Why do registered nurses make so much?

The amount of money a registered nurse is able to make is often dependent upon their education, training, field experience, location and the supply and demand of available nurses within the area. Registered nurses are highly trained healthcare professionals that spend years in college learning how to properly care for patients who are dealing … [Read more...]

How to become a phlebotomist

A phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician is a healthcare professional that is trained to draw and collect blood from patients and blood donors in order to perform blood tests, collect samples, perform transfusions and collect blood for donations. In addition to collecting blood a phlebotomist may also collect urine and stool samples in order to … [Read more...]

Is a nurse practitioner a doctor?

A nurse practitioner or NP is an advanced practice registered nurse that has acquired his or her masters of science in nursing degree (MSN) or doctor of nursing practice degree (DNP). As the name suggest the doctor of nursing practice degree is a doctorates program in nursing, however this should not be confused with Doctor of Medicine or MD … [Read more...]

How to choose the right career path as a registered nurse

Nursing offers a wide variety of career opportunities for those interested in the healthcare field. Individuals who are studying to become a registered nurse and those who are already working as RN's aren't always aware of the full spectrum of choices at their disposal or even sure about how to choosing a career path that suits their … [Read more...]

Can nurses wear nail polish?

Depending on the healthcare facility and/or department a nurse works for there may be different policies regarding the use of nail polish and/or acrylics. Some healthcare facilities may allow nurses to wear nail polish while others may place restrictions or completely ban the use of nail polish. For example a healthcare facility may allow … [Read more...]