10 Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

There are numerous opportunities for nurses to build successful businesses and make money.

Being a nurse entrepreneur allows you to establish a side hustle you can build into a full-time career.

Moreover, the skills, expertise, and perspectives you develop as a nurse mean you’re more likely to thrive in the healthcare market.

The following business ideas allow nurses to work from home with a computer and a smartphone.

Even more, successful nurse entrepreneurs have grown their income to six-figure businesses!

This guide explores ten business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs to determine the best profession.

Accordingly, this list is beneficial whether you want to make extra money or pivot into a new career.

1. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants provide services and expertise to lawyers and judges on medical-related court cases.

These professionals examine medical records, advise lawyers, evaluate the legitimacy of cases, and interpret complicated medical jargon.

As a result, They wear several hats to analyze complex health information and solve court cases. 

Legal nurse consultants develop their medical-legal expertise throughout their careers as self-employed professionals.

It’s achieved by building relationships with law firms and lawyers and working on medical-related cases.

For example, legal nurse consultants help lawyers with malpractice lawsuits, wrongful death cases, insurance fraud, personal injury claims, and other legal-medical cases.

Because of the work and expertise required of legal nurses, these professional nurses earn over six figures a year at the highest end.

However, most legal nurse consultants start at reduced pay to build their skills, portfolio, and services.

2. Nurse Freelance Writer

Nurse freelance writers use their medical expertise and knowledge to create content for blogs, news websites, magazines, and other publications.

Freelance writers are self-employed and charge money to write articles focused on nursing and healthcare.

Nurse freelance writers can make a significant income if they’re dedicated and willing to do the work.

Nurse writers make money in numerous ways, including being paid per word, article, or visitor basis.

To illustrate, a nurse writer who charges .10 cents per word makes $100 on a thousand-word article.

Alternatively, a nurse writer may earn a certain amount per one thousand visitors, and they’ll keep making money as long as visitors keep reading the article.

In this case, freelance writers build a content portfolio to earn income passively.

So how much can nurse freelance writers make? Top earners make six figures a year, producing high-quality content regularly on the high-end.

However, entrepreneurial freelance writers earn more by building supplementary products, services, and successful blogs.

Pivoting from self-employed freelance writing to a software/product business allows freelance writers to earn much higher earnings.

3. Nurse Blogger

Nurse bloggers who own their websites produce content that focuses on a particular niche.

They then monetize their blog to generate revenue from the content they create for their enthusiastic audience.

Overall, blogging is popular and profitable with the right content, income strategy, and traffic/readers.

It’s also an excellent way to build long-lasting relationships and a brand others will love.

Advertisements, products/services, affiliate links, sponsored posts, memberships, and educational courses provide numerous ways to make money with a blog.

Moreover, nurses can leverage their expertise, experiences, and skills to create tailored commodities for their audience.

For example, you can create content to help students get into nursing school and offer products to help them succeed.

This strategy benefits the students by giving them the content and products needed to succeed and allows bloggers to make money.

However, blogging requires dedication, education, and a willingness to keep pushing until you find a successful formula.

Ways to Monetize a Blog:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate links
  • Memberships
  • Products
  • Services
  • Sponsored posts

Besides focusing on nursing, you can pivot your blog’s content into other niches you have experience with or understand well.

To illustrate, this former nurse turned their side hustle blog into a seven-figure business in their spare time!

It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but the results speak for themselves.

Now, how’s that motivating you to get started on your journey of building a successful business?

4. Private Nurse Tutor

Private tutors have the talent to educate students properly so they succeed in their most challenging classroom courses.

As a result, students looking to perform their best in college often seek the help of a professional tutor.

It’s also beneficial for colleges with limited staffing and after-school resources.

Your experience and expertise as a nurse provide opportunities to help students complete nursing school.

Moreover, the years spent working in hospital/health settings give you a unique perspective to motivate and educate future nurses.

It prepares students who enjoy the thought of nursing but have little knowledge of what nursing entails.

Because of your unique skill set, you can work directly with nursing students or expand your training to students outside nursing school.

In turn, you’ll cast a wider net allowing you to earn more money promptly.

However, focusing solely on nursing students is a magnificent way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. 

5. Wellness Health Coach/Fitness Nurse

Wellness/fitness nurses provide health assessments, nutritional advice, healthcare plans, stress relief guidance, and exercise plans.

Moreover, the information they share is catered specifically to the nursing profession.

Therefore, the healthcare plans provided to nurses present the best solutions based on their needs and work/lifestyle.

As an experienced nurse, you have the unique knowledge and skills required to understand the nursing profession.

This advantage allows you to determine the most suitable products, services, and information to serve the nursing community.

It also allows you to better connect with healthcare professionals dealing with stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

To illustrate, nurses spend long hours working on their feet and sustaining a particular posture.

Being a wellness/fitness nurse allows you to identify the most suitable nursing footwear and exercises/stretches to maintain health and minimize discomfort.

This skill set is handy in busy hospitals and healthcare centers where nurses frequently deal with burnout.

Most nurses dedicate their lives to helping patients recover and lead better lifestyles.

However, you have the unique ability to help nurses recover, improve their health and make more educated lifestyle decisions.

6. Develop Products for Nurses

For those who enjoy designing things, there is a wide assortment of nursing products you can create.

Nurses (as you know) have a range of products they regularly need for work or personal use.

Your experience as a nurse gives you an insider’s perspective into what nurses care about most.

As a result, you can design products that benefit the nursing community.

FIGS scrubs has numerous designer scrubs for healthcare workers who want to look fashionable and remain comfortable at work.

This nurse-inspired brand focused on helping nurses wearing uncomfortable and unattractive medical apparel.

Consequently, these experiences led the founders to develop clothing nurses and other healthcare workers love to wear.

You don’t have to be the next FIGS company to succeed. Instead, focus on nurse-related products required for work or after-hours use.

For instance, you can create work tote bags, educational books, medical clipboards, and other tools that provide value to hard-working nurses.

You can also design casual nurse shirts, face masks, custom tumblers, and nurse wine glasses for personal use.

Popular Nurse Products

  • Custom scrubs
  • T-shirts
  • Face masks
  • Tote bags and stethoscope cases
  • Mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, and tumblers
  • Educational books/cheat sheets
  • Survival guides and academic courses
  • Nurse tools and essentials
  • Mobile applications
  • Artwork

Working as a nurse entrepreneur means being creative, finding inspiration, and executing business ideas until you find the winning products.

Although product creation isn’t for everyone, it can be highly profitable for nurses with the right mindset and work ethic.

7. Influence Marketing

Influence marketers make a living creating social profiles with popular posts, images, and content that gets read/viewed, and shared by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

These professionals sell a lifestyle others want to emulate, whether buying products, taking advice, or making certain decisions. 

Popular influencers have a monetizable audience through selling products/services related to the lifestyle presented in the posts, videos, and images.

For example, fashion-focused nurses posting images of designer work scrubs will inspire their followers to purchase the same or similar clothing.

This form of marketing allows influencers to use affiliate links or sponsored posts to make money from products/services they /use.

Accordingly, this creates a win for the customer, the influence marketer, and the business selling the products.

For influencers with a good social profile, there are numerous ways to earn income by promoting products or sharing the things you love.

You can even start as a micro-influencer with a few hundred or thousand visitors by sponsoring products related to nursing and fashion.

8. Concierge Healthcare Nurse

A concierge nurse is an employed professional who provides healthcare services to their clientele.

These services include assessing, monitoring vitals, assisting with physical tasks, meal preparation, and other tasks.

Additionally, these nurses often travel to the client’s locations to accompany them and ensure they maintain optimal health.

As an independent concierge nurse, you set hourly rates for your services. You also choose your schedule and who you work with during your shifts.

You can start a concierge business and hire other nurses to care for particular individuals one-on-one.

It’s an excellent business for nurses who don’t want to become full-time home health aides.

Because concierge nurses work independently, they don’t require medical billing or patient insurance.

If the individual pays for the services, concierge nurses are available to help. Finally, concierge nurses must work within their scope of practice.

As a result, they cannot provide services they are not trained for or legally allowed to perform.

However, actions within their scope of practice are generally acceptable.

9. Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth nurses provide healthcare assistance to patients remotely using web cameras, telephones, and computers.

As a result, they operate apart from the patients they serve.

However, telehealth nursing is practical for presenting crucial medical information and supporting patients with non-emergency care.

There are numerous responsibilities telehealth nurses handle to ensure optimal patient health.

For example, they help patients obtain blood pressure readings, dress minor wounds, assess vitals, and answer common questions virtually.

They also reduce hospital and healthcare center visits by resolving patient issues that don’t require a hospital/doctor office visit.

Telehealth nurses decrease healthcare/insurance costs and save patients time as they don’t need to travel.

Accordingly, this allows healthcare facilities to focus on patients requiring further healthcare.

With technological advances, exhausted hospitals, and increased patient health concerns, telehealth nursing is vital to healthcare.

10. Medical Supply Sales

Medical supply sales are great for nurses who enjoy selling, negotiating, and marketing.

This profession allows you to make money selling medical supplies to healthcare companies, hospitals, and businesses.

The more sales you make, the more money you earn. For example, representatives making enough medical supply sales earn six figures yearly!

That said, sales aren’t for everyone. This profession requires relationship building, developing social skills, and having good product knowledge.

It also demands a can-do attitude and willingness to accept rejection.

However, those with the right mindset and desire to learn and improve will have countless opportunities to grow.