NYU Nursing

Since 1831 the New York University college of Nursing has provided students with an opportunity to attend their school and receive a higher education though classroom lectures and a variety of other course related programs.

NYU is one of the largest nonprofit (higher education) institutions in America and is an accredited school in New York City.

This college offers nursing students an opportunity to earn either their BSN (bachelors of science in nursing), MSN (masters of science in nursing), DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Research Theory and Development)  degree, and provides students who are going for their bachelor of  science in nursing degree a choice of either a 15-month accelerated nursing program or the traditional four-year nursing program.

Part of the charm and prestige this college offers its students (aside from state-of-the-art-facilities and high quality learning experiences) is the ability for students to enjoy a global experience through the colleges new campus portal, which allows students to travel to and learn in exotic and international locations such as Abu Dhabi, Africa, Asia, Europe, Shanghai and South America.

NYU College of Nursing prides itself in maintaining high standards in education and has an amazing community of students and teachers working together to improve the experiences of current and future generations.

With excellent research centers, support offices and resources located on campus students will have everything they need to achieve their academic goals.

This college flourishes with a huge diversity of student life and activities such as:

  • Athletics and Sports
  • The Performing Arts
  • Campus Community Centers
  • Music
  • Safety, Health and Wellness
  • T.V. and Media

and a host of other activities, events and traditions.

Students who are traveling abroad to NYU, transferring from other states or live locally but want to stay on or near campus can choose to stay at either one of the resident campus halls or at one of a variety of off campus apartments, which NYU will be happy to help you locate though their faculty housing services.

With tons of amenities, a great community and excellent education opportunities NYU just may be the college you’re looking for.

Those who are interested in learning more about NYU should visit New York University and NYU College of Nursing.

NYU is located at 70 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10003 and can be reached at 212-998-1212.