Can You Put Crocs in the Washing Machine?

You can put some Crocs in the washing machine to clean them quickly and effectively.

However, not all footwear is ideally washed in this manner due to differences in material and construction.

Crocs utilize various styles and materials, including wedges/heels, leather, suede, wool, fleece, canvas, and fuzzy fabrics.

They also comprise polyethylene vinyl acetate/ PEVA or closed-cell resin materials to improve durability and versatility.

Therefore, you must read the cleaning and care instructions before deciding whether to wash Crocs in the machine.

On a gentle cycle, you can put specific designs like classic Crocs in the washing machine.

Alternatively, you can hand wash or spot-clean the Crocs with mild soap, a bucket, and cold or warm water.

You must not use hot water while washing Crocs to avoid warping or shrinkage.

You’ll also want to avoid harsh chemicals that damage Crocs and their appearance.

For crocs styles that utilize fuzzy fabrics or other materials, it’s vital to read the cleaning instructions to avoid damage.

Hand washing is generally safe, and specific designs with added material can still be washed in the machine gently.

However, you’ll want to review the cleaning guidelines before using potentially harsh chemicals or heat.

How to Clean Crocs in the Washing Machine

Before washing crocs in the machine, you must read the label to ensure they’re machine wash friendly.

As previously mentioned, some designs utilize delicate materials/fabrics that are not machine wash friendly.

After determining that you can wash the Crocs in the washing machine, you’ll want to remove inserts like lining or insoles.

You’ll also want to remove your cros Jibbitz or other Crocs jewerly/accessories that may come loose.

Once you’ve removed the accessories and lining, wipe off excess dirt so the washing machine cleans the Crocs more easily.

Ensure you put the water temperature on cold and avoid using a short cleaning cycle.

Instead, use a gentle cleaning cycle on low temperatures to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

After the Crocs are sufficently washed, put them aside somewhere safe to air dry, and do not put them in a dryer or dishwasher.

Other Important Care Guidelines

Crocs refer to their proprietary material as croslite, often likened to high-quality rubber or plastics.

This highly durable and long-lasting material allows users to wear them in many different settings.

Nevertheless, there are numerous things you’ll want to avoid to maintain the quality and care of your Crocs.

Firstly you should avoid putting Crocs in the dishwasher.

The harsh chemicals and hot water can easily damage, warp, and discolor the Crocs.

You should also avoid leaving them in extreme heat or sunlight because it can discolor the footwear and reduce its durability.

Finally, after cleaning your Crocs, air dry them to prevent damage from the harsh heat.

Tips to Safely Clean Crocs

  • Use safe, non-harsh chemicals to clean your Crocs
  • Wipe crocs off with non-abrasive materials
  • Do not clean crocs in the dishwasher
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or sunlight
  • Air dry crocs to prevent damage, shrinking, or warping

Can You Clean Crocs with Bleach, Alcohol, or Detergent?

Croc recommends not using harsh chemicals like alcohol or detergent to clean their footwear.

Nevertheless, some websites suggest using bleach with water to clean crocs if you use the chemicals sparingly.

If not applied appropriately, the wrong dilution or specific stains may damage the material or cause discoloration.

If you require them to clean the footwear, apply small amounts of bleach or other chemicals to a water solution.

It’s easier to apply additional chemicals slowly than to stain or damage the footwear due to using too much.

The Wirecutter offers a great article on how to clean crocs if you use baking soda, vinegar, laundry detergent, and bleach.

Numerous crocs owners and healthcare workers have also reported success using Clorox wipes to clean tough stains.

The best way to clean crocs is to read the instructions and contact the manufacturer/seller.

They’ll inform you of the best chemicals and methods for cleaning your crocs.

If all else fails, you may try other chemicals to see if they’ll provide enough cleaning solution to remove the stains.

Impossible to Remove Stains

Despite the countless shoe chemicals and Croc’s unique shine applicator, some stains are almost impossible to remove.

For instance, sriracha stains or benzoyl peroxide fading is often challenging to remove if not immediately cleaned.

Interestingly, the Wirecutter saw sriracha stains lightening after leaving Crocs in a mud room without direct sunlight.

Crocs Croslite proprietary materials may utilize self-repairing technology under the appropriate circumstances.

How to Keep Crocs Shiny and Looking New

Crocs offer a shine-restoring applicator that keeps your footwear clean and polished.

This application is perfect for removing dirt and restoring the Croc’s original appearance.

Nevertheless, you’ll want to clean your crocs regularly to prevent discoloring or getting damaged.

The Crocs shine applicator works by rubbing the sponge across the affected area.

After sufficiently cleaning the crocs, you can remove the excess cleaner using a cloth or non-abrasive material.

Depending on your work and situation, the frequency of cleaning your Crocs may vary from weekly to monthly.

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