What is an Ambulatory Care Nurse?

An ambulatory care nurse provides patient care outside of a hospital. These healthcare professionals specialize in helping those suffering from ailments achieve healthier, independent lives. Ambulatory care nurses provide short-term healthcare (often lasting less than 24 hours) to high volumes of patients. Most sessions are short is because patients do not require admission to a […]

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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who provide medical consultation and expertise to attorneys/lawyers on medical-legal matters. These high-trained experts act as consultants in legal circumstances where the presence of a medical expert is beneficial. Legal nurse consulting is a relatively new field for registered nurses. This profession began in the 1970s, providing lawyers and

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What is a Geriatric Nurse?

Geriatric nurses are registered nurses specializing in the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of elderly individuals. These medical professionals work alongside doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to ensure adequate patient care at all levels. As a result, elderly individuals lead healthier, more thoughtful, and more fulfilling lives. Geriatric nurses are aware of normal changes

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What is a Forensic Nurse? | Everything You Need to Know!

Forensic nurses implement specialized care for patients experiencing physical, psychological, and emotional trauma. It includes acts of negligence, violence, acts of abuse,  sexual/non-sexual assault, and traumatic events. However, not all cases forensic nurses pursue are due to these circumstances. There are specialties within this profession that differ from what most individuals understand. Forensic nurses merge

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What is An Anesthesiologist?

When we think of the medical profession, most minds turn to doctors and nurses. For some, it’s the cartoon image of a doctor with a can lid reflector on their forehead, dispensing sage advice and medical wisdom. For others, it’s the television portrayals on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, E.R., or General Hospital. Some people

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