How to Become a Flight Nurse

Flight nurses are an essential part of the medical field. They’re responsible for providing medical care to patients outside of the hospital setting. Flight nurses deliver pre-hospital medical attention to those suffering from severe injury and illness. As a result, they’re a form of medical life support for patients that may not survive without immediate […]

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What is a Physician Assistant?

A physician assistant is a healthcare professional who assesses, diagnoses, and treats medical illnesses and injuries. However, physician assistants perform these duties under a physician’s or surgeon’s supervision. These healthcare professionals often work with various medical professionals to ensure patients receive adequate care. It includes medical technicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, surgeons, and other

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How To Become A Medical Assistant

Becoming a medical assistant is pretty straightforward. Those who pursue careers as medical assistants obtain jobs relatively quickly compared to other healthcare occupations. Medical assistants work in healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics, and physician offices. These specialists provide administrative and clinical support to physicians, nurse practitioners, and other professionals. As a result, they can spend more

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What is a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

A clinical nurse specialist or CNS provides an integrated approach to managing and improving the healthcare system. These experts focus on and implement reasonable healthcare practices to improve/influence three primary healthcare areas. It includes the patient, nurses, and the healthcare system. Clinical nurse specialists observe how one healthcare area affects another by focusing on all

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What is a Night Shift Nurse?

A night shift nurse is a licensed healthcare professional who operates at healthcare institutions at night. Registered nurses who work the night shift provide a valuable service to the community. For instance, they maintain patient care standards and safety in 24/7 healthcare facilities. They also alleviate the responsibilities and stressors of day and evening shift

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What is a CNA? | Certified Nurse Assistant

A CNA or certified nurse assistant is an unlicensed personnel healthcare worker who provides primary long-term patient care. CNAs help patients with various health conditions and disabilities to ensure adequate medical attention and supervision. It includes managing patients with physical injuries/disabilities, sickness, and mental illness and providing bedside and elderly care. In short, CNAs provide

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What is an LPN? | Licensed Practical Nurse

An LPN or licensed practical nurse provides essential bedside care to patients requiring medical assistance and physical aid. These healthcare specialists assist patients with injuries, illnesses, mental disorders, disabilities, and medical conditions. They also work with specialists, including CNAs, registered nurses, and physicians, to provide adequate medical care. As a result, LPNs are essential to

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What is a Campus Nurse?

A school or campus nurse is a registered nurse who works for a college, university, or school district. These healthcare professionals use their knowledge and expertise to educate students about essential healthcare practices. They also promote better healthcare standards through lectures, seminars, group events, and other promotional activities. What Do Campus Nurses Do? There are

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