9 Best Surgical Scrub Caps & Nurse Head Covers

Healthcare workers use surgical scrub caps, or head covers to protect their hair during work.

These caps come in various designs to suit different hair lengths and situations, and the best ones comprise comfortable fabrics, have good moisture-wicking properties, and are adjustable.

The following list provides a selection of the most suitable surgical scrub caps and nurse head covers, each with unique features, fabrics, and styles to meet the needs of different medical professionals.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, or surgeon, these reliable scrub caps will help keep your hair secure while you work.

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1. First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap

First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap

The First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap is an impeccably designed cap that comes in almost 50 colors and patterns. Made of 100% cotton material, it guarantees a comfortable and lightweight fit, ensuring that healthcare professionals can work comfortably all day.

It also features a ponytail pouch that accommodates long and thick hair and dual buttons that securely hold a mask in place.

This scrub cap incorporates a one-size-fits-most design, with an adjustable and secure tie ribbon that guarantees a perfect fit for all head sizes, making it ideal for nurses, doctors, and surgeons with voluminous hair that needs to be adequately secured.

Moreover, the nurse head cover fabric is easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting use. However, it requires hand washing with cold water to maintain its vibrant color and prevent fading.

Overall, the First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap is a must-have for any healthcare professional looking for a comfortable, stylish, and durable headwear option.

First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap Features:

  • First Lifesaver Working Scrub Cap comes in nearly 50 colors/patterns
  • It is made of 100% cotton material, ensuring a comfortable, lightweight fit
  • It features a ponytail pouch for long, thick hair and dual buttons for attaching a mask.
  • The scrub cap utilizes a one-size-fits-most design with an adjustable, secure tie ribbon
  • The fabric is easy to clean but must be hand washed with cold water to prevent fading

2. WonderWink Tie Back Scrub Cap

WonderWink Tie Back Scrub Cap

The WonderWink Tie Back Scrub Cap is ideal for healthcare professionals who require hair protection in fast-paced work environments.

This surgical scrub cap comprises high-quality polyester and cotton fabrics, making it sturdy and comfortable. Moreover, this cap is machine washable for quick and efficient cleaning.

One of the most notable features of the Wonder Work Scrub Cap is its tie closure, which allows for a secure fit.

Additionally, the elastic terry cloth sweatband ensures that hair stays in place while keeping the face dry by preventing sweat, moisture, and gels from extending beyond the fabric.

Finally, the scrub cap is a one-size-fits-most unisex style, making it an excellent choice for men and women working in diverse healthcare settings.

WonderWink Tie Back Scrub Cap Features:

  • Made of durable and comfortable polyester and cotton fabrics
  • It features an elastic terry cloth sweatband to prevent sweat from extending past the fabrics.
  • The cap is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • It is a one-size-fits-most unisex style to accommodate women and men

3. GUOER Multi Color Bouffant Cap

GUOER Multi Color Bouffant Cap

The GUOER Multi Color Bouffant Cap is an excellent choice for healthcare workers who want to look fashionable while staying comfortable during busy shifts. With over three dozen neutral and multi-color patterns, you’re sure to find a style that matches your taste.

Made from 100% cotton, this hat is lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot and humid work environments.

In addition to its impressive fabric, this bouffant hat features an elastic pull-on closure with a sweatband. This ensures that sweat and oils are kept away from your face, providing a clean and hygienic work environment. The hat is designed to fit most head sizes, so you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable while working.

To prevent loose fabrics from draping over your face, the design incorporates a triangle cutting process and sewn hemming. This lets you focus on your responsibilities without worrying about distracting unsecured elements. With the GUOER Bouffant Cap, you’ll work in style and comfort, knowing you have reliable and practical headwear.

GUOER Multi Color Bouffant Cap Features:

  • GUOER Bouffant Cap comes in over three dozen patterns
  • The fabrics are 100% cotton for lightweight and breathable wear
  • Elastic pull-on closure with sweatband prevents sweat and oils from contacting the face
  • One size fits most head sizes for comfort
  • Triangle cutting process and sewn hemming prevent loose fabrics from draping over the face for distraction-free work

4. ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap

ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap

The ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap is a highly recommended choice for female healthcare workers with long, thick hair requiring a secure and comfortable ponytail hat. This scrub cap features an oversized pouch that provides optimal coverage, and it comes equipped with an elastic string toggle that allows easy customization to accommodate varying hair lengths.

This ensures that the scrub cap is suitable for the needs of most healthcare workers.

In addition to its customizable design, the ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap is constructed from 100% polyester fabrics that deliver long-lasting performance and a lightweight, comfortable fit. It also includes a moisture-wicking sweatband that minimizes hair oils and sweat, allowing you to focus on completing your work tasks.

Overall, the ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap is a reliable and practical solution that provides excellent all-day protection for healthcare workers across different medical settings.

ABAMERICA Surgical Scrub Cap Features:

  • It features an oversized pouch with an elastic string toggle for optimal coverage.
  • The string toggle allows for customization to accommodate varying hair lengths.
  • The scrub cap is made of 100% polyester fabrics for long-lasting performance and a comfortable, lightweight fit.
  • It also includes a moisture-wicking sweatband to minimize hair oils and sweat.

5. ABAMERICA Bouffant Cap

ABAMERICA Bouffant Cap

The ABMERICA Bouffant Cap is a headpiece designed with fashion and functionality in mind. It suits nurses, doctors, and surgeons who prefer stylish medical clothing. The oversized scrub cap is made of high-grade polyester fabrics, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for most head sizes.

The polyester material used is not only durable but also lightweight and breathable, providing excellent protection for hair in busy settings. In addition, the bouffant scrub cap features an elastic string and toggle closure that allows medical professionals to adjust the fit to their liking. The toggle closure makes it easy to modify the coverage to encompass the hair while remaining fully snug.

This headpiece also incorporates double-stitched seams, which enhance its durability and longevity. The dual buttons on either side of the cap provide face mask attachments, a crucial feature for adequately securing the face mask when it won’t fit over the ears comfortably.

With the ABMERICA Bouffant Adjustable Scrub Cap, medical professionals can work with style and comfort while ensuring safety in any setting.

ABAMERICA Bouffant Cap Features:

  • It is made from high-grade polyester fabrics for a comfortable fit
  • The material is lightweight, breathable, and excellent at protecting hair in busy settings
  • It features an elastic string and toggle closure for an optimal fit and easy modification of coverage
  • Double-stitched seams improve durability
  • Dual buttons on either side provide face mask attachments

6. Sparkling Earth Surgical Style Scrub Cap

Sparkling Earth Surgical Style Scrub Cap

The Sparkling Earth Surgical Style Scrub Cap is an exceptional choice for healthcare workers who require comfort and convenience during hectic workdays. With a stunning heartbeat design across a navy-colored headpiece, this scrub cap is visually appealing and highly functional.

Made from 100% cotton fabrics, it allows hair to breathe easily and keeps the scalp cool, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.

The lightweight and washable fabric makes it an excellent low-maintenance headpiece for busy healthcare workers. It can be worn with a loose fit for shorter hair or tied up to accommodate longer ponytail hair, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The elasticized back and hair ties allow for a personalized fit, ensuring the cap stays in place throughout the day.

Furthermore, the built-in sweatband is a thoughtful addition that absorbs sweat and hair/skin oils, preventing them from interfering with the wearer’s work. Overall, the Sparkling Earth Surgical Style Scrub Cap is a must-have addition for any healthcare worker who values comfort, convenience, and functionality.

Sparkling Earth Surgical Style Scrub Cap Features:

  • Made of 100% cotton for breathability and coolness
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and washable for easy care
  • Loose fit for shorter hair or tied up for longer ponytail hair
  • Adjustable via elasticized back and hair ties for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Built-in sweatband to absorb sweat and hair/skin oils during work

7. CHUANGLI  Printed Working Scrub Cap

CHUANGLI  Printed Working Scrub Cap

The CHUANGLI Printed Working Scrub Cap is an exceptional accessory that elevates the appeal of standard medical clothing. This scrub hat features more than two dozen tasteful and chic design patterns and adds style to your medical wardrobe.

This scrub cap comprises top-notch, breathable cotton materials to ensure optimal comfort for healthcare professionals. Moreover, its built-in cotton sweatband prevents forehead sweat and hair oils from interfering with work performance.

With the elastic back and knot tie, this scrub cap offers a snug and comfortable fit. Medical professionals can easily adjust the hat to fit their head size, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

However, the CHUANGLI Printed Working Scrub Cap best suits nurses with short to medium hair. For individuals with longer hair, a design that features a ponytail holder is necessary to provide adequate protection. Overall, this scrub cap is a practical and stylish accessory that healthcare professionals will love.

CHUANGLI Printed Working Scrub Cap Features:

  • Made of high-quality, breathable cotton materials to keep you cool throughout the day
  • Built-in cotton sweatband to stop forehead sweat and hair oils from affecting work performance
  • Utilizes an elastic back and knot tie for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Practical for short to medium hair, but not suitable for long hair

8. QBA Adjustable Working Cap

QBA Adjustable Working Cap

The QBA Adjustable Working Cap is a must-have for medical professionals seeking multiple headpieces that offer protection and style. This versatile cap is available in single, two-pack, or three-pack variations with over 30 unique designs to accommodate healthcare workers’ diverse preferences.

From solid colors to trendy multi-color patterns, this scrub cap is perfect for those seeking variety in their work attire.

What sets the QBA Adjustable Working Scrub Cap apart is its use of lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fabrics. The cap also features a moisture-wicking sweatband that offers superior moisture protection, making it an ideal choice for healthcare workers who need to keep their hair dry and clean.

The supportive materials and moisture-wicking technology provide a comfortable fit that lasts all day. At the same time, the breathable fabric ensures that healthcare professionals stay relaxed and comfortable during even the most demanding tasks.

With its exceptional quality and affordability, the QBA Adjustable Working Cap is perfect for any medical professional looking for a practical and stylish headpiece.

GPA Adjustable Working Scrub Cap Features:

  • It features over 30 unique designs, from solid colors to stylish multi-color patterns
  • The cap is excellent for healthcare workers who enjoy variety and require several low-cost headpieces to protect their hair
  • The cap comprises lightweight, breathable, and relaxed fabrics
  • A moisture-wicking sweatband is incorporated into its design for better moisture protection
  • The cap provides a comfortable fit due to the supportive fabrics and moisture-wicking sweatband

9. Cherokee Unisex Scrubs Hat

Cherokee Unisex Scrubs Hat

The Cherokee Unisex Scrubs Hat features a sleek design perfect for men and women in the healthcare industry. Carefully formulated from high-quality polyester and cotton materials, this scrub hat is designed to provide long-lasting performance. The durable fabric is also incredibly easy to clean, allowing you to maintain hygiene and sanitation standards.

Featuring a terry cloth sweatband and contoured seaming, this scrub hat prevents sweat from dripping and keeps you comfortable throughout your shift. Whether working in a hospital, clinic, or healthcare center, this hat will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all day.

With tie-back lacing and an elastic back, the Cherokee Unisex Scrubs Hat is highly adjustable and provides a secure fit for individuals with short to medium-length hair. This makes it a versatile and practical choice for many healthcare workers.

Finally, Cherokee offers this scrub hat in six colors commonly found in medical settings, ensuring that nurses can choose a design that matches their work attire. Whether you prefer classic black or vibrant green, there’s a color option that’s perfect for you.

Cherokee Unisex Scrub Cap Features:

  • Composed of polyester and cotton materials for long-lasting performance
  • Easy to clean to maintain good hygiene and sanitary standards
  • Features a terry cloth sweatband and contoured seaming to prevent sweat from dripping
  • Provides tie-back lacing and an elastic back to adjust the fit
  • It comes in 6 diverse colors to accommodate most medical clothing

Selecting a Scrub Cap That Fits Your Needs

When selecting the ideal scrub caps or nurse head covers, there are a few crucial elements to consider. These elements encompass the scrub caps/head covers materials, design, and size/fit. Collectively, these factors guarantee that healthcare professionals can remain comfortable while maintaining a fashionable and professional appearance.

The following section delves deeper into these factors to assist you in determining the most fitting scrub caps for your particular needs.

Scrub Cap Materials

As a medical professional, it’s crucial to be appropriately protected while focusing on the job. That’s where scrub caps/nurse head covers come into play. These essential accessories are made of durable and comfortable fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex.

Not only are they lightweight and stretchable, but they also provide protection against chemicals and other work hazards.

In addition to keeping medical professionals safe, scrub caps improve patient safety by keeping hair away from their bodies and medical equipment. When selecting the most suitable scrub caps, it’s essential to consider fabrics with moisture-wicking and breathable properties. This will help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

If you have extra long hair, consider choosing a design with a ponytail catcher to ensure that your hair remains adequately covered. With the proper scrub cap, medical professionals can focus on their work with confidence and peace of mind.

Head Cover Design

Various scrub caps/nurse headcovers designs are available to accommodate people’s diverse hair lengths and styles. In particular, bouffant-style scrub caps offer ample interior space to protect individuals with thick, styled hair properly. These scrub caps also safeguard hairstyles that are too large to fit in flatter designs or should not be flattened down.

On the other hand, fitted unisex scrub caps feature flatter designs that suit individuals with low to medium hairstyles. These scrub caps are ideal for those who do not have long ponytails or do not require additional fabrics to secure their hair.

Moreover, scrub caps/nurse headcovers with ponytail holders strike a balance between style and function by securing long ponytailed hair. When selecting the most suitable surgical scrub caps for work, consider their design to guarantee that your hair is adequately covered.

Additionally, choose a bouffant style or ponytail catcher if you have extra-long hair or just styled your hair. This will protect your hair and prevent it from being ruined while using the scrub cap.

Scrub Cap Size

When it comes to scrub caps and nurse headcovers, it’s important to make sure they fit your specific needs. While most are designed to fit the majority of people, it’s essential to consider your hair length.

If your hair is longer than usual, it’s best to look for caps with bouffant or ponytail catchers to ensure full hair coverage, which is required by hospital clothing guidelines.

Additionally, it’s important to check if the fabric of the cap features elastic goring or adjustable laces for a comfortable and secure fit.