10 Best Shoes for Nurses & Healthcare Specialists

Nurses undoubtedly face many challenges in their profession, and one of them is spending a considerable amount of time standing and walking on hard flooring. The nature of their job also exposes them to several work hazards.

Therefore, nurses must choose the most appropriate professional healthcare footwear to provide adequate support, alleviate stress, and create a comfortable walking experience.

To help you make an informed decision in selecting the best shoes for nurses, we have compiled a list of various designs that cater to different work requirements.

These shoes are designed to minimize physical discomfort and prevent poor foot health, ensuring that nurses have a more comfortable and pleasant experience at work. We have also included a detailed buying guide after the reviews to assist you further.

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1. Nike Fitness Running Shoe

Nike Fitness Running Shoe

The Nike Fitness Running Shoe emphasizes a stunning aesthetic, highly functional, and comfortable design, making it an excellent choice for nurses who require quality footwear. Its lightweight, breathable, and flexible fabrics provide superior versatility, ensuring a pleasant walking experience in various work environments.

Moreover, the interior is fully cushioned and lined along with the sides and tongue, offering the wearer a snug and cozy feeling. The injected phylon midsole is another standout feature, providing excellent shock absorption on hard surfaces and floors. This is crucial in reducing discomfort and keeping feet well-protected when walking.

To top it off, this athletic sneaker comes in 16 diverse colors that can easily coordinate with most scrub uniforms, perfect for various healthcare settings, including colleges, universities, and hospitals.

Overall, the Nike Fitness Running Shoe is an excellent option for nurses looking for comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable footwear. And if you’re curious about other designs, be sure to explore the Most Suitable Nike Shoes for Nurses.

Nike Fitness Running Shoe Features:

  • Breathable and synthetic upper ensures exceptional comfort and cooling throughout the day
  • Lightweight, flexible materials offer superior versatility and minimal energy expenditure
  • Fully cushioned interior provides a snug and cozy feeling
  • Injected phylon midsole provides excellent shock absorption on hard surfaces and floors
  • Available in 16 diverse colors to coordinate with most scrub uniforms

2. New Balance V7 Running Shoe

New Balance V7 Running Shoe

The New Balance V7 running shoe is an excellent choice for nurses seeking a stylish and comfortable shoe that also provides essential support during long hours of activity. With its classic design and a range of trendy color options, this shoe is sure to appeal to a variety of style preferences.

The shoe’s synthetic mesh upper is not only lightweight but also highly breathable, allowing for ample airflow and ventilation to keep feet cool and dry. Additionally, this upper material is designed to be flexible and plush, providing a comfortable fit that can be worn all day without causing any discomfort or irritation.

The injection-molded midsole of the New Balance V7 running shoe is comprised of dense, springy materials that are specifically engineered to attenuate shock and improve support. This feature reduces impact, providing a smooth heel-to-toe transition while also protecting the bottom of the foot.

As a result, users can enjoy better energy returns with each step, making it easier to stay active and comfortable throughout the day.

Finally, the shoe’s rubber outsole utilizes a unique hexagon-shaped texture that provides excellent grip and traction, making it a perfect choice for those working in hazardous or slippery environments. Overall, the New Balance V7 running shoe is a supportive, lightweight, comfortable, and stylish option that is ideal for nurses or anyone looking for a high-quality running shoe that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

New Balance V7 Running Shoe Features:

  • Lightweight, breathable synthetic mesh upper provides airflow
  • Flexible and plush synthetic upper for comfortable wear
  • EVA Injection-molded midsole attenuates shock and improves support
  • Supportive, lightweight foundation provides excellent mobility
  • Rubber outsole with grippy hexagon-shaped texture keeps feet planted

3. Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is a top-tier choice for nurses seeking the ultimate activity experience or supportive healthcare-friendly sneakers. Its cutting-edge design is a testament to its commitment to delivering the best possible performance.

This athletic shoe features an air mesh 3D fit print upper that offers exceptional airflow throughout the sneaker, keeping your feet cool and comfortable even during high-intensity activities. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it ideal for healthcare professionals who require hours of standing on their feet.

The BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning in the Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe provide optimal shock absorption and stability, resulting in a better energy return. The lightweight material also reduces hard impacts, making it excellent for those who want to minimize the wear and tear on their feet and joints.

Moreover, a segmented crash pad further enhances heel-to-toe transitions, ensuring a smooth and seamless stride.

The Brooks Ghost 14 Ghost Neutral Running Shoe is a certified PDAC A5500 diabetic shoe and has received the APMA seal of acceptance. Finally, the shoe is available in more than three dozen unique colors, allowing stylish nurses to express their personality and sense of fashion even while on the job.

Overall, the Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is a high-quality, carefully formulated sneaker that caters to the needs of all athletes and healthcare professionals.

Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe Features:

  • Comfortable air mesh 3D fit print upper that allows exceptional airflow
  • Lightweight design minimizes energy use when walking or running
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning improve shock absorption and stability, resulting in better energy return
  • Segmented crash pad for enhanced heel-to-toe transitions
  • Certified PDAC diabetic shoe with the APMA seal of acceptance
  • Available in more than 36 unique colors to accommodate most clothing

4. Fila Memory Workshift Sr Sneaker

Fila Memory Workshift Sr Sneaker

The Fila Memory Workshift Sr Sneaker is an exceptional work shoe that offers lightweight protection and minimizes foot fatigue. Crafted from 100% synthetic materials, this shoe is both versatile and flexible. Its easy-to-clean material makes it ideal for nurses working in busy healthcare environments.

This work shoe comes in two variations: all black or all white, perfect for both nursing school and professional settings. Its vintage style is timeless and classic, and pairs well with most medical clothing. The interior is fully padded with breathable materials to maintain adequate airflow and ensure maximum comfort.

The memory foam insole combined with a versatile base helps to mitigate shock impact and support the foot’s bottom. Lastly, the grippy traction outsole prevents slipping on slick work surfaces, ensuring the safety of the wearer. Overall, Fila’s Memory Workshift Shoe is the perfect footwear for nurses who prefer to work in style and comfort.

File Memory Workshift Sr Sneaker Features:

  • 100% synthetic upper with a lightweight construction
  • Easy to clean materials help users maintain a professional appearance
  • Breathable, cushioned interior for added comfort
  • Memory foam insole and versatile base for shock absorption and support
  • Grippy slip-resistant outsole prevents slipping on slick surfaces

5. Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe

The Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe is an exceptional choice for hardworking nurses who require all-day support and stability. This work shoe boasts a 100% durable “lightly perforated” leather upper that is not only easy to maintain but also provides optimal protection. Available in black or white, the shoe can be tailored to suit a range of healthcare and nursing school settings.

Internally, this work shoe features a soft fabric lining, padded collar, and tongue, which all contribute to a comfortable and snug fit. The shoe’s comfortable fit memory foam insole contours to the foot’s bottom, providing relief from the impact of hard surfaces. With this feature, users can feel more comfortable and confident when traveling on unforgiving flooring.

Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe is specially designed for work environments and thus incorporates a high-quality slip-resistant bottom. This feature provides nurses with better stability and support while traveling across wet or oily floors. The Skechers Work Sure Track Shoe is, therefore, one of the most reliable shoes for nurses requiring high-grade protection and support.

With the Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe, nurses can concentrate on their work with the assurance of optimal protection and support.

Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Shoe Features:

  • Skechers for Work Shoe provides all-day support and stability
  • 100% durable “lightly perforated” leather upper is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes in black or white alternatives to accommodate diverse healthcare settings
  • Soft fabric lining, padded collar, and tongue for excellent comfort
  • Comfortable fit memory foam insole contours the foot’s bottom and reduces impact from hard surfaces
  • High-quality slip-resistant bottom for better stability and support on wet and oily floors

6. Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe

6. Nike Revolution Running Shoe

The Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe delivers a unique combination of style and functionality. This athletic shoe features Nike’s iconic aesthetic design and a breathable, lightweight knit textile upper that provides exceptional versatility and mobility. With ten distinctive color assortments available, finding the perfect pair to complement any work attire or personal style preferences is easy.

Nurses who prioritize fashion and comfort will love the Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe. Thanks to its soft foam midsole, this shoe effectively dissipates shock and creates a lighter running experience. This means nurses can move around the workplace with less energy, resulting in better all-day performance.

The shoe also features soft plush interior padding and a cushioned insole for maximum comfort even during rigorous activities.

Aside from comfort, this athletic sneaker provides optimal stability and traction on any surface with a robust and flexible rubber outsole that ensures your feet stay firmly planted. At the same time, the carefully crafted tread spacing allows for smooth foot flexion throughout every step of your walk or run.

Overall, the Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe is the perfect footwear choice for stylish, active nurses. Its aesthetic colors, comfortable construction, breathable materials, and lightweight composition make it an ideal choice for busy work settings, providing the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe Features:

  • Breathable, lightweight knit textile upper for optimal comfort
  • Soft foam midsole for shock absorption and a lighter running experience
  • Soft plush interior padding and cushioned insole for extra support
  • Lightweight construction for minimal energy expenditure when moving around
  • Flexible traction rubber outsole provides exceptional grip on various surfaces

7. Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneaker

Skechers D'Lites Memory Foam Sneaker

The Sketchers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneaker is a remarkable sports-inspired shoe that offers unparalleled comfort. Its unique lightweight design, coupled with a beautiful, smooth Trubuck leather upper, gives it a premium look and feel that is unbeatable.

The shoe interior features a padded tongue and collar that provides a cozy and secure fit. In addition, the soft, breathable upper and interior fabric help keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Above the midsole rests an air-cooled memory foam insole that provides cushioning and support to your feet while walking. At the same time, the shock-absorbent midsole reduces impact and ensures a comfortable and protected walking experience.

Finally, a rubber outsole with a high-quality traction system rests at the bottom of the shoe to improve traction and stability.

Sketchers Memory Foam Sneakers are perfect for nurses who value comfort and support in their footwear. With over two dozen variations, you won’t find a better shoe that combines style, comfort, and durability.

Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneaker Features:

  • Made from Trubuck leather for a premium look and feel
  • Well padded tongue and collar for superior comfort
  • Soft interior fabric provides relief and breathability to improve foot comfort
  • An air-cooled memory foam insole keeps the interior cool and cushioned
  • Shock-absorbent midsole reduces impact across the entire foot
  • The rubber outsole utilizes a grip placement pattern to improve overall traction

8. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoe

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoe is a remarkable upgrade from previous ASICS designs, boasting an impeccable blend of new features and an undeniably classic aesthetic. Built with the athletic-minded individual in mind, this sneaker boasts a synthetic mesh upper that ensures superior breathability and unmatched comfort.

One of its most noteworthy features is its flexible upper that accommodates diverse movements, making it a standout performer in the world of athletic footwear.

The FluidRide midsole is another impressive addition to this running shoe. It has high-quality padding that provides maximum support, allowing the shoe to deliver exceptional bounce back and energy return during high-impact movements.

Furthermore, the heel clutching system and rearfoot/forefoot GEL technology provide a high-grade level of responsiveness, making it a reliable companion for those who require a top-notch running shoe.

With 21 diverse color combinations, this shoe is perfect for those who desire a stylish and versatile athletic shoe. It comes in a wide range of regular and wide sizes to accommodate various foot shapes, making it an ideal choice for nurses who desire breathable and stylish footwear for work.

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus Running Shoe is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market today, and it is a must-have for anyone who values quality, style, and comfort in their athletic footwear.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus Running Shoe Features:

  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus Running Shoe has a synthetic mesh upper for breathability and comfort
  • Flexible synthetic mesh upper with a breathable composition for comfort and enhanced performance
  • FluidRide midsole with high-quality padding for support
  • The midsole provides exceptional bounce back and energy return during high-impact movements
  • Heel clutching system and rearfoot/forefoot GEL technology for responsiveness

9. Alegria Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Keli Professional Shoe

The Alegria Keli Professional Shoe is a top-quality work shoe that is both supported and certified by the APMA. Made from 100% leather, this shoe is highly durable, stain-resistant, and offers exceptional support to the wearer.

For those who prefer a more unique aesthetic, Alegria offers the Keli Professional Shoe in dozens of styles and colors, featuring alternative textiles that will appeal to everyone’s taste and wardrobe.

One of the most notable features of this shoe is its comfortable Alegria “podiatrist certified” removable footbed, which includes arch support for optimal comfort and stability when walking across various hard surfaces and work environments. Additionally, the footbed is replaceable for nurses who require a special insole for superior stability and comfort.

To ensure a snug and cozy fit, the shoe upper offers elastic goring on either side, while the padded collar and soft interior lining provide a comfortable walking experience.

Finally, the dual-density polyurethane outsole is slip-resistant and non-marking, providing excellent stability when moving on wet terrain. In short, the Alegria Keli Professional Shoe is the perfect choice for nurses who demand APMA-certified footwear for work that is supportive, comfortable, and features a slip-on design.

Alegria Keli Professional Shoe Features:

  • Alegria Keli Professional Shoe is APMA-certified
  • 100% leather stain-resistant upper for durability, cleanability, and support
  • Removable footbed with arch support
  • Elastic goring on either side for an improved fit
  • Padded collar and soft interior lining for comfort
  • Dual-density polyurethane outsole is slip-resistant and non-marking

10. Dansko XP 2.0 Clog for Women

 Dansko XP 2.0 Clog for Women

The Dansko XP 2.0 Clog for Women is a widely recognized and highly sought-after brand within the healthcare community. Renowned for its exceptional style, comfort, and support, this clog is constructed from high-quality polished leather that represents professionalism while remaining easy to clean, ensuring a pristine appearance.

With over three dozen color/style variations available, nurses can choose a clog that suits their aesthetic preferences. But aesthetics aren’t the only feature of this fantastic clog. The Dansko XP 2.0 Clog incorporates a spacious and reinforced toe box that allows for plenty of wiggle room, providing superior foot protection and comfort, even in the face of various workplace hazards.

The clog interior is lined with a soft and cozy material, ensuring a comfortable walking experience throughout the day, while the midsole is made of EVA for excellent stability and shock absorption.

At the same time, the dual-density memory foam PU footbed improves arch support by correctly aligning the foot within the clog. This results in nurses having better steadiness when moving throughout the healthcare facility.

Finally, Dansko has gone the extra mile to ensure optimal comfort and pain mitigation by incorporating additional technologies, including a TPU heel counter, padded instep collar, and removable footbed. All of these features come together to create a truly exceptional clog that is perfect for nurses who demand the best in style, comfort, and support.

Dansko XP 2.0 Clog Features:

  • High-quality polished leather and over three dozen color/style variations
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for foot protection
  • Soft, cozy interior lining for added comfort
  • Dual-density memory foam PU footbed improves arch by aligning the foot correctly
  • TPU heel counter, padded instep collar, and removable footbed for optimal support

A Nurse’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Shoes

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for nursing, it’s crucial to prioritize comfort and foot health. Anyone who has worked in the healthcare industry or dealt with uncomfortable footwear knows how essential it is to invest in the right pair.

The ideal nursing shoes offer excellent support across the entire foot, protecting you from potential hazards like chemicals or falling objects. Additionally, they keep healthcare professionals comfortable and stylish throughout the day.

To help you find the most suitable pair, we’ve compiled a list of key factors to consider, including the materials used, the shoe’s construction, slip-resistant soles, and functional design.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Shoes:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Slip Resistance
  • Design/Functionality
  • Price/warranty

When choosing the proper footwear, you must consider the previously mentioned factors. Each factor is critical in determining the most suitable footwear for your particular healthcare setting. To ensure that you make an informed buying decision, let’s take a closer look at each aspect in more detail.


When selecting appropriate nurse-friendly footwear, comfort is the foremost consideration for many. Most nurses spend long hours on their feet, often walking around and attending to patient needs. Therefore, ensuring that footwear provides adequate comfort is crucial for maintaining energy and focus throughout the workday.

To ensure that nursing footwear is comfortable, it is essential to select shoes that offer sufficient interior cushioning to keep feet cozy and secure. The interior padding should be moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft, providing all-day support. Also, choose footwear that offers high-grade support, featuring orthotic insoles/footbeds that contour to the shape of the foot’s bottom.

This helps to ensure that the foot’s arch is adequately supported and cushioned from the impact of hard surface flooring.

In addition to comfort, it is also advisable to look for lightweight footwear that reduces fatigue and soreness. Athletic footwear such as tennis shoes offers excellent versatility and support for highly active movements. They are also designed with light, breathable fabrics that help to keep feet cool and dry throughout the day. As a result, they have become increasingly popular among nurses in busy healthcare settings.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that not all nurses prefer athletic footwear. For instance, high-quality clogs are an excellent option for nurses who spend most of their day standing rather than running around. Clogs often comprise a dense, supportive base that provides comfort, stability, and standing support.

They also incorporate a raised heel and elevated midsole that reduces shock impact and improves forward mobility.

Finally, to enhance existing footwear or brand-new nursing shoes requiring more dependable support, it is recommended to consider using premium insoles or compression socks. It improves blood flow and circulation, which can help to reduce aches and pains associated with prolonged standing and walking.


It’s imperative to prioritize proper support for your footwear to ensure excellent foot health, stability, and comfort. With this in mind, selecting nursing shoes with a high-quality, responsive midsole that adapts to your range of motion and provides ample protection from hard surface floors is crucial.

A top-notch supportive midsole should offer exceptional heel, ankle, and back support while accommodating the shape of your foot with a suitable arch. This will help alleviate or completely eliminate any unnecessary foot, leg, and back pain that may arise from poorly designed footwear. Neglecting to properly support your feet and body weight with appropriate footwear can lead to serious medical issues over time.

If you’re having trouble finding appropriate workwear, it’s advisable to seek advice from a foot specialist. They will measure your feet, diagnose any medical conditions, and recommend suitable footwear and insoles. With the right shoes and added support, you’ll experience enhanced comfort and support while working, which will save you time, pain, and frustration in the long run.

Slip Resistance

In the healthcare profession, having reliable and secure footwear is an absolute necessity. This is especially true for nurses who work in hazardous environments where there is a high risk of encountering chemical spills, bodily fluids, and falling objects. In addition, many healthcare settings require nurses to wear footwear that provides adequate protection, including suitable outsoles.

When searching for the most suitable nursing shoes, it is important to prioritize footwear with high-quality traction outsoles to ensure that you have a solid foundation for walking, particularly when navigating slick or oily surfaces. Additionally, it may be helpful to look for footwear that is ASTM-certified, work-focused, or podiatrist-recommended in order to accommodate the demands of a busy work setting.


The realm of footwear brands is vast and diverse, offering many designs to suit different demands and situations. The healthcare profession is no exception to this rule. As a healthcare professional, it is imperative to choose appropriate high-quality footwear that influences your comfort, support, and foot protection.

The most reliable shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals include Crocs, clogs, tennis shoes, and relaxed footwear. Each design offers unique advantages that cater to specific healthcare settings and medical conditions.

For instance, medical clogs provide thick, dense, supportive midsoles and full-coverage uppers to protect nurses in hazardous settings. These shoes are specifically designed to ensure complete foot protection, preventing any mishap in the work environment.

The clog midsole is perfect for long-standing sessions and walking short distances, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals who need to be on their feet for extended periods.

On the other hand, athletic footwear features lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep users cool and reduce energy expenditure. The light fabrics provide versatility and flexibility, enabling users to perform complex movements with ease. These shoes are great for nurses who move around a lot and work in low-risk healthcare settings.

Before purchasing nursing shoes, you should talk to other nurses in your department to narrow down your options to footwear designs that work well in your work environment. Additionally, consulting a podiatrist or foot specialist for footwear recommendations is wise. They can recommend a shoe based on your foot type and physical condition.

Lastly, checking with your employer to determine their footwear restrictions is vital. Different healthcare settings require special footwear and medical clothing to protect their medical workers adequately. Determining the best nursing shoes for your profession can save time, money, and energy. Always choose comfort and support over style when picking reliable medical footwear.