14 Popular Footwear Brands for Hard-Working Nurses

High-quality footwear is essential for nurses operating in busy environments where hard floors, hazards, and endless walking/standing are commonplace.

Therefore finding reliable footwear brands is vital to ensure good foot health, reduced stress, and optimal comfort.

The following list includes numerous famous footwear brands for nurses and other medical professionals to help you make an informed buying decision.

The list comprises diverse footwear styles to accommodate medical needs and personal preferences.

It includes athletic sneakers, casual footwear, walking shoes, Crocs, Clogs, and alternative footwear.

As a result, discovering high-quality footwear brands and supportive shoes will be relatively easy.

1. Alegria

Alegria is known for creating fashionable clogs, high-quality boots, and nurse-focused footwear/medical shoes.

As a result, they’re prevalent among nurses who prefer footwear with a convenient slip-on layout and solid rocker bottoms.

Many nursing shoes feature stain-resisting uppers with fun patterns, elastic goring for comfort, and full foot coverage to protect against light drops and spills.

Alegria’s professional footwear also incorporates a multi-layer foundation and slip-resistant bottom to minimize slips and falls.

It’s excellent footwear for nurses who prefer an alternative to athletic sneakers, walking shoes, and traditional clogs.

Finally, Alegria footwear is APMA accepted, meaning it’s received the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance.

2. Allbirds

Allbirds focuses on casual, running, loungewear, and sustainable footwear for nature lovers.

Despite being reasonably new, Allbirds is making strides in the healthcare community as an alternative to other footwear brands.

Allbirds centers heavily on fashionable, lightweight, natural/renewable materials that look great in diverse settings.

The footwear accommodates most clothing well and leaves a planet-friendly footprint for eco-minded individuals.

Notably, Allbirds is working on collaborative projects with an Adidas/Allbirds collaboration that unites sustainability with fashion and performance.


ASICS spent decades developing technology, engineering, and science techniques to create high-quality footwear.

Many of the shoes developed by ASICS provide exceptional support and comfort for athletes, fashion-minded individuals, and casual users.

However, the company’s biomechanical manufacturing methods also produced numerous footwear excellent for nurses operating on hard surfaces.

ASICS footwear comprises lightweight, breathable materials with versatile midsoles and grippy bottoms to keep feet properly planted.

ASICS designs constantly evolve and develop through the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, created to ensure the body’s natural movements translate effectively into high-performance footwear.

4. Brooks

Brooks shoes extensively enhance indoor and outdoor running, racing, and trail completion.

As a result, their footwear is lightweight, versatile, durable, and built for endurance.

Brooks also promotes posture, stability, and support by employing a high-quality foundation and performance-focused footbed.

Notably, this ensures users remain comfortable and well supported on diverse terrain and in various weather.

Brooks shoes are fabulous for nurses looking for weather-resistant, cushioned, and protective footwear because they accommodate an extensive mixture of environments and conditions.

5. Clove

Clove centers on developing and delivering high-quality footwear for healthcare providers.

Many individuals working in medical settings spend 12 hours daily on their feet.

Notably, Clove footwear supports medical professionals who spend endless days moving around the workplace.

Clove footwear incorporates a dense, multi-layer cushioned foundation with a supportive architecture to ensure medical professionals remain comfortable.

In addition, it features an easy-to-clean exterior,  slip-on architecture, and grippy outsoles.

Accordingly, most nurses and healthcare specialists will feel comfortable wearing these shoes at work or in casual settings.

6. Crocs

Crocs footwear’s history within the nursing and healthcare community is long and well-established.

Numerous nurses enjoy Crocs due to their comfortable design, easy-to-clean materials, lightweight construction, and supportive base.

Nurses who wear Crocs must pick footwear that accommodates their work setting. It’s because some Crocs designs won’t work well for medical environments.

However, the company made considerable strides to improve the designs for a broader assortment of individuals.

Crocs developed footwear specifically for medical settings to accommodate healthcare workers.

For instance, some shoes feature solid one-piece construction, dense midsole, grippy outsole, and reliable wash-friendly construction.

Crocs also created lace-up footwear with a versatile midsole and mesh upper suitable for casual settings.

As a result, nurses have numerous alternatives to decide from regarding Crocs footwear.

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7. Dansko

Dansko footwear makes some of the most popular clogs for nurses and healthcare providers.

Because their footwear is clog-focused, it offers a unique walking experience.

Unlike athletic footwear created for running, walking, and continuous movement, Dansko footwear optimizes standing performance.

For instance, clogs feature dense midsoles that protect the foot’s bottom from hard flooring.

Some clogs also incorporate an orthopedic footbed that contours the foot’s shape and enhance support and cushioning.

The dense midsole is not meant for running or athletic activities.

Instead, it’s intended for promoting foot/posture support and works best for those working in settings requiring constant standing.

Clog footwear isn’t suitable for everyone or particular healthcare environments.

However, nurses who enjoy clogs assert they improve posture, support, and comfort throughout the day.

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8. Hoka

Hoka One One is a relatively new brand (founded in 2009) and is growing in popularity among the footwear brands nurses enjoy wearing.

Notably, Hoka footwear features thick midsole cushioning designed to accommodate active movement.

For nurses who spend long shifts walking/running around, Hoka’s midsole provides ample cushioning to protect the foot’s bottom.

Some users refer to the footwear’s interior cushioning and midsole-like pillows for their feet.

Besides that, Hoka footwear delivers a breathable upper to keep feet cool during busy days.

The upper is excellent for low-risk settings where spills and falling objects are rare.

However, pick less breathable or fully-closed footwear if you work in high-risk environments.

9. New Balance

New Balance is a timeless brand known for high-quality athletic footwear and fitness apparel.

Notably, New Balance has been used by nurses for decades due to the footwear’s wide assortment of designs, versatile midsole, and comfortable upper.

This brand offers countless shoe models for different situations, ideal for those working in diverse settings.

The broad assortment of footwear also accommodates various foot conditions, from high/low arches to plantar fasciitis.

As a result, podiatrists recommend New Balance footwear for some individuals. 

10. Nike

Nike footwear is perhaps the most popular shoe within healthcare communities.

In addition, this brand has spent countless years developing performance footwear for athletes and casual individuals.

As a result, Nike became one of the most popular brands and one of the most respected footwear companies.

Nike footwear accommodates a wide assortment of individuals and uses cases. 

For example, Nike footwear is renowned for fashion-focused users, athletes, walking enthusiasts, and casual users.

So if you can think of a use case, Nike most likely has footwear to support your needs.

Finally, Nike created healthcare-focused footwear to accommodate nurses, doctors, physicians, and other medical professionals.

It features a slip-on design, supportive upper, compliant midsole, and grippy bottom to protect against slips and falls.

11. Orthofeet

Orthofeet produces some of the most reliable orthopedic footwear for nurses and medical professionals.

They offer exceptional shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis, poor foot alignment, bunions, diabetes, and other medical ailments.

Orthofeet was founded and developed by biomedical engineers with extensive knowledge about footwear architecture and foot health.

As a result, the specially designed footwear created by Orthofeet accommodates various foot conditions and illnesses.

Although not as popular as some athletic brands, Orthofeet has carved a remarkable niche in healthcare.

Consequently, the footwear is ideal for medical specialists who require well-built, supportive, and comfortable footwear.

12. Puma

Puma constructs footwear for athletic lifestyles covering sports like football/soccer, basketball, track, and motorsports.

As a result, their shoes accommodate a broad assortment of activities.

Puma carries some incredibly stylish and versatile sneakers for busy nurses who love active footwear.

Notably, the shoes look great inside and outside of healthcare settings.

They also come in a diverse combination of colors and designs.

Therefore, it’s reasonably easy to find footwear that looks great with most scrub uniforms. 

13. Reebok

Reebok’s history of creating sporty and versatile running, training, climbing, and casual shoes extends over numerous decades.

Reebok’s catalog of apparel, accessories, and essentials accommodates women, men, and kids of all ages and sizes.

Their footwear is ideal for fashion-oriented nurses who enjoy diverse colors and footwear with supportive midsoles.

Reebok offers numerous footwear in all white or black for nursing students and professionals who require a specific aesthetic.

14. Skechers

Founded in 1992, Skechers footwear is famous among nurses frequently walking and operating in busy healthcare settings.

Skechers footwear delivers a stylish appearance, comfortable interior, and enduring foundation.

Importantly, Skechers offers casual walking shoes, work-focused footwear, and work clogs that perfectly accommodate distinct medical environments.

As a result, they’re ideal for nurses, dentists, phlebotomists, and other medical professionals who need high-quality footwear to protect their feet from hard cement and concrete flooring.

Why These Brands Are so Popular

Registered nurses spend long periods standing, walking, and working in hazardous environments.

As a result, having suitable footwear that offers adequate comfort, protection and style is a must.

The footwear brands mentioned above offer diverse designs that accommodate different healthcare settings and use cases.

For instance, all brands create footwear with reliable midsoles, full foot coverage, grippy traction, and decent padding.

In addition, most shoes are relatively easy to clean and present aesthetically pleasing yet professional designs and colors.

Protective footwear that covers the toes, heels, and top of the foot is essential in healthcare work settings.

Even though brands such as Crocs sell footwear with holes and open heels, they also sell healthcare-refocused designs.

Brands like Puma that don’t necessarily focus on nursing have various athletic footwear that’s comfortable and protective.

Therefore, many nurses wear them to maintain comfort throughout the day while traversing unforgiving flooring.

Companies like Allbirds, Clove, Crocs, Dansko, and Nike offer nurse-inspired footwear for healthcare workers.

Some brands above provide footwear for athletes, casual users, healthcare staff, and other professionals.

Comparatively, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, New Balance, Reebok Skechers, Orthofeet, and Puma offer more versatile footwear.

Their shoes aren’t designed for healthcare but provide fantastic comfort and support for nurses working on hard floors.

Every brand offers a unique variation, style, and features regarding its footwear.

As a result, nurses can choose reliable footwear that accommodates their feet, work environment, and specific needs.

Finally, these brands have spent many years improving their designs, engineering process, and manufacturing.

It enables them to enhance how their footwear accommodates various feet, demands, and problems.

Their history of developing, improving, and marketing reliable footwear has helped establish them as industry leaders.