spandex for long-term performance and dependability.

Moreover, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking for optimal comfort and cleaning. 

Designwise, the scrub top delivers a tailored fit with a v-neckline that maintains a professional appearance. In addition, there’s a darted back, side-slit hems, and reinforced double-needle stitching for excellent durability.

This scrub top comes in four unique colors and features deep pockets for efficient storage of medical essentials. Finally, FIGS offers coordinating scrub pants to complete the look. However, nurses can pick from various designs to accommodate their style.

4. Cherokee Warm-up Scrub Jacket

Cherokee Warm-up Scrub Jacket

Cherokee Warm-up Scrub Jacket is ideal for nursing students working/studying in cold environments. It comprises a polyester and spandex construction to maintain warmth throughout the day.

Notably, the scrub jacket is moisture-wicking and features a four-way stretch for added comfort. It also utilizes a long-sleeve design and zipper closure for better coverage and adjustability.

Finally, this warm-up provides welt pockets on either side for storing nurse supplies and medical equipment. Cherokee’s scrub jacket comes in seven colors, and there are numerous coordinating scrub pants for nurses who enjoy a particular style.

5. Lemome Weekly/Monthly Planner

Lemome Weekly/Monthly Planner

Lemome Weekly/Monthly Planner is perfect for nursing students with hectic schedules. This planner features a durable, environmentally-friendly faux leather cover to protect and clean pages.

Moreover, the pages utilize thick paper to minimize bleed-through and ensure high-quality note-taking. Finally, there’s a protective elastic closure to secure the planner and two bookmarks to identify essential timetables quickly.

Different daily, weekly and monthly sections allow users to manage their schedule efficiently and stay on track in terms of organization. It also includes note pages and sixteen months of planner stickers to organize tasks better.

6. Herschel Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America Backpack is a fantastic gift allowing nursing students to carry all their college gear efficiently. It features a spacious main compartment and several organization slots to keep school gear organized and accessible.

It also comes in several sizes and a wide assortment of colors to accommodate different styles. For instance, you can select over forty designs with unique colored straps, multitone finishes, and trendy patterns.

This backpack incorporates an air mesh backing and shoulder straps to ensure long-term comfort during busy days. However, users can take advantage of the grab handle for quick pick-up and-go transportation.

This is one of the most valuable gifts for nursing students requiring extra storage to accommodate books, laptops, clothing, and other essentials.

7. Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most popular gifts for nursing students because it provides exceptional functionality for tracking time and managing tasks.

For instance, Apple Watch allows nurses to receive messages and notifications quietly and without causing distraction.

It also provides apps for health tracking, note-taking, reminders, timers, sleep tracking, and managing various tasks. Best of all, students can pick from numerous colors, watch bands, and customizable watch faces to match their style and clothing.

As a result, the Apple Watch offers nursing students and medical professionals more functionality for managing their day. I’ve also included an Apple Watch review and collection of suitable watches below for those who prefer a different timepiece.

8. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro is great for nursing students who regularly listen to their favorite artist, podcast, or audiobook. It features noise cancellation, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and adaptive EQ for excellent sound performance.

Designwise, the AirPods provide an efficient fit to ensure they don’t slip out of the ears easily. They’re also water and sweat-resistant for exceptional durability when working out or walking in the rain.

Users can expect over 24 hours of listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case that quickly charges the AirPods for extra listening time. Best of all, students can take phone calls and use the Siri assistant with their AirPods for additional functionality.

9. Anker Wireless Speaker

Anker Wireless Speaker

Anker Wireless Speaker is a highly portable Bluetooth device that provides excellent sound quality at an affordable price. In addition, this wireless speaker features a waterproof design and smartphone charging for added versatility.

As a result, it can withstand rain, dust, snow, and various spills in indoor and outdoor environments. It also comes in four distinct, aesthetically pleasing colors that look great in any setting.

Having owned a previous Anker speaker, I can say it’s a great device that provides up to  24 hours of continuous playback. The Anker wireless speaker is a fantastic budget gift for nursing students who love music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

10. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best gifts for nursing students who adore reading. It features a spacious 6.8″ display with an adjustable warm light for easy nighttime reading. In addition, the display utilizes 300 PPI and a glare-free finish for eye comfort.

The Kindle paperwhite comes with a high-performance battery that offers up to ten weeks of battery life. As a result, a single charge provides weeks of reading so students can take their Kindles everywhere, including on vacation.

Finally, this device includes 8 gigabytes of memory, allowing users to store thousands of books. Students can even download audiobooks and listen to them with Bluetooth headphones or a wireless speaker.

11. Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker is perfect for most nurses who thrive on coffee to get through the day. This device features a single-service k-cup pod design. As a result, nurses can easily manage their brewing and avoid making too much coffee.

Besides that, the coffee maker provides the right ingredients for a perfect brew every time. Finally, this Keurig is highly portable, saving valuable counter space for other kitchen supplies and cooking essentials.

Keurig’s coffee maker comes in six stylish colors for an aesthetically pleasing appearance that looks great in any kitchen. Overall, it’s an ideal gift for nursing students and professionals who don’t have time to brew a coffee pot and enjoy the simplicity of single-serve coffee.

12. YETI Stainless Steel Tumbler

YETI Stainless Steel Tumbler

YETI Stainless Steel Tumbler is excellent for nursing students and professionals who bring their drinks to college or work. It comprises a double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel design to stabilize their favorite drinks’ temperature.

In addition, the tumbler utilizes a MagSlider lid design with magnets to keep liquids secure and prevent spilling. It’s also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and incorporates non-slip materials to secure when drinking.

Finally, YETI’s Rambler 20 oz tumbler comes in over two dozen colors to accommodate different preferences and tastes. Accordingly, it’s a fantastic low-cost present that nursing students will use daily and appreciate.

13. Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer

Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer

Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer is a unique gift for nurses who frequently clean their clothing for nursing school or work. It features two heating modes with a fast forty-second warm-up time for quick and efficient steaming.

In addition, there’s a convenient built-in creaser for a sharp, aesthetic appearance when preparing specific clothing. Finally, this fabric steamer provides a 3-in-1 attachment to accommodate different clothing demands.

Conair’s Handheld Fabric Steamer kills up to 99% of germs to ensure clean clothing and a safe environment. As a result, it’s ideal for nurses with lots of scrub apparel that requires frequent cleaning. 

14. Mophie Power Boost External Battery

Mophie Power Boost External Battery

Mophie Power Boost External Battery is perfect for the tech enthusiast in your life. The power boost incorporates a rechargeable 20,800 Mah battery to provide up to 100 additional battery life.

In addition, it features two high-output USB charging ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously quickly. The LED power indicator ensures you know how much battery is left before the power boost requires recharging.

Mophies external battery provides nursing students and professionals with significantly more power to keep electronics ready to go. Therefore, it’s an excellent gift for those with power-hungry smartphones,  smartwatches, or other tech devices.

15. Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers are among the most valuable gifts for nursing students who regularly bring lunch to school. These leak-proof food containers comprise BPA-free Tritan lids and bases to keep food healthy and safe.

The storage containers are also see-through for easy visibility and feature secure latches with an airtight seal, so meals stay fresh longer. Finally, the latches utilize built-in vents for splatter resistance when microwaving food with a closed lid.

Rubbermaid’s food storage containers come in several sizes and packs to accommodate different food needs. For instance, depending on storage requirements, you can pick from small, medium, and large sizes and two, four, or five containers.

16. AN Cooling Weighted Blanket

AN Cooling Weighted Blanket

AN Cooling Weighted Blanket is excellent for nursing students who require considerable sleep to perform their best at school. This blanket comprises cotton and hypoallergenic materials to provide a soft, breathable sleeping experience.

Moreover, the blanket delivers seven layers to improve its weight, comfort, and quality. As a result, nurses get a better night’s sleep without the discomfort and frustration often caused by low-quality blankets.

AN Cooling weighted blanket comes in numerous sizes and weights to help users get the best sleep possible. Overall, it’s prevalent on Amazon for those who want to give this blanket as a gift or use it for their sleep needs.

17. Nanoleaf Lines

Nanoleaf Lines

Nanoleaf Lines is one of the best gifts for nursing students who adore the comfort and entertainment of ambient lighting. These fantastic lights are just one of Nanoleafs many designs.

Notably, the kit allows users to create unique wall shapes for an incredible lighting experience.

It features high-quality light strips that deliver countless colors and lighting patterns to accommodate different modes. In addition, it provides more than sixteen million vibrant colors to ensure a distinctive and customizable setup.

Besides, there’s a sound sensor so users can have light patterns that correspond with their music or movies. Finally, the lighting kit includes nine LED light lines to start. However, users can buy extension packs to enhance their designs or create more original shapes.

18. Executive Office Desk Chair

Executive office desk

Executive Office Desk Chair is ideal for nursing students who spend lots of time studying at their home desks. This executive chair comprises bonded leather with a soft headrest pillow, padded seat, and comfortable armrest for a relaxing experience.

In addition, the desk chair offers smooth wheels, a rocking controller, 360-degree swivel freedom, and a height adjustment lever. As a result, nursing students can easily optimize the chair to accommodate their comfort needs.

The Amazon Basics executive office desk chair comes in three colors: black, brown, and white, to suit various environments. Overall, it’s a terrific gift for nursing students requiring exceptional comfort while studying at home or in their dorm room. 

19. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a popular gift for those with great humor. It’s one of the most popular party games among college students and adults because it pokes fun at everyone to make people laugh out loud!

This box set comprises 500 white cards and 100 black cards. Therefore it allows people to replay the game many times with a unique experience. However, Cards Against Humanity regularly adds extension cards to accommodate current events and provide fresh entertainment.

CAH is an ideal gift for nursing students who don’t take things too seriously and don’t mind laughing at adult jokes. Best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive and provides countless hours of entertainment with like-minded friends.

20. Utopia Towels Bathroom Set

Utopia Towels Bathroom Set

Utopia Towels Bathroom Set delivers a comfortable and relaxing post-bath/shower experience. This bathroom set comprises ring-spun cotton to maintain long-term durability and softness, even after countless washes.

The high-quality towels are also highly absorbent, soaking up water while remaining soft and gentle. As a result, users can dry themselves quickly without being overly harsh to their skin.

Utopia’s towel set comes in fifteen beautiful colors to accommodate diverse bathroom designs and palettes. Therefore, most nursing students can enjoy the feeling of the towel’s delicate drying and aesthetic appearance in their bathroom.

21. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker is an excellent meal prep gift that allows nursing students to create delicious, easy-to-make meals. It features 7-in-1 functionality for cooking various meals and is an excellent food warmer for keeping tasty meals from getting cold.

The pressure cooker is also large enough to accommodate up to six people for efficient meal planning. Thus, students can prepare several meals in advance if they’re short on time or provide lunch/dinner to friends during study sessions.

Finally, several sizes, including 3qt, 6qt, and 8qt, suit different cooking needs based on kitchen size and preferences. This instant pot pressure cooker is ideal for students who enjoy easy-to-make warm meals ready to eat when they get home.

22. Veken French Press Coffee Maker

Veken French Press Coffee Maker

Veken French Press Coffee Maker is ideal for nurses who love to brew their coffee or tea. This french press comes in 21 oz and 34 oz sizes and is available in four colors: copper, black, silver, and dark pewter.

As a result, it’s aesthetically pleasing and accommodates various coffee/tea lover needs. It’s also 2.1 lbs, so it’s easy to move around the kitchen for leisurely brewing or serving your favorite drink.

Veken’s french press comprises stainless steel and heat-resistant Borosilicate glass materials with no BPA components. As a result, it’s easy to clean, safe for brewing coffee, and health-centered. You can also have fresh, ready-made coffee in less than five minutes!

23. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership is a straightforward but appreciated gift because it allows nursing students to purchase what they need for college quickly.

Moreover, Amazon Prime provides free, fast delivery for many items, so students save money and quickly get the things they need.

Besides, Amazon Prime offers access to thousands of movies and shows, music streaming, free Kindle e-books, and various deals. It’s an excellent way to get thousands of hours of entertainment, education, and significant savings during Amazon deals.

Finally, students already paying for a membership can exchange the Amazon Prime Membership for an Amazon.com gift card (at the time of writing). Therefore, there’s a lot of upside to having an Amazon Prime membership if students shop on Amazon regularly. 

24. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a quintessential item to put on any college student’s gift list if they don’t already own one. Firstly, this device offers multiple games (sold separately) that provide an entertaining, classic, and timeless experience that lasts for years.

It’s an excellent way to spend time with friends and family when they want to unwind. It also provides three gaming modes: TV, tabletop, and handheld. As a result, the Nintendo Switch is highly mobile, allowing students to play anywhere for hours.

Finally, numerous accessories offer customization to make the Nintendo Switch unique and expand its functionality. Accordingly, most users enjoy its growing game library, customizable features, and mobility, delivering exceptional gaming freedom.

25. Catalonia Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

Catalonia Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

Catalonia Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt is fantastic for nurses who want to stay warm in cold dorm rooms, bedrooms or during the fall and winter seasons. It features soft, fluffy Sherpa, Flannel, and microfiber fabrics that provide a comfortable lounging experience.

It also comes in several sizes and a broad assortment of colors and patterns for those with specific preferences. As a result, this oversized blanket sweatshirt is great for watching movies, reading books, or just relaxing with friends and family.