Nursing Specialties

What is a Campus Nurse?

A school or campus nurse is a registered nurse who works for a college, university, or school district. These healthcare professionals use their knowledge and expertise to educate students about essential healthcare practices. They also promote better healthcare standards through lectures, seminars, group events, and other promotional activities. What Do Campus Nurses Do? There are […]

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What is a Hospice Nurse?

A hospice nurse provides care and support to patients near their end of life, with typically a few days to six months to live. These healthcare specialists play an essential role due to their perceptiveness, compassion, and expertise for their patients. Hospice nurses typically operate as medical caregivers and are a primary part of a

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What is a Military Nurse?

A military nurse assists soldiers, military personnel, civilians, and patients within the military and U.S. populations. These specialists operate at various branches throughout the military, including the Air Force, the Army, and the Navy. As a result, they operate in various military and Navy departments throughout the United States. Military nurses perform the same functions

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What is a Nurse Case Manager?

A nurse case manager coordinates and manages a patient’s long-term care to ensure optimal healthcare outcomes. These specialists coordinate care plans, track patient progress, schedule appointments, and identify improvement areas. In many cases, outpatients regularly visit the hospital or healthcare clinic for checkups or other needs. These patients are usually on a care plan related

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What is a Pulmonary Care Nurse?

A respiratory or pulmonary care nurse provides medical care to patients suffering from respiratory issues and diseases. It includes asthma, lung cancer, atelectasis, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or tuberculosis. To ensure optimal outcomes, pulmonary care nurses assist patients throughout their treatment and recovery. They also provide education and advice on managing their

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What is a Home Health Nurse?

A home health nurse provides essential care to people in home settings. These healthcare professionals perform specific duties to care for their patients and assist with their daily needs. The home health nurse’s role is among many within the healthcare profession. Periodically these specialists visit patients at their homes due to physical restrictions. For instance,

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What is a Health Policy Nurse?

A health policy nurse examines private and public healthcare guidelines and policies. These experts improve the communities they serve through policy reform, implementation, and improvement. They also help reduce financial waste and enable institutions to adapt to changing laws and healthcare guidelines. Health policy nurses can be front-runners for encouragement, exploration, health investigation, strategy progress,

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What is a Staff Nurse?

A staff nurse is generally a registered nurse who provides medical care to patients, communities, and employees. These healthcare professionals often deliver bedside care to those with physical or mental illnesses and injuries. Staff nurses serve numerous positions within a medical facility, university, nursing home, or healthcare center. They also operate in different healthcare areas,

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