Flight Nurse Salary

Flight nurses play an extremely important role in a hospitals ability to safely transport patients from their current location to the hospital in an efficient and effective manner.

As a Flight nurses you are responsible for providing in flight emergency care to patients while on board an aircraft and are responsible for their well-being from the moment you make contact until the time they reach the hospital.

While flight nurse do get paid well for their hard work the average median salary tends to be comparable to other nurses who work in the emergency field, however depending on various factors flight nurses can make significantly more money than if they worked on hospital grounds.

One of these factors depends on how often flight nurses are called in for missions compared to how much down time they have while waiting on call.

In the United States the average estimated salary for flight nurses tends to be around $65,000 – $70,000 per year.

Depending on the state you work in, the demand for flight nurses at the hospital you work for or have applied to and your negotiated salary the average pay for this position can vary dramatically.

For example the average salary of a flight nurse in Kansas, Missouri tends to be around $69,000 while the average salary in New York, New York is around $80,000.

Nurses working in rural cities such as

When compared to the top and bottom 10% of all flight nurses the salary they might earn can vary significantly from under $55,000 to over $85,000 annually.

In the end the average salary a flight nurse can make will depend on a large number of factors.

Some of these factors that can influence a flight nurses salary include:

  • The overall demand for flight nurses in a particular state
  • The demand for flight nurses in a particular area or hospital
  • The average salary for nurses in a particular state
  • The level of risk involved in the position (types of emergencies they respond to)
  • The nurses level of experience and career history as a registered nurse
  • Time spent on active missions vs waiting on call (active pay vs inactive pay)
  • The average salary a particular hospital pays their flight nurses

And a many other factors.

How flight nurses get paid may also vary.

Some hospitals pay flight nurses well while they are on a mission but get pay much lower rates when they are not actively working (when they are on call).

Flight nurses who are on call more often would stand a better chance of making more money than those who are not nearly as active.

Once again salaries can vary dramatically and some nurses can actually make a much higher wage as a flight nurse than if they worked on hospital grounds.

It all depends on the terms that are set when they are hired as a flight nurse.

The best way to get a better understanding of what the potential salary for a flight nurse is in your area is to contact your local hospital or nursing school for more information.

If that doesn’t work you can always do an online search for “average salaries of flight nurses” in your area, town or state.


Here you can also find the average median income/salary for flight nurses in various states based on RN Flight Transport estimates @ salary.com:


  • Alabama, Birmingham – $64,207
  • Arizona, Phoenix – $68,448
  • Arkansas, Little Rock – $59,086
  • California, Los Angeles – $75,496
  • Colorado, Denver – $69,495
  • Connecticut, Hartford – $73,537
  • Delaware, Wilmington – $75,132
  • District of Columbia (Washington DC) – $75,677
  • Florida, Miami – $67,553
  • Georgia, Atlanta – $68,773
  • Hawaii, Honolulu – $75,440
  • Idaho, Boise – $64,911
  • Illinois, Chicago – $73,165
  • Indiana, Indianapolis – $66,679
  • Iowa, Davenport – $61,523
  • Kansas, Wichita – $66,495
  • Kentucky, Louisville – $66,758
  • Louisiana, New Orleans – $68,665
  • Maine, Portland – $70,113
  • Maryland, Baltimore – $71,626
  • Massachusetts, Boston – $76,086
  • Michigan, Detroit – $70,613
  • Minnesota, Kansas City – $67,225
  • Mississippi, Jackson – $57,163
  • Missouri, St Louis – $68,871
  • Montana, Billings – $61,502
  • Nebraska, Omaha – $65,176
  • Nevada, Las Vegas – $68,892
  • New Hampshire, Nashua – $72,676
  • New Jersey, Trenton – $79,374
  • New Mexico, Albuquerque – $64,900
  • New York, New York – $80,266
  • North Carolina, Charlotte – $68,326
  • North Dakota, Fargo – $63,951
  • Ohio, Cleveland – $69,546
  • Oklahoma, Oklahoma City – $65,397
  • Oregon, Portland – $69,922
  • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – $71,613
  • Rhode Island, Providence – $71,694
  • South Carolina, Charleston – $66,435
  • South Dakota, Rapid City – $61,231
  • Tennessee, Memphis – $64,449
  • Texas, Houston – $68,778
  • Utah, Salt Lake City – $65,632
  • Vermont, Burlington – $67,294
  • Virginia, Richmond – $68,148
  • Washington, Seattle – $74,338
  • West Virginia, Charleston – $59,933
  • Wisconsin, Milwaukee – $65,469
  • Wyoming, Casper – $61,231


Salary estimates based as of: 9/18/12