5 Best Compression Socks For Nurses

Compression socks along with a good pair of nursing shoes can make a big difference in improving how a nurse feels throughout their work day. Compression socks can help alleviate stress on the feet, improve blood flow/circulation and halt the progression of venous disorders. To … [Read more...]

15 Hilarious Nurse Gag Gifts, Pranks & Jokes

Ah the gag gift. It's like life's little gem wrapped in a package with a bow that says open me so I can laugh at you! A good gag joke is like a warm apple pie. Soft, delicious, unconditionally loving and something you want to share with the rest of the world, because you'd feel … [Read more...]

15 Great Graduation Gifts for Nursing Students

Looking for the perfect graduation gift can sometimes feel like a challenge because it isn't always easy to know what  they'll want or what they'll be able to use once they start working. The best graduation gifts help give new nurses a head start in their career, reminds them … [Read more...]

10 Best Tennis / Athletic Shoes for Male Nurses

For men finding a good pair of nursing shoes can be a challenge, especially because there are few choice to choose from. Because of this and the fact that many of the current nursing shoes available aren't the most comfortable many male nurses have moved towards choosing … [Read more...]

10 Best Tennis / Athletic Shoes for Female Nurses

Shoes play an extremely important role in a nurses work life and having the right pair of shoes can save a nurse from discomfort and potential foot/back pain. Tennis and athletic shoes have become an excellent choice for nurses that want to have comfortable footwear without … [Read more...]